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Beach Weddings: The Three Best Locations In The USA

Beach weddings have become increasingly popular over the years, as they provide a beautiful backdrop for a romantic and intimate ceremony. Many choose a late afternoon start time when the sun is beginning to set and the sky is turning beautiful colors. Wedding dresses shimmer in the sun, the bridesmaids in tropical colors, the groom and his men in linen, and the addition of the tropical flowers completes the picture. The perfect start to a happily ever after!

Beach weddings, our couple left their mark in the sand

There are many stunning beach destinations in the USA, but these are the three states most popular for beach weddings in the USA:

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Eight Kinds of Bridal Sleeves

A hot trend now are accessory bridal sleeves! Many dresses are being made with sleeves of all kinds. They can also be customized or made to order by many designers. Mostly offered as detachable accessory piece, these bridal sleeves can even give a dress two different looks. While some sleeves have traits or similarities to others, their names are still true to their basic shape. If you are looking for a dress with sleeves, read on and get familiar with eight popular kinds bridal sleeves!


Madi Lane Elora lace off the shoulder sleeves
Madi Lane Elora off the shoulder sleeves
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The Trends and Colors of Prom 2013-2023

One of the best parts of prom season is watching the trends and colors. It changes year to year!

Let’s go back over the last decade for prom. In 2013-2014 the trend was glitz and glam, the more beaded the better. The hot colors then were black, red, silver and gold, but definitely embellished with glass-like chunky stones. One of our best selling dresses then was this gold beaded dress with a feathered skirt from Jasz:

Gold beaded Jasz prom dress sweetheart neckline feather skirt
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2023 Wedding Trends To Watch

The calendar is about to flip another year and that means it’s time to see what’s “in” for 2023 wedding trends!

First, the popular wedding dates of 2023. If you have a thing for numbers obviously then 01/23/23 would be the first to hit your brain, at least it does mine. Then 02/03/23, 02/23/23, 03/03/23, these combinations are pleasing to me and I could keep going but I’ll spare you.

There are a few “lucky” dates that are meaningful in different religions and cultures that you may want to explore. My husband and I (okay, it was me) added our birthdays together to come up with our date. Maybe you have a day that means something personal to you or in your relationship and you can start from there.

Next would be venues. While in our area the barn wedding is still around, it is not quite all the rage as it was. Modern facilities and hotels are in with features like grand staircases, large ballrooms, and floor to ceiling windows with spectacular views.

Destination weddings are becoming popular again after finally having the Covid restrictions lifted. Coupled with the strength of the dollar, it makes it much easier to plan a Caribbean or European wedding!

Couples are also turning to TikTok for unique, budget friendly, and/or specific wedding locations. TikTok is an amazing reference for inspiration, but be sure if you are planning to emulate a wedding that went viral to keep in mind how quickly those trends change. What seemed like THE thing to do can very quickly become a “what not to do”.

Give much thought to what you and your fiancé want, don’t just copy someone else’s trendy wedding in the woods or a remote island.


The latest dress designs for 2023 wedding trends are detachable accessories like sleeves, overskirts, and capes, but the biggest one we are seeing is the split skirt. Go find those spectacular shoes and show them off!

Detachable sleeves and overskirts can give three different looks to one dress and effortlessly turn a traditional dress into a party dress.

2023 wedding trends include dresses with detachable sleeves and over skirts
Madi Lane Jesslyn

Also trending is the curated bridal attire for the shower, rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, and morning of, with the mini white dress coming into full focus:

The mini dress is going to become incredibly popular as a dress change for the reception as well as a rehearsal dinner outfit!

Have a peek at our staff new favorite dresses, and below are some of our 2022 best wedding dresses. This year there was a push for more non-traditional dresses in colors other than white, and black was the most requested.


The shift is on to color! After Covid, the focus was minimalist with backyard weddings, natural and soft colors. The industry is excited to see color emerging again. Emerald, sea, and sage greens are in, along with dusty blues, and terra cotta.

Emerald is a lovely color especially for fall and winter and every flower choice looks gorgeous against it. Tuxedos in slate and charcoal gray are sharp with emerald, and for fall consider pairing with a brown or camel color tuxedo.

There are signs that mismatched maids are becoming even more popular and that maids are allowed the freedom to choose their own dress with few guidelines. If you are a bride thinking of giving your bridesmaids the freedom to choose their own dress, please take this advice: they need some direction!

There is too much a choice to simply say, “Get a dress you like in (color).” We see this all the time in the store. Too much freedom causes decision paralysis. You need to give them some guidelines – or your inspiration pics – to help them make their choice.


As the climate creeps further into couples’ minds, many more continue to choose environmentally friendly flower choices like sola, succulants, and wild flowers. Wildflowers are a great way to add color into your wedding bouquets, and adding extra greenery is both dramatic and sustainable. Brides are also going for smaller bouquets that allow more focus on the dress details than the bouquet itself.

Another change to the boho bride regarding flowers is the moving away from flower crowns and toward delicate flowers woven into braids and other wedding hairstyles.

On the way out:

Predicted on the way out for 2023 wedding trends are: Food trucks, monogrammed bar napkins, full-suite invitations, and programs. Also, the balloon wall backdrop for pictures never looks like a wedding (more like a bridal or baby shower), instead opt for a photo booth. Speaking of walls, it’s definitely time to move on from the donut wall.

Do You Want Sleeves On Your Wedding Dress?

Sleeves are definitely on trend right now and there are so many different options available. Even if you don’t like the feel of sleeves but love the look, there are options for you too!

Sleeves on wedding dresses are gorgeous. There are so many different versions now, too, like off the shoulder, detachable, illusion, illusion with lace and buttons, full lace, etc.  Look at your Pinterest board – even if you aren’t considering sleeves I’ll bet you have one pinned.

Trying on dresses with sleeves is very interesting. Some brides know that’s what they want. Don’t even show them any dresses without them!

Others think they want them but when they try on they find them restricting of movement, itchy, irritating, or all three, and they move away from them.

Then there is the bride who never considered hem who tries on and falls in love! It’s one of the “game changers” in dress hunting that we love!

Madi Lane Della with 3/4 detached sleeve
Madi Lane Della with 3/4 detached sleeve

With sleeves you will want to consider:

Will you be married in the heat? If you are getting married outside in the sun or on the beach, these may not be for you. Think of your ceremony, play that out in your head, does it make sense? If you really love the idea you can consider a dress like Morilee’s Dauphine and wear them for the ceremony and remove them afterward, like two looks in one!

Do you have sensitive skin or sensory issues? If a dress bothers you at all during the trying on phase, that is not your dress! This applies to all aspects, not just sleeves. You will be in it for hours, it needs to feel comfortable all around.

Are you a “throw your hands in the air” type dancer? If so, you won’t be throwing them as high wearing a dress with long sleeves.

Is your wedding in the winter or a colder location? Sleeves are perfect for you, but do not expect them to keep you “warm”. Unless you have them lined – which further diminishes mobility – you may still need a fur wrap or cape if your ceremony is outdoors or for outside pictures.

For the best of both worlds, ask us for options like detachable on many dresses, or a pretty sheer matching jacket. Or we can have them made by our seamstresses at your fitting if you order the dress you love without them but are still undecided. We have capes, jackets, fur wraps, and other accessories as well to customize your perfect look!

Featured Wedding Dress: Cairo by Eddy K

Meet Cairo!

Designer: Eddy K, Italia Collection

Cairo by Eddy K bridal is a fit and flare with an incredible amount of sparkle
Cairo by Eddy K is a fit and flare that shines and sparkles from every angle

Why We Love Her: Cairo is a drop-dead gorgeous dress for brides looking to make a statement. She has a stunning fit and flare silhouette that will hug every curve on the bride while the bodice boning will give a dream hourglass shape. Her stretchy material will let the bride move freely without being too restricted as well! She has a slight plunge neckline that is lined with mesh in order to give a sexy look without being too scandalous. Extending up from the bodice are thin, mesh double-bead lined straps that perfectly transition into the scoop-back.

Thin double beaded straps on Eddy K Cairo dress give extra support to the plunge neckline
Thin double-beaded straps lend extra support

Cairo’s back is just another glamorous detail that contributes to this dress. It begins with a beaded-edged illusion lace low back that makes it have a sexy look while also showcasing the lace design of the dress. The lace then graciously transitions down into the beautiful lace-edged tulle train. Because the ivory underlayer of the dress is cut to floor length, the extension of the tulle train shows off Cairo’s detail even more!

Incredible sparkle and detailing on Eddy K Cairo dress as seen from the back featuring the chapel train
Here you can see the incredible sparkle and detail!

Cairo’s intricate detailing and over-the-top sparkle is to die for! She has a tulle skirt that is heavily embroidered with various sized iridescent sequins and will sparkle in any lighting. On top of that layer, Cairo has a gorgeous floral and leaf lace layer that softly cascades down the dress. And of course those appliques have sequins on top!

Close-up showing the lace detailing including floral overlaid on vines with sequin detailing underneath on Eddy K Cairo
Close-up of the lace details and sparkle

Cairo is available in two different colors: all ivory (shown in store pictures) and ivory/mocha/almond. As you can see, the all ivory version focuses on showcasing the glitz and glam of this dress, whereas the ivory/mocha version will make the lace pop!

She’s Great For: Cairo is great for the glamorous bride that wants to have a WOW wedding dress! Her sparkle will be seen by every person at the weddings no matter how far the bride is standing. With the sparkle vibe of this dress, it would perfectly fit into a ballroom venue. However, if the bride wanted a more summer themed wedding, then switching this dress color to the ivory/mocha version and highlighting the floral lace would be the way to go!

Eddy K Cairo dress has a very low back with mesh detailing and buttons and a very unique and sexy sweetheart at the back waist!
Gorgeous details on the back including a very sexy addition of a sweetheart at the waist!

What Makes Her Special: What makes Cairo special is the amount of sparkle that she has, and her ability to completely transform looks by simply switching the color of the underlayer. Unlike most dresses whose sparkle gets muted, Cairo’s sequins will be easily seen throughout the entire night and in photos (as pictured). Also, because her glam comes solely from sequins, the bride will not have to worry about the shedding glitter that sticks to ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!

Another unique characteristic of Cairo is that she has a matching veil! No need to worry about the hassle of finding the perfect matching veil, because the Eddy K design team already did the work for you!

Featured Wedding Dress: Alanna from Casablanca Bridal’s Beloved

Meet Alanna!

Designer: Beloved by Casablanca

Alanna From Beloved by Casablanca
Alanna From Beloved by Casablanca

Why We Love Her: Alanna is a dream dress for every bride! Her romantic sweetheart neckline is the perfect shape that will look flattering on any bride. It will show the ideal amount of skin without being too scandalous or uncomfortable. She has a beautiful natural a-line shape that will perfectly flow and move with the bride.

Alanna's sheer bodice with layers of lace and corset boning
Alanna’s sheer bodice with layers of lace and corset boning

Her bodice consists of strong corset boning that extends to a drop waist silhouette to ensure that it hits the perfect spot and compliments every bride that puts her on!

Alanna’s intricate detailing doesn’t stop with the shape; she has gorgeous floral and various natural viney lace detailing that is the central focal point and gradually cascades throughout the skirt! In between all the viney appliques, there are small delicate petals that add dimension and uniqueness!

Looking for sparkle? Alanna will not disappoint! On top of all the leafy appliques, she has iridescent sequins that will sparkle and shine. She even has a delicate layer of glitter tulle underneath the appliques that will glimmer in every lighting, both inside and outside, making her perfect for all weather!

Alanna's Leafy lace pattern is perfect for outdoor summer weddings
Leafy lace pattern is perfect for outdoor summer weddings

This beauty is available in six different colors, allowing the bride to have many different options to choose from! The colors are Ivory, White, Champagne/Nude, Champagne/Ivory, Ivory/Sorbet, and Ivory/Nude (shown in the photos). With all of these color options available, it will ensure that she will showcase all the detail and match all wedding vibes!

Alanna's Dramatic and beautiful details all around
Dramatic and beautiful details all around

She’s Great For: The bride that wants a traditional shape with a nontraditional feel! Her floral and leafy appliques will steal the spotlight any time of the year and at any type of venue. Some ideal venues for Alanna would be outside in a garden scene or in a rustic barn. She is even the perfect dress for destination weddings as well due to her lightweight and airy characteristics!

Alanna's Removable lace sleeve can be worn on or off the shoulder, or not at all
Removable lace sleeve

What Makes Her Special: What makes Alanna special is her unique detachable off the shoulder straps! When attached, they give the perfect romantic look with an extra touch of bohemian detail that every dress needs! And when the party starts and the dancing begins, they can pop right off! Beloved by Casablanca allows for custom changes as well to make a dress like this unique to you!

Have a dress from one of our designers that you would like featured? Let us know and we can tag you in a WDW Blog!

What’s Hot? Three Prom Colors For 2022!

Prom colors and trends change every year. After a major disruption in 2020 and a skittish 2021, we were curious how this year would play out. For Prom 2022 it is exciting to see a little bit of – dare we say it – normalcy back in the prom dress shopping arena! Prom season started right on time last month and has been heating up daily with girls on the hunt for their perfect dress.

We noticed we quickly sold out of dresses in light purples. The prom colors wisteria, orchid, and lilac were sold out immediately and just as quickly we learned they are pretty hard to come by when trying to reorder.

Any of the light purple colors mentioned above plus lavender, violet, and heather are very popular so far this year! It is such a delightful color for the spring proms and really looks beautiful with coordinating bouquets.

Heather is one of the trending prom colors for 2022! This dress with lace flower details and beaded straps is perfect for prom from JVN by Jovani
Heather dress from JVN by Jovani

We are excited to match the tuxedo accessories to these pretty purple shades as well! While some may not want a bow tie, all of these are available in long tie as well with a matching vest and pocket square.

Wisteria, Amethyst, Lilac, so many beautiful purple hues can be easily matched

Interesting to note that we saw the light purple dress shades explode in popularity for bridesmaid dresses in the spring of 2019 and we were expecting it to last for some time, but then Covid canceled so much in 2020 that there really weren’t many color trends to speak of… We are happy to see this color revived in prom 2022!

Amethyst mood board with flowers, shoes, and tux inspiration
Amethyst prom mood board

Another color that is also being asked for frequently and that is the beautiful deep emerald. Emerald, hunter, evergreen, in silky satin or sparkly sequins is a very hot color. This one is also super pretty to accessorize with as every flower will pop against this lovely shade.

Emerald green one-shoulder wrap dress by JVN from Jovani. Green is another one of the hot prom colors for 2022
Emerald green one-shoulder wrap dress by JVN from Jovani

Our Prom Consultants put mood boards together for our social media and the green one is stunning:

Evergreen mood board for inspiration
Evergreen mood board for inspiration

Tuxedo accessories are equally stunning in this color!

The third most popular of the prom colors so far this year is not a surprise because it is popular every year. You may be thinking I am going to say black, which would be close because yes, black is very popular for many events, but not always for prom. The color always popular is red!

Red JVN dresses in our store, sparkly A-line and a sexy red cling with diamond straps
Red JVN dresses in the store

Red is a wonderful color that never goes out of style. It is formal, flattering, and easy to accessorize. It really makes a statement – especially at senior prom.

Matching your date is easy when you are wearing red! A swatch will help match to a true red, a dark apple red, even a candy red floral!

Red tux accessories including patterned and floral bow ties and long tie, each with a matching vest available
Red tux accessories including patterned and floral bow ties and long tie, each with a matching vest available

White flowers with a red ribbon look outstanding with a red dress! Add a few diamond accents with your shoes and nails for an unforgettable ensemble!

White flowers with rhinestone centers wrapped with red satin ribbon and rhinestones
White flowers with rhinestone centers wrapped with red satin ribbon and rhinestones
 Red satin shoes with rhinestone pattern heel
Red satin shoes with rhinestone pattern heel
 Lovely nail detail with rhinestones and roses
Lovely nail detail with rhinestones and roses

Whatever prom colors you choose to wear will be perfect for you. The choices are vast with light-dark hues in any color. Just make sure to allow enough time to choose the perfect accessories and have your hair done to highlight your dress neckline for a magical night!

You will remember prom forever so make it worth every moment!

About the author: Wendy Ianieri-Salerno is co-founder and co-owner of Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo, now in its eighth year in business. In that time the store has grown from a small bridal boutique to a full-service bridal store serving not only Bucks County, PA but the surrounding counties and even border states. With the customer experience in mind, Wendy steers the company by offering the best designers and wedding attire while creating a caring, family atmosphere. A life-long Bucks County native, she currently resides in Warrington with her husband and co-founder/co-owner Franco Salerno, and their two daughters for whom the store was named, Daria and Deanna.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Flower Ideas

Coming off of an unprecedented 18+ months where weddings were canceled and businesses shut down, couples were forced to reschedule and even DIY parts of their wedding. One of those areas was flowers and some really great ideas became more mainstream, and others were newly born!

Because sustainability has really come to the forefront, Millennials and Gen Zers are more concerned than ever about being eco-friendly wherever possible and that includes wedding planning. No doubt with pesticides, plastics, shipping, etc. it can seem irresponsible. Here are ideas to use for inspiration!

Beautiful sola wood flower arrangement by The Paisley Moon on Etsy
Flower arrangement made of sola wood by
The Paisley Moon on Etsy

The above photo shows a bouquet made of sola wood, which comes from the tapioca plant root. It is also known as arrowroot and grows in tropical climates. You can purchase ready to use or DIY it with tutorials. Easy to dye as well for any color combo!

Succulents are eco-friendly wedding flowers
Succulents and greenery make a beautiful bouquet

A real favorite right now is the succulant. Requiring little water and coming in many shapes, sizes, and colors, these beauties are gorgeous in bouquets and table centerpieces.

wildflowers in vintage colored glass bottles
Wild flowers in vintage bottles make a sweet centerpiece

Have you thought of wild flowers? The popularity of the boho wedding lends perfectly to these natural beauties with none of the environmental effects. There are florists who are able to source wild flowers so consider this option for a truly earthy and romantic addition. Use for centerpieces as well!

Table runner with ruscus, lanterns, and candles - along with a few gold felt flowers - is eco-friendly
Table runner using greenery and lanterns

When thinking of “going green” – really GO green! In-season and locally grown greenery can be just as dramatic! Create a gorgeous table runner with ruscus or olive branches, lanterns, and candles, or the suspended drapey ivy vines with pretty blooms or evergreens. So many options available with greenery from Queen Anne’s lace to palm fronds – all eco-friendly!

Dried flowers are another option that regained popularity during the 2020 shut down and has remained a popular option today. Easily incorporate out of season flowers this way.

Others to consider are fabric, felt, and paper blooms. These will last for years, use in a vase at home, or you can reuse – use them instead of bows for gift toppers! Etsy stores have gorgeous options here, or check Insta and Pinterest!

If you want to be creative, think of items like jewelry and feathers to use/add to your bouquet.

We look forward to seeing the creative ways our couples incorporate flowers of any type into their wedding day! If you used any of these eco-friendly ideas, we would love to see your photos and share with our couples in the planning stages!

About the author: Wendy Ianieri-Salerno is co-founder and co-owner of Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo, now in its eighth year in business. In that time the store has grown from a small bridal boutique to a full-service bridal store serving not only Bucks County, PA but the surrounding counties and even border states. With the customer experience in mind, Wendy steers the company by offering the best designers and wedding attire while creating a caring, family atmosphere. A life-long Bucks County native, she currently resides in Warrington with her husband and co-founder/co-owner Franco Salerno, and their two daughters for whom the store was named, Daria and Deanna.

Fun Stats of Brides & Grooms

Do you ever wonder how you fit in with other brides and grooms with wedding planning?

“Does anyone else… ?”  “Do other brides/grooms… ?”  “Are we too… ?”

This blog will answer some of those questions and the “fun stats” come directly from a sample of over 1,000 of our brides and grooms from this year! If you find yourself wondering what “everyone else is doing”, have a read and see where you fit in.

The question we get most often as a bridal store is, “When do brides buy a dress?”

Fun stats: most brides by their address between 6 and 12 months prior to their wedding date

We recommend approximately 9-12 months ideally. Shopping too early can lead to dress regret because new dresses come out every 6 months and you will want to see the newest designs before committing.

We recommend reading these blogs when starting your dress search:

Let’s move onto scheduling an appointment! Ever wondered what months are busier than others in the store?

What is the busiest month for bridal appointments?

Chart shows the busiest month for bridal appointments in our store is July followed closely by January

This makes for an interesting study. Because of the number of engagements over the winter holidays, it makes sense that January would be a busy month! However, it also makes sense for those buying 6-12 months out, which puts them into the wedding months of June, September, and October.

July is always a very busy month for bridal in the store and one interesting trend we have noticed is that there are many in the teaching profession who are engaged and have that month to plan as much as possible for their weddings/honeymoons that will also be in the summer – their off time!

What is the busiest month for tuxedo appointments?

Chart shows tuxedo appointments by month with July being the busiest

July is on top again, but tuxedo appointments are pretty even throughout the year, save for the December holiday season!

What is the best day of the week to visit? Well, that depends on your schedule and whether you don’t mind a crowd or thrive in a louder and busier atmosphere:

Fun stats: Saturdays are the busiest day for bridal appointments not only at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo, but throughout the industry

Over one-third of our bridal appointments are on Saturdays. If you don’t want a crowd, consider during the week!

Curious what month held the most weddings in 2021?

October 2021 saw the most weddings followed by September

This is hard to compare because of the 2020 weddings that were postponed, considering the date 10/10/2020 was one of, if not the most popular date booked for 2020.

Another fun stat: Comparing to 2019, October came in a close second place to the winning month of September!

And the venues chosen? A backyard, university campus, zoo, formal country club, or even another country, couples tie the knot anywhere they want!

Formal wedding venues were the most popular by a large margin in 2021

Half of our couples chose a formal venue such as a country club, historic property, museum, etc. Many of the “undecideds” were brides shopping over 12 months out for their dress – they found the dress before committing to a venue.

Our destination couples ranged from Montana, Colorado, Florida, Arizona, Hawaii, Bermuda, Mexico, Italy, Israel, and more!

How many are in a wedding party? It is up to you how many attendants you wish, some have zero and others have over 20!

The number of attendants in the wedding party is very evenly split between small, medium, and large parties

It is certainly pretty even with the divisions here. Who you want by your side and helping you plan is very personal and a decision you should give much thought to early on in the planning process! Here is a great blog on choosing your bride tribe to help think this through.

We hope you enjoyed our fun stats. We look forward to seeing if these trends continue over 2022 and maybe we will have you included in our sample!

About the author: Wendy Ianieri-Salerno is co-founder and co-owner of Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo, now in its eighth year in business. In that time the store has grown from a small bridal boutique to a full-service bridal store serving not only Bucks County, PA but the surrounding counties and even border states. With the customer experience in mind, Wendy steers the company by offering the best designers and wedding attire while creating a caring, family atmosphere. A life-long Bucks County native, she currently resides in Warrington with her husband and co-founder/co-owner Franco Salerno, and their two daughters for whom the store was named, Daria and Deanna.