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Essense of Australia

We are so excited to announce the addition of a bridal designer into our gallery: Essense of Australia!

Essense is the perfect addition to our collections. This is a brand whose wedding gowns encompass elegance, romance, and individuality. Essense of Australia is a fashion-forward line with designs that fit every taste; from clean and classic to bohemian beauty.

The Bride Response

We are no stranger to the company as we added Stella York to our wedding dress gallery in 2020. Of course, brides fell in love with the way that the company dedicates themselves to featuring unique designs and intricate details in their gowns. Similarly, each collection contains a variety of shapes, fabrics, and embellishments to appeal to brides with all tastes. Our brides loved Stella York so much that we decided to expand with their collections.

Ultimately, there is plenty to look forward to with the gowns that will be arriving at Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo soon! For example, glittery a-lines with optional skirt slits and detachable sleeves, botanical lace fit and flares with that earthy bohemian vibe, and clean and classic beauties for the modern bride. Not to mention, they have trains that are to die for! Essentially, Essense has it all and we are proud to offer these designs!

You will not want to miss the opportunity to try on some of these incredible gowns. A few have begun making their way into the store, our complete first collection will be in by February!

Essense Designs

Historically, Essense Designs is the parent company of numerous labels including Essense of Australia and Stella York. They founded in Perth, Australia in 1992 by Wayne and Martine Harris. Additionally, Martine remains the head designer to this day!

Overall, throughout its history, Essense Designs has remained committed to innovation and adaptation. Additionally, they have consistently embraced new trends and design techniques to fit the tastes of their brides. Their vision to create dresses that celebrate individuality and and empower brides to feel their most beautiful and confident selves remains at the core of their work.

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