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The 10 Most Popular Tuxedo and Suit Rentals: Summer Weddings

Wedding tuxedo and suit rental choices are plentiful nowadays.  Choosing the right style can be a daunting task.  We see the popular tuxedo and suit trends not only seasonally, but also what brides and grooms choose for their grooms and groomsmen all day and every day and are experts on formal wear guidance.  When we look at the summary of what is rented, even we are sometimes surprised at what is being chosen most often by wedding parties.

How This Blog Was Created

Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo has an electronic system that we use to manage all of our tuxedo and suit rentals. Essentially, at the click of a button, we are able to see how many of the 70+ tuxedo and suit styles we offer for rent, were actually rented any time of year.

We ran a report and to see what we have on order this year for summer weddings and which styles were rented last summer.  We summarized the number of rentals by style.  What follows are the top 10 summer rentals and what percentage of each style made up the top summer rental choices.

We hope this blog gives you some inspiration and ideas on what is trending for summer weddings!

It’s A Philly Thing 🙂

While we handle a lot of destination weddings, most of our customers get married in the Philadelphia region.  Therefore, most of our rentals below were chosen for Philadelphia, the surrounding counties, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Number 10 – Ike Behar Yale Blue Suit

Our beautiful, Yale blue Ike Behar suit was the 10th most popular tuxedo / suit rental for summer.  The unique yet understated blue was 2.8% of our most popular suit rented for summer.  We actually expected this one to come out more in front, so here is an example of Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo being surprised by the numbers.

The lighter blue color with the high-end 120s wool blend is perfect for a warm weather event or wedding.  The pants, jacket and vest are truly slim fit.  The designer, Ike Behar, is known for designing suits that look like custom suits no matter what your body shape.  We don’t know how the designer does it but we can confirm that Franco, the owner of Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo, wears an Ike Behar suit almost every day of the week because of the comfort, fit and quality.

Everyone of our grooms and groomsmen wore one of our two brown shoes that we have available with this suit.

The only explanation as to why this suit was not more popular is probably because this suit comes with a scoop vest only.  Some customers are not as keen on the scoop vest as opposed to the regular V-shaped vest.

Number 9 – Michael Kors Tan Suit

This tan Michael Kors suit has been quite popular for several years now for both summer and destination weddings.  The fabric is comfortable and the look is embraced by those looking for something a little more casual.  Still a slim fit, notch lapel suit, it can be worn with or without the matching vest.

Of all of the summer’s most popular tuxedo and suits rented, this one was rented 5.4% of the time.  And of course, the color goes perfectly with brown shoes!

Number 8 – Allure Mens Grey Tuxedo

Coming in at number 8, this ultra luxurious and extremely comfortable grey tuxedo is popular among those looking to beat the heat.  The high-end wool blend fabric almost feels silky and is very thin and breathable.  The slim fit tuxedo has a notch lapel with a quarter inch of satin edging on the lapel.

This particular tuxedo can be worn with brown or black shoes, although most of our customers are wearing brown shoes with it.

This tuxedo was worn by 6.2% of all of the most popular tuxedo and suits for summer.

Number 7 – Allure Mens Sandstone Tuxedo

This beautiful tan tuxedo by Allure is both luxurious and comfortable.  While it does not have any satin on it, it does have stitching on the lapel to emulate the satin outline.  It also has fabric buttons.  We have found that those who want a more formal look and prefer a tuxedo to a suit, this is their go-to wedding attire.

And of course, we always recommend brown shoes with this tuxedo.

This tuxedo was worn 6.8% of the time of all of the most popular summer suits and tuxedos.

Number 6 – Allure Mens Cornflower Tuxedo

Allure Men Cornflower Blue

This light blue tuxedo perfectly fits a summer wedding theme. Furthermore, the luxurious fabric is comfortable, breathable and handsome.  The tuxedo has a slim fit notch lapel jacket, matching slim fit pants and a beautiful vest.  We typically recommend our light brown shoes with this tuxedo but after thousands of rentals of this style, we can say we’ve seen a couple of our grooms choose our matte finish black shoes.

Exactly 8% of the top 10 suits and tuxedos renting for summer, rented this style.

Number 5 – French Blue Suit

French Blue Suit
French Blue Suit

Our French blue suit is the biggest surprise of our number crunching.  We call this a “dark, bright blue suit!”  We had no idea that this suit would have made this list for top summer wedding attire.  The color is very handsome and distinctive.  Now that we think about it, the shade of blue photographs well and that may be why it was rented 11.7% of the time for all top 10 summer tuxedos and suits.

Number 4 – Ike Behar Grey Austin Suit

Ike Behar Austin
Ike Behar Austin

Our first peak lapel suit on the list, this Ike Behar grey suit is not too dark, not too light.  Our darkest grey suits and tuxedos would probably be too dark for a summer wedding.  This shade of grey is right in the middle between our lightest grey suit and tuxedo available for rent and our darkest ones.  We feel that it’s a good compromise between dark and light suit rentals.

The fabric is very comfortable and the fit can never be beat when it comes to this designer.  The trim fit pants provide a streamlined look.  There’s no wonder this one was rented 12.2% of the time for our top 10 most popular tuxedo and suit rentals.

Number 3 – Ike Behar Light Grey Griffin Suit

This Ike Behar suit is the same style as our number 4 suit above, however a shade lighter. Similarly, it is often worn in very warm weather in July or August.  Some of our customers have rented from us when the Philadelphia region was experiencing warm summer temperatures in the first two weeks of September as well.

Again, this luxurious fabric is light, breathable and very comfortable.  Depending on how hot the summer weather gets, we’ve had customers wear this with or without the matching scoop vest.  

Of our top 10 suits and tuxedos renting for summer, this one has been rented 13.8%.

Number 2 – Michael Kors Light Grey Tuxedo

Michael Kors light grey is a popular tuxedo for summer

Some of our brides and grooms want a light grey tuxedo for their wedding in the summer.  Coming in at number two, this is often the grey tuxedo that they rent for the summer wedding.  While this notch lapel tuxedo does not have a lot of satin on it, it still exudes a formality not seen in other options.  The light color is perfect for summer and the soft and smooth fabric will help keep the groom and his groomsmen cool on a hot summer day.

This very popular tuxedo was rented 14.9% of the time.

Number 1 – Ike Behar Tan Suit

Absolutely no surprise here! 

This beautiful Ike Behar tan suit is perfect all around.  The fabric is more luxurious than most tuxedos out there, and it’s a suit!  There’s enough detail on the jacket to add some fancy flare but still keep it classy and simple.  This is always a perfect summer suit for a wedding, as a guest, groom or groomsmen.  Customers are always surprised how light and soft the fabric is on this suit.  We always have customers touching the jacket on our mannequin in the store with amazement.  

Of the top 10 rentals for summer, this one was rented 18.3% of the time!

Overall, we hope this formal wear blog has provided you with some ideas for your summer wedding.  Of course, Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo has another 60 or so suits and tuxedos to choose from so if these aren’t your favorites for summer, we can show you many other styles.

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