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Wedding Dress Wednesday: Morilee Dominique

Meet: Dominique

Designer: Morilee

Morilee Dominique is a princess dress with detachable sleeves
Morilee Dominique is a princess dress with detachable sleeves

Why we love her: Dominique is the definition of a show-stopper! She gives major Cinderella vibes, in the best way possible. She has a striking ball gown silhouette that brides looking to feel like a princess will love. She is made of layer upon layer of delicate tulle and sparkle tulle, with dazzling, beaded applique on top. She is glitzy, she is bold, and she is romantic.

She has the classic ball gown silhouette; her sheer bodice is supported with slimming boning until the waistline, then it’s all volume! Gorgeous embroidered, floral applique drips down from her bodice onto her skirt, where it gently fades out. The applique picks back up on the bottom of the skirt– perfect for twirling the night away on the dance floor!  Fear not: when bustling Dominique’s mesmerizing cathedral-length train, the applique will still be visible!

Gorgeous embroidered, floral applique drips down from her bodice onto her skirt and gently fades into sparkles
Gorgeous embroidered applique feather down onto the skirt

The strapless sweetheart neckline comes with a fun twist: sparkle tulle over her plunge! The glittery, dazzling tulle that’s found throughout her bodice and skirt continues into the neckline with a seamless transition. Buttons on the back of the bodice add a sweet touch to this bold, glamorous gown. Dominique, like any show-stopping main character, is accompanied by the perfect sidekick– or in this case, accessory. Gauntlet sleeves made of the same beaded, embroidered applique make an elegant and unique statement. Don’t like the look of sleeves?

Dominique wedding dress features a sparkle tulle plunge sweetheart neckline
Dominique wedding dress features a sparkle tulle plunge neck

There are so many creative ways to incorporate this extra lace into your big day!

What she’s great for: Making brides feel like a princess! The combination of the silhouette, the sparkle, and the beaded applique creates a royal and classic look. Add a tiara and a glittery veil, and you will rival Cinderella at the ball. Dominique is perfect for elegant and traditional venues like churches and ballrooms.  

Dominique's sparkling cathedral train with gorgeous lace applique
Dominique’s sparkling cathedral train with gorgeous applique

What makes her special: Dominique effortlessly blends classic elegance with modern romance. Her classic features like her ball gown silhouette and sweetheart neckline give her a timeless and regal look; she will never go out of style. Her modern features, such as her exposed boning, floral embellishment, and Morilee’s new style of sparkle tulle take her to the next level. Additionally- and obviously- the’s gauntlet sleeves are simply quite stunning!

Dominique is available in gorgeous Ivory/Almond/Honey and sparkling Ivory/Porcelain. 

Madeline Gardner loves every second of the work she does to make women of all ages feel beautiful on their special day, and she cherishes the constant flow of notes and photos she receives from blushing new brides gushing with gratitude. Characteristic of her dresses is the generous use of rich fabrics, the meticulously detailed beadwork, the innovative partnering of traditional styling with more fashion forward influences. She is known for her obsession with perfect fit, believing that how a dress makes you feel is as important as how it makes you look.

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Calla Blanche L’amour Sutton

Meet Sutton!

Designer: L’amour by Calla Blanche

Sutton wedding dress by Calla Blanche is ethereal and shimmery
Sutton is ethereal and shimmery

Why We Love Her:

Sutton is the definition of simple, romantic, and stunning! She truly demonstrates how less can be more when it comes to detailing. Sutton has a stunning natural a-line silhouette that perfectly flows and flatters from all angles! Her skirt consists of a very lightweight and flexible tulle that will move with the bride. She is perfect for a bride who wants the look of an a-line without all the weight and layers!

The beaded belt waist line is so flattering and a perfect design to a deep plunge neck
The beaded belt waist line is so flattering and a perfect design to a deep plunge neck

Sutton’s bodice is the highlight of this dress! She has a perfectly sculpted plunge neckline with a nude illusion piece that blends perfectly with multiple skin tones and thick illusion straps that give extra support. This plunging neckline gives the sexiness appeal, while also allowing the bride to feel comfortable dancing all night long! When it comes to sparkle in the bodice, Sutton has it! She has not only one, but two layers of a mix of iridescent, white, and silver beading lining the bodice. She will twinkle in every lighting! Her bodice is then completed with a dainty beaded bow belt that adds some subtle drama.

The V-back on Sutton is deep to the waist where it again meets with the beaded belt
The back is deep to the waist where it again meets with the beaded belt

The best part about her beaded detail is that it continues to her back and even cascades down her skirt, while also being broken up directly below the arms with another mesh insert so that the beading does not irritate a bride’s skin! Sutton has a deep V-backline that goes all the way down to her waistline, making for a very sexy look on any bride. Her long lightweight train consists of tulle that is pleated together in order to keep the perfect appearance for the cameras, and a hassle free bustle!

She can be sold in two different colors. For a bride that loves the two-toned trend or hates the look of a bright white, Sutton is available in an ivory/light nude edition that will show off all of the white beading (shown in the pictures). For a more traditional look, she can come in an all ivory color that will make the silver sparkle shine. Both variations have the option to have a lined or unlined bodice as well which is great for offering a more conservative look!

She’s Great For:

Because of her lightweight character, Sutton is great for weddings of all types! Her sparkle detailing can fit right into any season and venue without looking out of place! Based on the vibe of the wedding, Sutton can appear to be whimsical, flirty, romantic, or elegant!

The skirt is simply layers of tulle mimicking walking in the clouds, so dreamy
Like walking in the clouds, the skirt has layers of plain lightweight tulle

What Makes Her Special:

What makes Sutton special is her pleated-like tulle skirt! This type of skirt allows the bride to have the voluminous look of any other a-line dress without the heavyweight material that typically comes with it. Sutton will be comfortable to wear for the entirety of the wedding without needing any outfit change (unless the bride wants one, of course!)

L’amour by Calla Blanche showcases fun and contemporary designs that embody the new woman. This affordable and inclusive collection features sexy and edgy pieces that provide a modern twist for a fun and flirty bride. L’amour by Calla Blanche demonstrates a fashion-forward, unique approach to design while never compromising quality and attention to detail.

We Got Married! Our Wedding Vendors

Yes, we did. We took the plunge, tied the knot, got hitched. Whatever you call it, after 20 years Franco and I decided to make it official! I always knew we would someday…

Someday was December 17, 2021.

As owners of a bridal and tuxedo store, we have met so many people – and vendors. We celebrated our 9th anniversary of Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo this month, the store that we opened out of thin air.

I thought it appropriate to do a blog highlighting who we chose for our wedding and why. This is not to say anyone is “better than” or “less expensive” or anything like that. Our wedding was exactly what WE wanted, and that isn’t what anyone else may want. As you read you will find out exactly the reasons we chose who we chose!

Free advice before we begin: It really is your day. YOURS. Just because someone else throws their opinion in doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Any sentence that begins with “You should” is one to hear and most likely discard because you already know what you should do.


Bride and groom in front of the black bass hotel decorated for Christmas
Our wedding day December 17, 2021

If I could convey how much I love this property you probably wouldn’t believe me but I feel like I could live there. It is historic, cozy, warm, on the river, for me absolute perfection. I will tell you a very personal story as to choosing this venue.

As some of you may know, back in 2020 I suffered a severe spinal cord injury. I popped C6 out of alignment and was paralyzed from the chest down. The injury was considered “incomplete” – meaning it was up to me to get back whatever I could. The biggest thing for me of course was to walk again.

Because of Covid, there was no rehab available once I got home 5 weeks later. Franco was at my side every minute helping me… my trainer, my cheerleader, my therapist, my chef, my best friend.

One of the amazing things he did was taking me to the Stockton Bridge where there is a wide and sturdy railing on one side and he was on my other side. He walked with me every day, back and forth, six times.

It took forever to get to one end and then I had to turn around and go back. It was devastating how hard it was – and how slow, unsteady, and afraid I was. There were times I cried the entire time out of pure frustration. And oh my God did I swear. A LOT.

Note: If you are ever in a hurry and you are behind elderly people who are slow or someone who has trouble walking, please don’t angry, take your time and be grateful that you have the ability.

Anyhoo, one day later in the summer he decided to take me to a different bridge for a change of scenery, the Lumberville-Raven Rock Bridge a/k/a the Lumberville Foot Bridge.

I remember how hot it was and when I made it to the Jersey side, I turned around and saw people dining outside at the Black Bass. It looked so inviting and sweet! I also remember thinking I wanted to be sitting there with them, drinking myself into oblivion. Instead I simply asked Franco if we could eat there one day.

When we decided to get married, I knew it would be at Black Bass.

Bride and groom with their daughters on the Lumberville PA foot bridge
Deanna, Franco, Wendy, & Daria on the Lumberville Foot Bridge

We met with Fiona and I encourage you to as well if you are considering this delightful location.

They had such sweet ceremony decor with blankets on the chairs for guests and heat lamps, plus the lights and garland for Christmas.

Ceremony set up before guests arrive with heat lamps and chairs with plaid blankets draped over the backs
Cozy blankets for guests

We got married outside at 4:30pm, and when I tell you it was perfect, it was literally perfect. The weather was outstanding, 50° and clear. The sun was beginning to set. The lights were on and fire pits going!

Bride and groom share a hug as they are announced husband and wife
Married 🙂

We had a quick ceremony and then cocktail hour and as the sun went down an almost full moon came up over the river, the Christmas lights went on, and it sounds cliché but it truly was magical. I could not have asked for anything more.

Bride and groom with champagne after ceremony by the river with a full moon reflecting on the water
Cocktail hour with the moon lighting up the river

We had indoor-outdoor cocktail hour with delicious stations, and the gorgeous bar has a fireplace and plenty of seating. The dining room overlooks the Delaware. The dinners were outstanding, the service was fantastic.

Riverside at the black bass hotel featuring heat lamps, fire pits, chairs with cozy blankets decorated for Christmas
This picture makes me want to do it all over again!

While we had a very small and intimate affair with 30 people, it was casual yet still formal, and so special. They even offer valet parking! It was truly everything we wanted.


I knew the minute I saw this pic in May 2019 this was my dress. You know when you know, right? No question this was my dress before I even saw it in person. Before I even tried it on.

Before I even had a wedding date. lol

Like I said, I knew it would happen someday and there was never a dress that hit me like this… and I’ve seen thousands of dresses.

Madi Lane Izadore wedding dress with layers of shimmery lace, a conservative plunge neckline, illusion back, and long sleeves
Madi Lane Izadore dress

I brought it into the store in my size… and fell in love even more.

Bride trying on her dress pre-alterations
Trying on in the store in 2019 – no wedding date,
but this was the dress 🙂


The above picture was taken pre-accident. As you can see, the dress at that time only needed a few tweaks and a hem. By the time we got married at the end of 2021, I was 15 pounds lighter. This dress needed significant and major alterations.

When I put it on prior to my first fitting, I didn’t think it had a chance of working out. The top was enormous, the sleeves baggy, and there was almost no shape at all. I texted Irina. She said bring it over.

When I say she is a master, that’s exactly what she is. She told me not to worry and that she’d make it perfect. Six inches in the top, take in sleeves, three inches in the waist and hip, remove the train, and hem.

One fitting. Boom. My dress fit like a glove and I didn’t want to take it off.

For Consideration: Remove the train from your dress. I did because it was too stressful for me to worry about walking with a train. So much easier! A cathedral veil will give the same effect and the same drama on entrance, but is taken off at the reception. I was thrilled that I did not have to deal with a bustle all night and my dress looked pretty from the front AND back!


Groom getting ready before wedding
Getting ready

When we go to a formal event, Franco always asks me what color tux I want him to wear. Because we have so many, there is always something different to pick from! This time I left it his choice. He knows I’m partial to classic black though. Good Lord, a black tuxedo is so sexy.

I knew he would choose an Ike Behar though, even if it wasn’t black. The fit on the Ike is perfect every time.

Bride in Madi Lane with Groom in Black tuxedo by Ike Behar walking in front of the black bass hotel in lumberville PA
Twenty years and still this excited

He chose black. 🙂 After 20 years, I’m still smitten.


Unsure, right up to the last minute. Daria and Deanna were sending pictures of dresses back and forth, just like all bridesmaids do. Again I only gave them a few guidelines and let them pick. I loved the hunter green satin for Christmas, and then they each picked their style. These dresses came from Clarisse, were in stock, and fit so well they only needed a hem!

Maids of honor wearing hunter green satin dresses by Clarisse
Maids of Honor Deanna (L) and Daria (R)

It was amazing that the day was mild enough not to wear jackets, however we did get them fur wraps to wear for the ceremony. The colors could not have been more perfect, in my opinion!


I met Daneene when we first opened our store nine years ago. I didn’t know anyone in the wedding industry and was eager to get to know as many people as I could. I had no idea that Daneene was one of the highest rated hair and make up artists in the entire region. She was so interested in meeting us and our new little store, that when I realized exactly who she was it spoke volumes to her character.

She did not need us, she was already successful. She wanted to know us. There’s a big difference.

Groom with his two daughters pre-ceremony
Franco with our girls looking lovely after Daneene’s work!

Since that first meeting she has done so many of our brides and bridal parties with nothing but five star, glowing reviews. She and her team are kind, reliable, and perfectionists. If you are looking for hair and make up, she is my go-to every time.


Reeanne used to work at our store in bridal, but her talents were far beyond just that. I would watch her design and decorate our display windows, make flower girl baskets and ring boxes, draw flowers and designs on our welcome board, repurpose things that no one else could have possibly re-purposed. She’s genuine, fun, and I’m so proud she’s my friend. So when I needed flowers I thought of her and it just so happens her sister Denise owns the Newtown Flower Company. #score

A getting ready toast in the bridal suite at the black bass hotel
A getting ready toast with my dear friend Ree and her sister Denise of the Newtown Flower Company (Deanna had water!)

Because our affair was small and the Black Bass offered candles as centerpieces, I only needed three bouquets and a boutonniere. I sent her two pictures for inspiration, and told her I didn’t want them this big:

Inspo pic #1
Brides wedding bouquet with white and blush roses, lilies, wine colored fleur-de-lis, eucalyptus and other greenery
Inspo pic #2

That was all I gave her. That was all she needed. She perfectly combined the two to give me this:

My flower bouquet doubled as a centerpiece with the candles on our sweetheart table

I am still so in love with these flowers every time I see pictures!


The officiant waiting for the couple to
Ariel entertains while waiting for us

We met Ariel at Peddler’s Village when she was doing corporate events for them. She took a group of us on a tour and she was as delightful as she looks – fun, smart and bubbly.

Not long after, we met again at another networking event and then it became routine to see her. I always enjoyed talking and giggling with her.

Now when it came time to find an officiant, I realized I was at a loss. I knew no one so I started searching, to no real avail. And then, poof! A Facebook post of Ariel, saying she had officiated a wedding.

Could my wedding get any better? I sent her a Facebook message and that was that. She asked what was important to us, what kind of ceremony we wanted, etc. all the questions to make sure she did what we wanted.

Because Franco and I had been together for so long, we didn’t need all the vows or traditional stuff. We didn’t want too much along the religious lines. We already wore rings for 14 years, we didn’t need a ring exchange.

Instead, we wrote something up – our “story” – and she read that for our guests. It was cute, sweet, heartfelt, silly; it was us and maybe 10 minutes start to finish.

Being married by your friend is definitely recommended!

It was perfect. And being married by a friend was so incredibly special. And as fate would have it, as I am writing this, our marriage license just arrived from the courthouse!

Ceremony outdoors at the black bass hotel with the Lumberville bridge in the background
It was “official”!


Like Ariel, Nicole is just my style. We met through networking as well and I gravitate towards the fun ones. She is so easy going! Eager to do the best job and she definitely did.

Because we had such a small and rather non-traditional wedding/reception (it was just a dinner with a great playlist of music), I did not need what others require. I did not need formal “getting ready”, extended family photos, or reception shots. We wanted candid and fun pics from pre-ceremony up to dinner.

She laughed with us as she caught things I didn’t know would happen – like this one – sort of a reverse first-look when I saw Franco coming across the street.

Just a little excited

Or this great one of us taking a selfie to send to our friends in Italy who could not attend due to Covid restrictions:

Nicole took a picture of us taking a picture of ourselves!

Nicole is wonderful and qualified for so much more than the small affair we had, yet she took it as seriously as a much bigger wedding and even got fantastic shots of our guests throughout cocktail hour. I cannot stop looking through all these pictures!!

And that’s a wrap! Franco and I are so pleased at how everything turned out exactly as we hoped – and actually it was even better. If you need a referral for your wedding, feel free to ask! We know so many amazing and talented vendors and can find one that would be perfect for the wedding YOU want!

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Stella York 7404

Meet Style 7404!

Designer: Stella York

Stella York #7404 wedding dress is a beautiful A-line perfect for all body types!
Stella York #7404 wedding dress is a beautiful A-line perfect for all body types!

Why we love her: Stella York 7404 is classic and romantic with the perfect touch of glitz. She’s the traditional a-line shape; she’s flowy without swallowing the bride up. This dress is lightweight, so she’s easy to wear all day long! She has modern, large floral appliqué on her top layer and a floral-patterned glitter tulle layer underneath. Clear sequins in the appliqué add more sparkle and help this beautiful gown shine from all directions. She photographs like a dream!

Beaded straps and sequined lace applique on Stella York 7404 dress are so romantic
Beaded straps and sequined lace applique are so romantic

She has gorgeous, delicate beaded straps. These provide support and security to brides who want to dance all night long without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. The straps are lined with pearls and clear beads, making accessorizing easy. There are so many options! The straps connect to a sweetheart neckline with a modest plunge. Her bodice is slightly sheer; the floral appliqué is concentrated on the bodice and becomes more spaced out on the skirt.

Stella York 7404

The back of the dress is just as stunning as the front, making it perfect for walking down the aisle. There are 8 buttons at the top, which hit in about the middle of the bride’s back. Amazingly, the buttons are decoration only, so brides won’t have to use precious time on their wedding morning getting buttoned into their dress. 

The back features a low scoop, buttons, and a chapel length train
The back features a low scoop, buttons, and a chapel length train

7404 has a chapel-length train. There’s enough train that the dress is captivating coming down the aisle, but not so much train that the dress becomes unmanageable. An easy bustle on this will have the bride dancing all night long! The appliqué and sparkle tulle continue the length of the train.

She is available in ivory/biscotti, ivory/ivory, and white.

The back is just as beautiful as the front with a low back and buttons

She’s great for: all body types, especially plus-sized brides! She is supportive and flattering without overpowering the bride. She fits right in at any venue, such as refinished barns, ballrooms, and outdoor settings.

What makes her special: Her layer of glitter tulle! The glitter is placed on the tulle in a big, leafy, floral pattern. This layer adds dimension and depth while making a unique statement. The intricate design will make brides feel elegant, beautiful, and romantic on their big day! 

Stella York bridal gowns are imagined and handcrafted with stunning detail. Each gown is constructed to provide an exceptional fit and give the body perfect form. Dressed in spectacular beading, glamorous laces and enchanting fabrics, the Stella bride is assured to be the center of elegance and attention. Whether in soft organza, chiffon, and charmeuse or romantic satin and crepe, this collection is extraordinary.

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Enzoani Blue Olana

Meet Olana!

Designer: Blue by Enzoani

Enzoani Blue Olana is a lace-lover's dream! A fitted beaded lace wedding dress with plunge neck, beaded spaghetti straps, off the shoulder sleeve with side panel capes
Enzoani Blue Olana is a lace-lover’s dream!

Why We Love Her: Olana is a statement dress with a mix of sexy, romantic, dramatic, and modern features throughout. Her fit and flare silhouette allows her to show off all curves, making for a very flattering look. She has a very thin delicate layer of chantilly lace beneath the top tulle layer of floral and leafy applique, making her detail show from every angle. On top of the floral lace are sparkly sequins and iridescent beading that will shimmer all day long!

Enzoani Blue Olana wedding dress has stunning and intricate detail

Her bodice consists of a lovely plunge neckline that is covered with lace appliques to keep a modest look while also creating a gorgeous lace edging neckline, eliminating the sharp and straight cut lines. Her unlined bodice with unique dipped cutout sides enhances the perfect hourglass look on any body shape! She is finished with flawless thin beaded spaghetti straps that allow for perfect transition into the illusion scoop back.

The bodice of Enzoani Olana can be lined or unlined illusion (as shown), beautiful layered lace with seed pearls and clear sequin applique make this dress shimmer
The bodice of Olana can be lined or unlined illusion (as shown).
Seed pearls and clear sequins on the lace applique make this dress shimmer!

Olana’s back is a jaw-dropping feature that will make hearts melt. Her low illusion lace scoop back is the perfect way to show some skin without being too scandalous! The lining and chantilly lace layers in the train are cut to floor length, while the beautiful applique lacing and sequins extend out, creating a gorgeous lace illusion! She even has buttons, and who doesn’t love those!

A gorgeous scooped back with lace edging adds to the beautiful design of Olana
A gorgeous scooped back with lace edging adds to the beautiful design

Olana is available in four different colors. Shown in the pictures, the ivory/nude color allows for all lace detailing, even the delicate chantilly lace, to be seen from a distance. If that color is too dark, then Olana is also available in an ivory/sand look which still keeps the two-toned effect while also looking slightly brighter. The all ivory editions of this dress can come in two options that affect the illusion mesh color, located on the plunge and back illusion; either an ivory mesh that will match dress more or a nude mesh that blends with skin tones better. In both versions of ivory, the main focus will be the sparkle, which will light up the room!

She’s Great For: Olana is perfect for weddings of all types! Because of her lightweight fit and astonishing detail, Olana can fit right into any outdoor or indoor venue that is in the Spring or Summer. Her floral appliques will complement all greenery and flowers, and her sparkle will shimmer in every lighting!

Olana has Off the shoulder sleeve with dreamy side panels!
Off the shoulder sleeve with dreamy side panels!

What Makes Her Special: What makes Olana special is her two piece split detachable cape. This cape is unique, dramatic, outstanding, and glamorous! It is the perfect replacement for a bride who does not want to wear a veil, or a bride that wants a show stopping dress. It attaches onto Olana like off the shoulder straps, and it extends the train even further in length, with even more detail! It is the perfect addition to a dramatic entrance into the ceremony, and an easy accessory to drop when the party starts!

Optional detachable illusion side panels for an extra layer and lace edge
Detachable illusion side cape panels for an extra layer and
additional gorgeous lace edge

Enzoani has world-renowned designers and highly-experienced pattern-makers and beaders who work tirelessly to keep them at the cutting edge of bridal design. They produce gowns that fit perfectly, utilize the latest and most premium materials available – the highest grade fabrics and Swarovski crystals – to make each bride feel beautiful. There is no compromise when it comes to quality and construction. Each wedding dress produced by Enzoani is custom designed and custom made. The dresses are hand-beaded, and most dresses require several hundred hours to create!

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Madi Lane Dahla

Meet Dahla!

Designer: Madi Lane

Madi Lane's Dahla wedding dress from her 2022 Bloom collection
Madi Lane’s Dahla wedding dress from her 2022 Bloom collection

Why we love her: Dahla is as romantic as it gets. Her delicate floral applique is enhanced by sequins sewn throughout the detailing and a thin layer of sparkle tulle. She shimmers and shines at all angles! Her thin straps are overlaid with intricate applique, making a seamless transition into the bodice of the dress, as well as seamlessly transitioning into an illusion back. With her sheath silhouette, she’s flowy without being poofy; she shows off your figure without being restricting. 

Dahla’s gorgeous illusion floral lace train sparkles brilliantly

Dahla’s train is absolutely exquisite. The dress lining doesn’t extend the whole length of the train, creating a stunning illusion. The hem is lined with beautiful floral applique, and the sparkles continue throughout the length of the train. While walking down the aisle, she slays from every angle and is guaranteed to make jaws drop. 

Dahla is available in mocha with ivory lace overlay; the mocha contrast makes the lace stand out wonderfully in photographs. She’s also available in all ivory; this makes her sequins and sparkle tulle shine like the stars. Her bodice can be lined (as shown in video) or unlined (as shown in photo below), which can add a little spice to this very sweet dress. With all of these options, there is a perfect combination for everyone!

Dahla has an optional unlined illusion bodice
Dahla has an optional unlined illusion bodice

She’s great for: Outdoor weddings in spring and summer! She will glow in the sun, and her design will fit right in at a country club, a garden, or any other romantic outdoor space. 

Dahla's cape adds drama and romance
Dahla’s cape adds drama and romance

What makes her special: Her cape! Because it’s detachable, the cape can make a statement at your ceremony and add drama to your pictures, but once it’s time to party it pops right off! The applique at the top of the cape matches the dress exactly, and her V-shape highlights the illusion back without clashing or covering it up. This is perfect for brides who do not want a veil but still want to add something special for the ceremony. 

Madi Lane gowns are both aspirational and attainable, exclusive pieces that look, feel and read modern contemporary couture. Each and every Madi Lane creation features delicate appliqué and embellishments, artfully placed on high quality fabrics and polished in every detail. With personality and personalization in mind, each gown embodies a fierce femininity, fitting individual body as well as it does the individual spirit.

Real Bride Jacqueline Milczarski

We are happy to feature another very special bride who first visited us in the Spring of 2021. We are always excited to meet new brides because they are all so unique with amazing stories and life paths, and Jacqueline was no exception.

Some may not know her by her given name, but you will by her handle. She is the Bucks County Mama, local blogger and influencer, with a healthy following and an even healthier lifestyle.

Bride Jacqueline Milczarski, a/k/a/ the Bucks County Mama, looks lovely and content on her wedding day in Montana wearing a beaded Casablanca bridal wedding dress.
The beautiful bride, Jacki, on her wedding day

We did not know this at the time she came in and truth be told, I’m glad we didn’t. Our appointment was authentic and genuine. She mentioned a few details that she wanted which were so sweet (“flowy and girly” – love!) and that her wedding was in Montana in October (double love!). She also said she was “very decisive” which is helpful for a bride not only in dress shopping, but also for wedding planning in general!

After that, we were fortunate enough to meet her equally kind fiancee David, and their family members they were blending together to create their own.

You can tell immediately there is a deep connection with Jacki and David, perhaps it is a mutual understanding of life’s bumps and bruises, and a mutual appreciation for its twists and turns. They are each other’s soft place.

Let’s get into their love story, as written by the Bucks County Mama herself!

The Meeting:

We met for coffee in Peddler’s Village 5 years ago. We were both divorced, single parents, and card holders of the “Never Again” club lol. We both, but separately, were dedicating our lives to healing emotionally and spiritually, growing, committed to our children.

We said yes to just coffee… he greeted me with a big bouquet of flowers, and a kind smile.

Years later he told me he heard a voice whisper to him, “That’s her”.

We said “yes” to dating – laughing, friendship, hope, kindness, trust, and love. We both realized that a life alone would be safe, but this was truly living.

I watched what a good father he was, & his thoughtfulness was something I never experienced. He loves seafood & hence is nicknamed the “sea otter” because he has childlike joy whenever he eats it.

The Proposal:

Years later, he brought me back to Peddler’s Village, to the same spot we first met. This time our five children were there, my family, and God. We all said “yes” to getting married…seven souls who chose love.

The Dress:

Being the Owner of Bucks County Blog, Bucks County Mama, I had heard the buzz that Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo was “the” place to get a wedding dress. Small, boutique, family owned & operated, local, with personal service. My dress was “Andi” from the Beloved Collection of Casablanca Bridal.

Wedding dress Andi from Casablanca and Beloved with a beaded halter top a keyhole back and a tiered bottom was perfect for Jackie's Montana wedding. She paired it with a cathedral veil with butterflies on it!
Andi dress from Casablanca Bridal’s Beloved collection, and a lovely cathedral veil with butterflies

The Venue:

We looked at Odette’s & Aldie Manson, both stunning, but Covid restrictions, with an undercurrent of fear, uncertainty, and anxiety with booking either during a global pandemic. We got quiet and followed our authentic vision of what our wedding should be. Gone are the days of “shoulding” all over ourselves.

Jackie and her new husband David, David is wearing a gray tuxedo by Michael Kors
Jacki and her new husband David look stunning under the big sky

We picked our #1 bucket list destination of Montana. Under the big sky, just us in a rented ranch with our blended family of children. We got married outside, with God present as always, with elk bugling, soft clouds overhead. We all said “yes” to forever.

The bride added a lovely touch to her flowers, small photos in a sweet chain frame of some special people who were not in attendance
A beautiful touch added to Jacki’s flowers of some very special people

The Celebration:

That evening was the most spectacular sunset, with a large heart cloud. We had our first dances with the mountains behind us, wise old trees, and wildlife witnessing our vows. Our Bucks County love story is filled with faith, hope, family, true love.

Bride and groom in spectacular Montana with a heart cloud clearly overhead
There is something magical about the heart cloud in this spectacular setting

A beautiful bride, her soul mate groom, and their beautiful children make up this brand new family moving into a brand new year. We wish nothing but joy, happiness, and laughter and are so grateful to have met them… and now they are part of our family, too!

Bride and son dancing outdoors in Montana
Jackie dancing with her son in breathtaking surroundings
The bride and her sons wearing Michael Kors gray tuxedos
The bride and her boys, looking so handsome in Michael Kors gray!

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Being A Bridal Stylist: A Six Month Reflection

There’s no denying it: 2020 sucked, and 2021 wasn’t a real winner either. There’s been chaos in our world, in our country, and in most of our personal lives.

At the start of 2021 tragedy hit my life, and I kind of went into a tailspin. My job as a social worker for refugee kids in foster care, which I am passionate about, became a burden. There was too much happening in my life for me to be able to fully invest the effort and attention needed to that job.

I was losing sleep, losing my appetite, and I spent 90% of my day worrying about work. It took only a few weeks of feeling like that to know enough was enough – I needed a new job while I worked on healing myself.

My friends and family were taken aback when I told them I was leaving social work. I spent six years and thousands of dollars learning how to be a social worker; how could I leave it behind for something I had no experience with? Truth is, it was easy.

Now let me be clear: I do not have a ‘dream job’. I do not dream of labor. I dream of sunbathing on an island with a fruity, frozen cocktail and a great book. But alas, I was not born a hotel heiress or a celebrity, so I will spend my days working. However, I am a firm believer that if I have to do something for 40 hours per week, I better freakin’ enjoy it. And I really, really enjoy working at Darianna Bridal and Tuxedo.

Working in a bridal store is just as incredible as you’d expect it to be. Most of the time, it doesn’t even feel like work. The energy is always positive, the space is filled with beautiful things to look at, and people are genuinely happy to be here.

From groomsmen excited about standing next to their friend, to moms looking for a perfect dress of their own, to high schoolers shopping for prom dresses, to our gorgeous brides and their maids, we see a little bit of everything and everyone. And it’s the everyone that I enjoy the most.

In my first six months here, I’ve sold dresses to brides that I know from other jobs, high school, college, church, and my kindergarten class! I had even met Daria at a party once in 2009 or something crazy. Growing up locally means knowing the clientele and finding common ground to build relationships on.

Even though being at Darianna is totally a different line of work from social work, I was surprised at how much my social work skills have come into play here. Between analyzing body language and facial expressions to gauge how my brides actually feel, to practicing active listening to fully understand my brides’ visions, and even mediating a few disputes between brides and their groups, there is definitely a lot of overlap.

I am new to the wonderful world of weddings, but I have a working understanding of psychology and human behavior; I feel like both my brides and I benefit from that. And it’s nice knowing my education isn’t going to waste.

There is something truly special and rewarding about working for a family business, too. I went from a nation-wide organization operating in 43 states with a couple hundred branches to working for a local family at one single location. Here, the owners know me and care about me. I feel valued, I feel heard, and I feel genuinely welcomed into the family.

All of my stress and anxieties of my old job have disappeared; I even stopped biting my nails! I am healing. When it really comes down to it, working at Darianna Bridal and Tuxedo is the best decision I’ve made in a long, long time. And you will find me here for a long, long time to come.

Morilee Daniella wedding dress modeled by Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo Stylist Sarah Kline
Sarah modeling a new wedding dress: Daniella by Morilee

Staff Appreciation Spotlight: Suzanne Ardite

It is important to us as a family business that we take care of our staff. Part of taking care of them, I believe, is to highlight how special they are.

All too quickly the days turn into months and it is easy to wonder if those around us even notice our contributions. WE DO. We notice and appreciate that our staff gives 100% all year long and while it isn’t always “easy”, they make it look easy. It isn’t always “fun”, but they do have fun together.

Today I am excited to start our series of Staff Appreciation with Suzanne Ardite.

Suzanne is our Mother of the Bride/Groom Department Manager and made after my own heart.

She runs a tight ship, is controlling as hell over the department (LOVE!), and has a wicked knowledge of brands, fabrics, colors, prices, deliveries, alterations, and pretty much anything related to bridal/MOB. We love this about her.

She also has a wicked sense of humor that I personally have come to depend on.

She is a devoted wife and mother of two (her daughter Kaitlyn is also part of the Darianna team!) which keeps her busy enough, but she is also an active member in the local community theaters.  She still has so much energy in the store – I am not sure how she does it.

A very loyal, incredibly generous, and thoughtful soul, she has become a true friend. We even persuaded Suzanne and her equally wonderful hubby Frank to join the Chaîne de Rôtisseurs, a dining group that we are proud to belong to!

Socializing outside of the store is delightful and having Suzanne and Frank as friends has enriched our lives.

Inside the store, I am able to observe the way she interacts with her moms and brides. It is truly something I know other stores wish they had. She is honest above everything which is really what we are all about. She is not pushy and wants her moms to be truly happy with their choice. And in that regard, she will introduce dresses that they never thought they could wear. When their faces light up I can see how proud Suzanne is.

She is also proud to tell them the price and that they don’t have to “remortgage the house” or “sell a kidney” in order to buy it. She does her research constantly  and brings in beautiful pieces in very good price points.

Also inside the store: Getting along with your staff (I don’t really care for that word, it seems so generic) – team members is critical for a good business! Here is what some some of her fellow team members have to say about her:

Daria: I have learned so much from Suz just from listening to her in the store! She knows everything about bridal (and a lot about everything else) and I’m always so grateful for her expertise and humor.

Sarah: Suzanne not only knows everything about gowns, she generously shares her wisdom with all of us! She can brighten the craziest of days with her humor, and I love that she brings us snacks.

Courtney: I truly love her sense of humor, I feel like I need her in my back pocket to make me laugh throughout the day! I also love how knowledgeable she is about everything, whenever I have a question she’s always there to help out! Love Mama Suz!

Tori: Suzanne is always incredibly helpful, organized, friendly, and understanding. If you ever have a question, relating to bridal or even the outside world, Suzanne is the person to go to!

Joe: Supportive, fiery, and always ready for battle, Suzanne is an amazing coworker and a phenomenal friend. Anyone would be lucky to know her.

So to my fellow Gen Xer, July/Cancer girl, and lover of a good Cabernet, THE BEST gift-giver, hashtagger, and one-liner deliverer, thank you for another year with us, for turning my boring group chats into meme-fests, and for letting me know that “sympathy” is between shit and syphilis in the dictionary.

I love you, we love you, and THANK YOU for being part of our lives!

Black wedding dress by Casablanca bridal shown off at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo!
Daria, Suzanne, & Tori casting wedding spells
with a black wedding dress by Casablanca Bridal

About the author: Wendy Ianieri-Salerno is co-founder and co-owner of Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo, now in its eighth year in business. In that time the store has grown from a small bridal boutique to a full-service bridal store serving not only Bucks County, PA but the surrounding counties and even border states. With the customer experience in mind, Wendy steers the company by offering the best designers and wedding attire while creating a caring, family atmosphere. A life-long Bucks County native, she currently resides in Warrington with her husband and co-founder/co-owner Franco Salerno, and their two daughters for whom the store was named, Daria and Deanna.

Our 2021 Wedding Dress Sample Sale

As 2021 comes to a close, it’s time once again for our fabulous wedding dress sample sale!

Many brides do not know what exactly a “sample dress” is or what this means. Allow me to explain, and get you hyped on how amazing an opportunity this is to save big on a dress!

We purchase newly designed wedding dresses (“samples”) from our designers for the spring and fall seasons. So twice per year, we receive a number of dresses from all of our designers and that means we must hold a sample sale to move some of them out of the store to make room.

Because we hold these every year – sometimes twice/year with the National Bridal Sale held typically in July – each sample sale has very new dresses! It is rare that a dress is old or out of style because they are claimed before that happens, however, there are a few who have been waiting for their bride and are as low as $99!

Some dresses may have been discontinued by the designer for a number of reasons (difficulty in obtaining a certain fabric, lace, or beading is a big reason now) so they need to be sold off the rack because they cannot be ordered anymore.

Others we simply offer the opportunity for the bride to get a beautiful dress at a price that fits her budget. It’s a win for us to free up space and a win for brides to save!

At the sample sale, you can choose from plenty of dresses and see the original price and the marked down price. Keep in mind the sizing in the bridal world runs small, and all designers cut differently so you may try on different sizes that all fit!

Once you say yes, it’s all yours! It is perfect too for those on a time crunch where you can take the dress from our store right to one of our seamstresses who will take care of your hem, bustle, tweaks, etc. and get you on your way to the aisle!

Although we definitely keep our dresses are clean, some choose to have it professionally cleaned after the alterations are complete. We can have that done for you through our gown cleaning/preservation company for a price that is better than a dry cleaner!

Here are some examples of dresses being offered at the sample sale:

Anissa by Kitty Chen $1500 at the sample sale!
Anissa by Kitty Chen, Size 12, Orig $2025, Sample Sale price $1,500
Sincerity Bridal #44080 $500 at our Sample Sale!
Sincerity Bridal #44080, Size 12, Orig $1300 Sample Sale $500
Stella York #7177 $1000 at the sample sale!
Stella York #7177, Size 22, Orig $1499 Sample Sale $1000
Casablanca Bridal #1975 $500 at the sample sale!
Casablanca Bridal #1975, Size 22, Orig $1430 Sample Sale $500
Cher by Morilee $500 at the sample sale!
Cher by Morilee, Size 6, Orig $1000 Sample Sale $500
Berkeley by Morilee $500 at the sample sale!
Berkeley by Morilee, Size 6, Orig $949 Sample Sale $500

Want to see some of our exclusive sales on Madi Lane? Check these out!!

Madi Lane Amelie, $1500 at the sample sale!
Madi Lane Amelie, Size 14, Orig $2415 Sample Sale $1500
Madi Lane Blossom $1800 at the sample sale!
Madi Lane Blossom, Size 22, Orig $2310 Sample Sale $1800
Madi Lane Brae $1200 at the sample sale!
Madi Lane Brae, Size 10, Orig $1800 Sample sale $1200
Madi Lane Aubrey $1500 at the sample sale!
Madi Lane Aubrey, Size 14, Orig $2185 Sample Sale $1500

These are just a few to give an idea of what’s in store at the sample sale! Almost every dress is 10% off, as is all accessory pieces. Some accessories are marked down substantially as well along with Mother of the Bride/Groom and bridesmaid dresses as well!

To see more sample sale dresses, look in our Sample Closet! Make your appointment and let us know which dresses you’d like to try and we will have them ready for you to fall in love with!

About the author: Wendy Ianieri-Salerno is co-founder and co-owner of Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo, now in its eighth year in business. In that time the store has grown from a small bridal boutique to a full-service bridal store serving not only Bucks County, PA but the surrounding counties and even border states. With the customer experience in mind, Wendy steers the company by offering the best designers and wedding attire while creating a caring, family atmosphere. A life-long Bucks County native, she currently resides in Warrington with her husband and co-founder/co-owner Franco Salerno, and their two daughters for whom the store was named, Daria and Deanna.