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What We’re Wearing: Wedding Gowns 2024

It is time for our 2024 bridal edition of What We’re Wearing – wedding gowns 2024! Our brides are going to shine!

We are so excited for you to see what all of our gorgeous brides wear down the aisle this year! In fact, we are so excited, we are going to give you a little sneak peek at what you can expect.

Square/Straight Across Necklines

One trend you should expect to see a good amount of this year are gowns with square or straight necklines. Brides were obsessed with our collection of dresses that had these slightly more modest tops. It did not matter if the dress was a-line, ballgown, or fit and flare, nor did it matter if they were stunningly simple or lavishly adorned! If it had that straight neckline, they were sold.

Prepare to see so many stunning gowns with this elegant and timeless neckline.

What We’re Wearing: June by Beloved Bridal, D3974 by Essense of Australia, and Jaden by Madi Lane Bridal

Unique Lace

Lace has always been a popular feature on bridal gowns, but designers have been really ramping up their style by incorporating incredible and unique floral appliqués on their dresses. Some of our most loved dresses have featured big, bold florals, vine and leaf lace, and 3D petal appliqués. Lace is clearly a trend that is not going anywhere, but the 2024 brides wanted gowns that elevated the traditional take on lace wedding dresses and they sure got them!

What We’re Wearing: Jaya by Madi Lane Bridal, Alyssa by Kitty Chen Couture, and Verona by Mia Solano Bridal

Sleek and Simple

When we sat down with our brides to determine what they were looking for, we heard two words repeated often: timeless and elegant. The brides of 2024 want gowns that will withstand the test of time. Whether it be a dress that was completely simple or a dress with a little detail in the bodice and a simple skirt, dresses with “clean” elements are going to be huge this year!

What We’re Wearing: Darcy by Morilee, Chloe by Kitty Chen, and Emma by Sophia Tolli

Glitter and Sparkle

When we went to Chicago market, we saw so many gowns that shimmered and sparkled as the models moved. We noted to each other how we thought that sparkle and glitter was going to be huge for wedding gowns 2024. Judging by the amount of glitter we go home covered in after a day of appointments, we learned pretty quickly that we were right!

We saw so many brides say yes to gorgeous glittery gowns and shimmery sequined stunners, and we cannot wait to hear how many compliments they receive on these beauties!

What We’re Wearing: Dina by Morilee, 7404 by Stella York, and Zazie by WToo

When it’s time to search for your wedding dress, make sure to check what we’re wearing in wedding gowns 2024 and then make your appointment to come out and see us!