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Call or Text: 215-491-8500

Featured Suit – Ike Behar Olive Green “Dean”

We believe our new Ike Behar Olive suit, called Dean, is going to be a run-away hit!  When brides and grooms heard we were going to be offering an olive suit for rent and purchase, Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo was getting daily text messages and calls asking when they would be able to see the actual suit.  Since the suit had not been available yet, we created a long list of people who we needed to call or text when we had the suit in the store.

That time has come and the suit is even more beautiful in person.  Once we placed the olive suit on a mannequin, we were stunned by how many brides and grooms came into the store and were immediately drawn to the suit.  In the past week alone, several couples told us during their suit and tuxedo appointment that they didn’t need to see anything else for their wedding party.  They were settling on the olive suit!

So enough about the hype about this suit.  Let’s get into the details.

This trim fit Ike Behar suit is made with a very comfortable 100% worsted wool.  You will be surprised by how comfortable the fabric is.  The suit also features a self-notch lapel top color and as with all Ike Behar suits and tuxedos, it is trim fit.  The two- button front, side vented jacket has double besom pockets and classy looking bone buttons.

The olive jacket comes with matching slim fit pants and vest.  Last year, we started offering a hunter green Ike Behar suit and brides and grooms really went for that suit for autumn and winter weddings.  What we noticed with our hunter green suit is some wedding parties chose black shirts to contrast with the green suit.  

We think that trend may continue this year with this olive suit.  Alternatively, you could wear a white microfiber shirt with the olive suit but we think one of our subtle ivory microfiber shirts may be an excellent choice for this suit.

When wearing an ivory or white shirt with this olive suit, we think brown shoes would be a perfect accompaniment the the shirt.  However, if you are choosing a black shirt or black accessories, our matte black shoes would be a better fit with that look.

We believe that this suit can be worn all year round and is not confined to one or two particular seasons.  The olive green fabric is subtle enough not to cling to any particular season, say winter or fall.  Choose for yourself, once you see the suit in person.

While we’ve only had this suit in our store for about 3 weeks, we are sensing the buzz and excitement of its arrival.  We dress thousands of people every year for weddings, proms and formal events so we get to see a variety of ways customers create a unique look.  In fact, sometimes brides and grooms teach us another way to pair our thousand or so accessories with our suits and tuxedos!  We’ll keep you posted on what is trending with this suit and how our customers complete their looks!