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Top 10 Most Popular 2023 Autumn Tuxedo & Suit Rentals

What are the most popular autumn tuxedo and suit rentals for 2023? Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo knows! Notably this is because we have more tuxedo and suit rentals during the fall, than we do during prom and Spring wedding seasons.  We didn’t even think that would be possible! However, after analyzing our tuxedo and suit rental ordering system, we learned otherwise.

Autumn is one of the most popular times of the year to get married in the Philadelphia region.  

It is no surprise that Philly area brides and grooms love getting married in the fall.  The weather is pleasant, the changing colors of the fall leaves are beautiful and the cuisine of the season can’t be more comforting with the cooler temperatures.

So once again, we analyzed the most rented suits and tuxedos for Autumn in the recent past and the upcoming Fall wedding season.  Since we have over 70 different styles of suits and tuxedos available for rent, it’s challenging to predict which ones will be most popular, just like our blog on the top 10 tuxedos and suits rented for summer, we were surprised by some of the front runners.

How Did We Determine Our Top 10 Autumn Tuxedo & Suit Rentals

At Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo, we love technology! It helps us serve our customers better and certainly assists us in running our business.  In fact, we were featured on Apple’s website on Apple News for our use of technology, so we are pretty fussy about making our technology work for our customers and us!

Fortunately, we have a computer tuxedo and suit rental ordering system that allows us to run reports on all of the tuxedos and suits we rent. With just a few keystrokes, we can have a report ready to show us how many times each of our 70 different styles of our tuxedos and suits were rented during a specific period.  We ran a report that showed which styles were rented between September and November.  Overall, we rent many thousands of tuxedos and suits every year, so we have plenty of data to come up with meaningful results.

Equally important, we then took the top 10 suits and tuxedos rented during the stated period. We added the total times each style of suit and tuxedo was rented and had 10 separate totals. Finally, we divided the total for each style by the total number of rentals for all 10 styles. That gave us which percentage each style represented of the top 10 styles. If you look at the below pie charge, as an example, the Ike Behar notch lapel black tuxedo was rented 42.9% of the time of the top 10 styles.

What follows are the most requested and rented suits and tuxedos for fall weddings.

We love crunching the numbers because every time we are so surprised by some of the styles and colors that come out on top!

Number 10 – Allure Men Grey Tuxedo

Allure Men Grey Tuxedo is #10 most popular autumn tuxedo

At number 10, this textured grey Allure Men tuxedo had been much more popular for many reasons. First off, grey tuxedo offerings and choices have grown in popularity in the last 9 years. This Allure Men grey tuxedo was one of the first available. Nearly a decade ago, there wasn’t a lot of choice for grey.

While the tuxedo’s fabric does not have a pattern on it, the texture of the fabric does give an ever changing look as the groom and groomsmen move around in the suit. The fabric is considered ultra luxury. It is one of the softest and most comfortable tuxedos we have for rent as well. This is important because temperatures and weather in the Philadelphia region in Autumn can vary widely. One day can be 80 degrees and sunny, and typically later in fall, we can experience temperatures in the 50s or 60s. The notch lapel has a quarter inch of grey satin and the tuxedo comes with matching grey pants and vest.  This tuxedo can be worn with brown shoes or black shoes. This tuxedo was rented 3.4% of the time for out top 10 rentals for Autumn.

Number 9 – Ike Behar Charcoal Grey Tuxedo

Ike Behar Charcoal Grey

Never a surprise that an Ike Behar tuxedo makes the top 10 list, any time of year! This designer is known to make suits and tuxedos that fit perfectly. The fabrics are always high-end and comfortable and the slimming design makes everyone look great. This charcoal grey tuxedo has a black peak lapel, matching charcoal pants and vest. 

At first look, many of our customers think the tuxedo is black because the grey is so dark. However, a closer look of the lapel will show you it is clearly a grey tuxedo. This is a great alternative to a black tuxedo if you are looking for a classic look that is not black. This tuxedo was rented 3.9% of the time.

Number 8 – Ike Behar Brown Suit

Ike Behar Brown Suit

Coming in as the 8th most rented suit for Autumn weddings, is our Ike Behar brown suit. I personally own this suit for many reasons! First off, I have never felt such a comfortable and luxurious fabric in a suit.  In addition, you need to see this suit in person. The color and texture are amazingly beautiful and seeing it in person really shows the fine beauty of this suit. 

The notch lapel, warm brown color, matching vest and pants are perfect for corresponding Autumn colors. The other reason we suggest seeing this suit in person is because most people like the color and texture but about 5% of the time, customers will see a photo the suit, like it and then when they see it, not be keen on the texture of the fabric or the true brown color. While it is a very small percentage of brides and grooms, it’s always prudent to examine suits and tuxedos in person. This way, you can feel the fabric and get a real look at the color. We always tell our grooms, groomsmen and fathers that it’s a long day and we want to make sure you are comfortable in the fabric that you cheoose! This suit was rented 4.1% of the time.

Number 7 – Ike Behar Navy Suit

Ike Behar Navy Suit

The 7th most rented and worn Autumn tuxedo or suit is our Ike Behar navy suit. Once again, a luxurious fabric with a beautiful dark blue color. The notch lapel navy jacket comes with matching navy pants and a vest. We usually recommend this suit with brown shoes. But it can be worn with matte black shoes as well. This suit also comes in a tuxedo – but for those looking for something less formal than a tuxedo, this is certainly a wonderful choice. On occasion, we will have a groom wear the tuxedo version of this attire and the groomsmen wear the suit version. This helps the groom look a little different and more elevated.  This suit was rented 5.5% of the time.

Learn about the difference between a tuxedo and suit in one of our most frequently asked questions about tuxedos and suits during our in-store appointments.

Number 6 – Ike Behar Black Shawl Lapel Tuxedo

Ike Behar Black Shawl Lapel Tuxedo is #6 most popular autumn tuxedo

Coming in at number 6 and rented 6.6% percentage of the time is our Ike Behar shawl lapel black tuxedo. This one was a little bit of a surprise because we find that the shawl lapel is not as popular as notch and even peak lapels.  This is an older style lapel.  Personally, I like the old-school look but it’s not for everyone. 

At first glance, this is a classic black tuxedo with a satin lapel, satin buttons and satin pockets.  The only difference is the rounded edges of the lapel. Before we ran our autumn rental report and analyzed the data, we would have never guessed that this would have made the list. Now that we see the results, we are finding that black tuxedos have become much more popular in the past 2 years. This tuxedo could certainly make your wedding photos timeless!

Number 5 – Allure Men Denim Tuxedo/Suit

Allure Men Denim Suit

Since becoming available for rent and purchase, this tuxedo or suit (more about that later!), has been wildly popular! This popular autumn tuxedo represents 6.9% of the top 10 rentals. Here’s why we think it’s so popular: The fabric has a denim, more casual looking color. The garments are not made of denim, but rather it has a dark blue, denim color. Most of our grooms want to dress up for their wedding. Although their wedding details may not be as formal, so this one works perfectly!

This suit/tuxedo has features seen in both a suit and tuxedo! It has plastic buttons and no satin like a suit, Nevertheless, it has stitching on the notch lapel to emulate a satin border like a tuxedo. The texture of the fabric is more casual but still elegant. Our grooms love the combination of looking somewhat formal for their wedding, yet still having a casual vibe.

Number 4 – Ike Behar Peak Lapel Black Tuxedo

Ike Behar Peak Lapel Tuxedo

While we have always offered peak lapel black tuxedos, this one is our first Ike Behar. For those looking to do something slightly different, this may be your best bet. Some grooms don’t want the standard notch lapel tuxedo and others don’t want the old-school shawl lapel tuxedo. This is a great compromise because it’s different yet classic. Of the top 10 Autumn tuxedos, this one was rented 7% of the time. 

As with all Ike Behar suits and tuxedos, the fabric is very comfortable and breathable and the fit cannot be beat.

Number 3 – Ike Behar Navy Tuxedo with Black Peak Lapel

Ike Behar Navy Tuxedo with Black Peak Lapel

Rented 7.5% of the time, this Ike Behar navy tuxedo with black peak lapel comes in at number 3.  This tuxedo has the same exact fabric, color and texture of our Ike Behar full navy tuxedo and full navy suit.  The only difference is the style and color of the lapel: peak and black.  We often see grooms wearing this tuxedo while the groomsmen wear the full navy tuxedo with the satin navy notch lapel. (See number 2 in this blog.) This helps differentiate the groom without making everyone look too different. 

The only word of advice we give our brides and grooms is: black shoes (either patent leather or matte finish) would be more appropriate with this tuxedo. Brown shoes would not really work because of the black lapel.

Number 2 – Full Navy Ike Behar Tuxedo with Notch Lapel

Ike Behar Full Navy tuxedo

Our Ike Behar full navy tuxedo with notch lapel has been incredibly popular since the day we offered it.  No surprise here! The luxurious fabric, the navy satin on the lapel, buttons and pockets make this an amazing tuxedo. Not to mention the beautiful dark navy fabric. In a recent tuxedo appointment, one of our brides and grooms did something many do: they chose this beautiful tuxedo for the groom and the groomsmen will be wearing the Ike Behar full navy suit for this autumn wedding. The groom will look slightly more formal with this tuxedo, while the groomsmen will look very similar yet not as formal with a suit version of this tuxedo. 

This tuxedo was rented 12.3% of the time when it came to the top 10 autumn tuxedo and suit rentals.

Number 1 – Ike Behar Notch Lapel Black Tuxedo

Ike Behar Black Notch tuxedo is the number one rented tuxedo for autumn 2023

Coming in at number one, or 42.9% of the top 10 Autumn tuxedo rentals is our classic Ike Behar black notch lapel tuxedo. As mentioned before, we have seen black tuxes trending for the past 2 years. Several years ago, navy, grey, and cobalt blue tuxedos and suits had been extremely popular. However, more recently, black has really taken over. Why? Brides and grooms have been telling us that they are looking for a timeless look. A black tuxedo will certainly help with that. This tuxedo has full satin on the lapel, buttons and pockets. The jacket and pants are slim fit. The pants also come in skinny fit. Additionally, many of our grooms permit each of their groomsmen to decide between skinny fit and slim fit pants. The fabric can’t be beat. It’s soft, breathable and comfortable. This is important because autumn temperatures can vary widely.

Our series on the most popular tuxedo rentals by season have been very popular. Once we have enough data for our Spring and Winter rentals, we will publish those for you to see what brides and grooms are choosing for their weddings!

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