Call or Text: 215-491-8500
Call or Text: 215-491-8500

Information for Grooms

Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo provides you with the best quality, price, and personal service when it comes to your tuxedo or suit rental.  Many of our styles are also available for purchase, giving you the ultimate in flexibility and choice.  Whether it is your wedding, prom, or any other special occasion, our expert staff will help you choose your unique style. 

Pick a Color, Specialty Coat, or Accessories

Let our experts help you find the perfect color tuxedo for that special day. We love what we do! Let’s get started!

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Selections for Grooms

Your choice of attire for your wedding day is hugely important. Do not trust this to just anyone claiming they can outfit you. Whether you want to stand together in a traditional black and white tux or a modern gray, blue, or white tuxedo or suit, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable and confident on your big day. We’ve also fitted many women for tuxedos and suits and would be happy to help fit you. Bring in pictures, color pallets, or just ideas, and our tuxedo consultants will show you how to put it all together. Need some inspiration? Our real bride gallery has hundreds of images of our proud grooms alongside their brides on their big day.
Choose from 70 different tuxedo and suit styles from our line of well-known designers, including:
  • Michael Kors
  • Ike Behar
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Allure Men by Jean Yves
  • Brunomagli
  • Erik Lawrence
  • Mode of Distinction
  • Savvi
  • Lauren by RL Ritz

We request appointments be made for the initial information gathering. In store and video appointments are offered. This 60-minute appointment will help us find the perfect selections  for you, your groomsmen, the fathers, and ring bearers. Schedule an appointment today!

However, an appointment is not absolutely necessary. You can simply come in, find your style, and get fitted. We can place orders for your entire wedding party, including children, fathers, and ring bearers. With wedding parties of 6 or more, the groom’s tuxedo or suit rental is always complimentary, and the bridal party members will each receive a $45 discount on their tuxedo or suit rental.

Out of state groomsmen? No problem! We can arrange to have them measured anywhere in the country for free!

We even arrange to ship them the tuxedo or suit rental so that they can try it on in advance to ensure all fits perfectly.

A Few Reasons to Choose Our Tuxedos and Suits:

  • We have over 70 different styles of tuxedos and suits for rent.
  • We have complete package pricing with everything included; no surprises!
  • We handle out of town guests with ease.
  • We can ship tuxedos and suits anywhere in the country.
  • We have the most personalized service; we are family owned.
  • We have tuxedos and suits for sale and rent.
  • We can be contacted by text message: 215-491-8500.

Out of the Area? Submit Your Measurements Online

If you have a question about this process, please text our store at 215-491-8500 or chat with us online.

Package Pricing

We make renting a tuxedo or suit very easy for you. From explaining different styles to advising you on the best look based on the type of event or occasion. However, one of the best things that we offer you is transparent and simple pricing.

When we give you a price, there are no extras or surprising surcharges. As a family-owned business, we don’t think it’s fair to be quoted a rental price and then be told that the shoes, or the vest or an upgraded accessory will cost you extra. Our rental prices include everything: jacket, pants, shirt, vest, long tie or bow tie, pocket square, cuff links, studs and shoes. The price even includes a damage waiver!

At Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo, we will not quote you an artificially low price for your tuxedo or suit rental and then expect you to pay extra for items that are absolutely essential for attending a formal event. With 7 different package price points and over 70 suits and tuxedos to choose from, we will be able to keep you within your desired budget.

In-Store Appointments

As a family owned bridal and tuxedo store, we will take personal care of you. Our formal wear experts will sit down with you and explain to you all of the details of our tuxedos, suits and many accessories available for rent and purchase. With over 70 different styles of tuxedos and suits available, they will also show them to you. Many of our customers are relieved after speaking with us and learning the ins and outs of wearing a tuxedo or suit. We make this a simple, fun and non-stressful process for you. We promise, you’ll love it!

Video Appointments

Did you know we even offer video appointments for your convenience? Speak directly to a formal wear expert during a video appointment and let him show you what we have to offer.

We began doing video appointments because of social distancing recommendations by the CDC due to COVID-19.

Our customers continue to enjoy connecting with us via video conference and have told us they find the appointment to be very easy to do, useful and fun. Our video appointments have been so popular that we have made them a permanent part of our customer service. We offer many different platforms to connect with us: FaceTime, Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger video.

Text us at 215-491-8500 to set up your video appointment

Free Groom Try On

You’ll love our free groom try on service! This is one of our most requested services. Grooms get to see what they will look like in the suits and tuxedos of their choice and in their exact size well before their wedding day. We even dress them up in the accessories and shoes of their choices.

Each groom is able to choose up to two full tuxedos and suits to try on in his exact size. The try on includes the jackets, pants, vest, shirts, long ties and bow ties, and shoes.

Here is how it works:  In your initial appointment, the bride and groom will choose two full tuxedos or suits, two shirts, four vests, four long ties and bow ties, two pairs of shoes. Our alterations department will alter the garments to fit your size for your try -on. There is nothing better than seeing yourself in the complete suit or tuxedo well before your wedding day. And this service is completely free!

Come play dress-up at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo and take lots of pictures! 

Tuxedo Shopping
Tux for Family Photo

Buy Versus Rent

Are you considering purchasing your suit or tuxedo for your wedding? Do you attend several formal events a year and believe that it would be more practical to own that nice suit or tuxedo? Fortunately, Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo rents and sells suits and tuxedos. Sometimes the groom, best man or father prefer to buy the suit or tuxedo being worn by the wedding party. Of the 70 styles we have available for rent, 35 of them can be purchased from us.  Our buy or borrow program provides you the ultimate in flexibility.  Those who choose to buy the suit or tuxedo can do so and those who prefer to rent the same style can do that as well.

Prom Tuxedos and Suits

With children of our own in the local schools, we understand the importance (and cost) of prom. That’s why at Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo we offer great tuxedo and suit specials on your prom tux rentals every year and provide over 1,000 different color combinations of accessories! Make your prom night one to remember. If you know your prom date’s dress style or color, we’ll even help you find a tuxedo or suit that matches her prom dress. Browse our collection of tuxedos and suits below. When you come into our store, we’ll work directly with you to help you find the perfect set of tuxedos or suits for your party. Call or text us directly, anytime, at 215-491-8500.

Rental Payments

At Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo we like to make your tuxedo and suit rental as easy as possible. Follow the links below to make both your deposit and balance payments online. Please call or text us at 215-491-8500 with any questions or use our live chat feature. Our owners will personally answer your questions whether the store is open or not!

Tuxedos and suit rentals are due back the next business day for events held Monday through Thursday. For events on Friday, rentals are due back by Sunday. For events on Saturday & Sunday, rentals are due back by Monday. Returning your tuxedo or suit rental on time will avoid a $40 per day late fee.

Online eGift Cards Made Easy

Help dress Dad for the wedding! Assist the Groomsmen or a Prom-goer! An eGift card for a suit or tuxedo rental is a great (and helpful!) gift, sure to make them smile!