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How to Pick and Pack Your Destination Wedding Dress

A destination wedding at a beautiful and exotic location requires equally beautiful and exotic wedding dress.

Whether you’re traveling two hours by car or two days by plane, your gown is a very important part of your big day and it’s important to pack and transport it with care. Here are some tips on how to pick and pack your destination wedding dress:


When choosing your gown for a beach wedding, consider lighter weight fabrics like organza, chiffon, English net, and charmeuse. Shimmering beads and light sequins can create a magnificent glow from sunrise to sunset. Tropical locations with lush foliage and big colorful blooms can be thoughtfully matched with bold floral and/or leafy vine lace appliques on the dress.

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Real Bride Jacqueline Milczarski

We are happy to feature another very special bride who first visited us in the Spring of 2021. We are always excited to meet new brides because they are all so unique with amazing stories and life paths, and Jacqueline was no exception.

Some may not know her by her given name, but you will by her handle. She is the Bucks County Mama, local blogger and influencer, with a healthy following and an even healthier lifestyle.

Bride Jacqueline Milczarski, a/k/a/ the Bucks County Mama, looks lovely and content on her wedding day in Montana wearing a beaded Casablanca bridal wedding dress.
The beautiful bride, Jacki, on her wedding day

We did not know this at the time she came in and truth be told, I’m glad we didn’t. Our appointment was authentic and genuine. She mentioned a few details that she wanted which were so sweet (“flowy and girly” – love!) and that her wedding was in Montana in October (double love!). She also said she was “very decisive” which is helpful for a bride not only in dress shopping, but also for wedding planning in general!

After that, we were fortunate enough to meet her equally kind fiancee David, and their family members they were blending together to create their own.

You can tell immediately there is a deep connection with Jacki and David, perhaps it is a mutual understanding of life’s bumps and bruises, and a mutual appreciation for its twists and turns. They are each other’s soft place.

Let’s get into their love story, as written by the Bucks County Mama herself!

The Meeting:

We met for coffee in Peddler’s Village 5 years ago. We were both divorced, single parents, and card holders of the “Never Again” club lol. We both, but separately, were dedicating our lives to healing emotionally and spiritually, growing, committed to our children.

We said yes to just coffee… he greeted me with a big bouquet of flowers, and a kind smile.

Years later he told me he heard a voice whisper to him, “That’s her”.

We said “yes” to dating – laughing, friendship, hope, kindness, trust, and love. We both realized that a life alone would be safe, but this was truly living.

I watched what a good father he was, & his thoughtfulness was something I never experienced. He loves seafood & hence is nicknamed the “sea otter” because he has childlike joy whenever he eats it.

The Proposal:

Years later, he brought me back to Peddler’s Village, to the same spot we first met. This time our five children were there, my family, and God. We all said “yes” to getting married…seven souls who chose love.

The Dress:

Being the Owner of Bucks County Blog, Bucks County Mama, I had heard the buzz that Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo was “the” place to get a wedding dress. Small, boutique, family owned & operated, local, with personal service. My dress was “Andi” from the Beloved Collection of Casablanca Bridal.

Wedding dress Andi from Casablanca and Beloved with a beaded halter top a keyhole back and a tiered bottom was perfect for Jackie's Montana wedding. She paired it with a cathedral veil with butterflies on it!
Andi dress from Casablanca Bridal’s Beloved collection, and a lovely cathedral veil with butterflies

The Venue:

We looked at Odette’s & Aldie Manson, both stunning, but Covid restrictions, with an undercurrent of fear, uncertainty, and anxiety with booking either during a global pandemic. We got quiet and followed our authentic vision of what our wedding should be. Gone are the days of “shoulding” all over ourselves.

Jackie and her new husband David, David is wearing a gray tuxedo by Michael Kors
Jacki and her new husband David look stunning under the big sky

We picked our #1 bucket list destination of Montana. Under the big sky, just us in a rented ranch with our blended family of children. We got married outside, with God present as always, with elk bugling, soft clouds overhead. We all said “yes” to forever.

The bride added a lovely touch to her flowers, small photos in a sweet chain frame of some special people who were not in attendance
A beautiful touch added to Jacki’s flowers of some very special people

The Celebration:

That evening was the most spectacular sunset, with a large heart cloud. We had our first dances with the mountains behind us, wise old trees, and wildlife witnessing our vows. Our Bucks County love story is filled with faith, hope, family, true love.

Bride and groom in spectacular Montana with a heart cloud clearly overhead
There is something magical about the heart cloud in this spectacular setting

A beautiful bride, her soul mate groom, and their beautiful children make up this brand new family moving into a brand new year. We wish nothing but joy, happiness, and laughter and are so grateful to have met them… and now they are part of our family, too!

Bride and son dancing outdoors in Montana
Jackie dancing with her son in breathtaking surroundings
The bride and her sons wearing Michael Kors gray tuxedos
The bride and her boys, looking so handsome in Michael Kors gray!

You can follow the Bucks County Mama on Instagram for all things Bucks!

Featured Couple: Sarah Novack & Dan Holmes

All weddings have some really great photos, but I only had to see one to know that I wanted Sarah & Dan to be a featured couple.

This is that photo. It’s Sarah’s band, Vixen77, leaning against Sarah’s car, a 1955 Chevy Nomad.

Vixen77 band from Philadelphia, PA
All-girl band Vixen77 (L-R)
Caitlin Walker, Elizabeth Cartwright, Sarah Novack, Jazman Dobson, Samantha Chonski

Have you seen a cooler photo of a bride than this? If you have please send it my way.

What follows is a feature on Sarah, Dan, and their amazing family and friends. Enjoy this love story, written by Sarah!

The Beginning: Dan saw me for the first time at a bar called Artie’s 3 & 1/2 years ago. He was too scared to talk to me so he asked one of his friends who then messaged me on Facebook a week later.

Our first date was at Longhorn Steakhouse. Dan was a little shy at first, but once I started asking him about racing he opened right up! He’s a huge auto racing fan – Nascar, sprint cars, Indy cars, you name it he loves it! We hit it off after that moment. At the end of the night we officially exchanged numbers (we had been communicating through Facebook messenger up until that point). It was so refreshing to go on a date with such a sweet guy!

I love that Dan has the ability to literally fix anything, from tractors to plumbing to even fixing one of my necklaces, he’s a genius! I also love how sweet he is to me, he is so caring & thoughtful. He knows just when I’m in need of a hug, kiss, or even someone to make me laugh! He’s truly my best friend.

The Proposal: It was completely a surprise! It was his birthday and I was giving him his birthday presents before we went to work at 6:45am. After I was done giving him his presents, he said, “I actually have a present for you. Will you marry me?” He brought out a tiny white box with my engagement ring in it! I was shocked and so happy!

The Planning: Wedding planning was a bit stressful as I feel it always is for a bride, especially since I didn’t have a wedding planner, I did it all myself.

Ring bearer pillow for sarah and Dan's autumn 2021 wedding
Ring Bearer pillow in rustic autumn colors

I really have to thank my mom for helping me with so much of the decor shopping. We came up with so many cute ideas for decor & had so much fun shopping around for the perfect decorations!

Featured couple Sarah and Dan said I do at Razberries in Frenchtown, NJ. Bride is wearing a ruffled a-line dress by Madi Lane Bridal
Sarah said I Do! in Aubrey by Madi Lane

Dress shopping was DEFINITELY one of my favorite parts of the wedding planning process! Fashion is one of my favorite things, so trying on the dresses was so much fun for me. My maid of honor and my mom came with me and it was such a blast to walk around with my maid of honor pulling dresses off the racks for me to try on.

My maid of honor was actually the one to pick out my dress off the rack! I knew as soon as I tried mine on, I had that “yes!” moment! The staff at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo really made it special for me, they were just as excited as I was when I found my dress!

Bride Sarah and her girls on the way to get married
Sarah and her gorgeous crew Rachel & Sara in front, Megan & Laura in back

The Wedding Party: My wedding party certainly was a great group of people. My bridesmaids included my best friend since high school Sara Dalen, along with my other close friend from high school Megan Reinhart, my awesome sister in law Laura Stanfill, and my brother’s girlfriend Rachel Baransky.

Dan had his best friend Lewis Moore, along with his other friends CJ Townes, Dave English, & Gary Magyar, Dan’s brother TJ Holmes, my brother Nick Novack, and Dan’s brother-in-law, Bryan Stanfill.

My flower girl was my cousin’s daughter, Izzy Mercer, and my ring bearer was Dan’s nephew, Cruz Stanfill.

Bride Sarah and her best friend and maid of honor Sara at her bridal shower at Alfresco's Italian restaurant in NJ
Best Friends Sarah and Sara

My maid of honor was my best friend Sara Dalen. We have been inseparable since freshman year of high school. She is a super talented musician, she sings, and plays saxophone, guitar, piano, and violin! She was such a huge help to me with helping organize my bridal shower and bachelorette party, & helping my other bridesmaids with makeup and last minute dress fixes! Not to mention her speech at my wedding was absolutely beautiful.

She was one of my biggest supporters with planning this wedding. I couldn’t have had a fabulous wedding without her!

Groom Dan gets some help with his tuxedo jacket from his best man Lowis
Dan and his Best Man Lewis

Dan’s best man was his childhood friend Lewis Moore. They grew up next door to each other, and have made memories to last a lifetime. Lewis is also a firefighter on multiple fire squads, and is an EMS first responder! We have super high respect for him and all he does for the community.

Sarah and her group at the wine and paint bachelorette party at Pinot's Palette in NJ
Sara and the girls at her bachelorette party at Pinot’s Palette

The Batchelorette Party & Shower: My bachelorette party was SO much fun! My MOH organized the whole thing: we did a wine & paint session at Pinot’s Palette, then went to dinner at a local hibachi restaurant! It was super fun & memorable.

Sarah and some of her family at her bridal shower
Sarah and some of her family at her bridal shower at Alfresco’s

My bridal shower was a total blast. We had it at a local Italian restaurant, Alfresco‘s. It was definitely a great kickoff to the wedding celebrations. We all had fun taking pictures together, and playing the typical shower games, like “Who knows the bride best?” “What’s in your purse?” I handed out rose gold/burgundy pens with my shower date on them, & handed out candles from a local Bucks County candle shop, “Libellule candle” as prizes for the games.

Fortunately, Covid did not really impact anything! The only thing was we couldn’t do a traditional cake tasting: the baker dropped off some sample cupcakes for Dan & me to try instead.

The bride and groom sneak a kiss after tying the knot at Razberry's in Frenchtown New Jersey
Sara and Dan after saying I Do at Razberry’s in Frenchtown

The Vendor Team: I decided to pick Razberry‘s in Frenchtown, NJ as my venue because it is a local place & I wanted to support local businesses! Being local was so convenient; if I forgot anything it was super easy to run back & forth. It is also a beautiful place, with a water fountain in the back, and a huge reception room. You also get a great deal on food, alcohol, etc. for the price!

Our florist was Gather Flower Shop in Frenchtown, NJ, Photographer was Corbin Payne, DJ was John from Simply DJs, Cake was from Storybook Cakes in Lambertville, NJ, Seamstress Renee Sopko in Milford, NJ, Hair/makeup: Anna Scelfo

Sarah with her 1955 turquoise blue Chevy nomad, perfectly detailed by her friend Derek, owner of Precision Care Detailing
Sarah in her Chevy, beautifully detailed by Precision Care Detailing

Special Memories: Something that really meant a lot to me is that the classic car in my pictures is my 1955 Chevy Nomad – my dad & I restored it together. My friend, Derek Frey, has a detailing business “Precision Care Detailing” and as his wedding gift to me he spent 4 days detailing my car for me for my special day. He even came the day of the wedding to make finishing touches on it. My car has never looked so good. He went above & beyond for me & I am forever grateful.

Sarah gets a hug from her dad at her bridal shower
Sarah at her shower gets a hug from her biggest fan, Dad!

Another great moment was my dad totally rocking out to my band playing! He’s always been my biggest/most animated fan.

Sarah the bride playing the drums in her wedding dress at her reception
Sarah playing the drums at her reception!

Vixen77: We are an all girl, punk rock band from Philly! I joined them in January of 2021, it would’ve been sooner as I had been talking with them since June of 2020, but due to Covid rehearsal spaces weren’t open at the time. I was SO excited to be a part of the band! It has been my dream ever since I started drumming at 11 years old to be in an all girl band. I’m so thankful to be surrounded by these talented ladies! We are cutting an album in the beginning of December, then going to really start rocking out & playing live shows once the album is released!

Band members: Samantha Chonski: lead vocals; Caitlin Walker: lead guitar; Elizabeth Cartwright: rhythm guitar; Jazman Dobson: bass guitar; and of course me on drums!

Bride in her wedding dress playing the drums, Sarah is the drummer in the Philadelphia band Vixen77
Sarah on drums, back shot!

Sarah and Dan definitely have a special bond between them and are the very best of friends. Our family wishes them a lifetime of joy and happiness as they start this new chapter together.

We love being able to feature our couples! If you are a Darianna bride and would like to be a featured couple, please let us know by texting our store at 215-491-8500.

Where You Say Yes To Your Dress Matters

If this photo brings a tear to your eye, you should be in this business. Can’t you just feel the emotion? 
This isn’t ‘a job’ for us, we do it every day and it never gets old. Every bride has a story and we get to be part of it! Where you say yes does matter, because it is a memory made for life.
Some brides dream of their wedding growing up. A vision since they were a little girl of what their big day would be like; some haven’t thought of it until they find the one. Either way we have you covered. One thing is for sure, even if you have been dreaming of a certain style you never know what you will end up with.

First, having an open mind and trying on different styles and fabrics will only help you find your dream dress! Here at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo we have many options and styles for Brides and grooms. Even if you know for sure you want a ballgown, trying on other styles will make you confident in your decision. That way you won’t see a mermaid style and think ” what if” you will already know that wasn’t for you.

Second, the group you bring with you will be the people who are there for your big moment. Keep in mind the more opinions to get on the same page the harder it may be. Something we have learned from this pandemic is that some people are only a Facetime away. Many times it helps to show a group once you have already chosen the one, that way there is no debate and yet you still can include a larger group.

Store front of Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo with wedding dresses and tuxedo mannequins in the window, purple curtains, flowers, white tuxedos lit up at night time. Ready to say yes to the dress!
Dariana Bridal and Tuxedo store front

The third and biggest choice I will say is choosing where to go for your wedding dress! Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo has an amazing selection of different designers, styles, sizes and colors. All the Bridal consultants are wonderful and most are Darianna Brides themselves. They will be there every step of the way. Also the store owners are only a text message away. Being open 7 days a week lets you know someone is available every day if you have questions. Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo is a low pressure environment, no pushy sales and pulling dresses way over budget. We truly want to see our brides happy and glow on their wedding day. A reason why we have won Best of Bucks from 2013-2020! We cherish our part in your special day and your decision to become a part of the Darianna Family.

When you say YES! with an amazing bridal consultant, supportive and caring store owners, surrounded by family and friends, in a one of a kind environment full of love, compassion, and an understanding of your personal needs and wants, it’s easy to find the dress of your dreams!

The above picture is one of our real brides and her “say yes moment”, surrounded by family and friends! These are the emotional and special life moments we strive for! Give us a call and make an appointment today!

About the author: Jessica Hill is a bridal stylist at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo when she is back in PA! Relocating over the past few years hasn’t been easy for her, her husband Jeff, and their four kids, but when she’s here Jess knows how welcome she is with us! Loved by her brides and often requested, she works hard to make the experience one you won’t forget. Specializing in making curvy brides look and feel beautiful is her “thing”. Currently in North Carolina, Mrs. Hill misses her brides so much she sent her bride’s photo and this blog. Part of our Darianna family always!

Your Top Two Dresses – How Do You Choose?

When shopping for your wedding dress, finding your Top Two dresses is easy! Choosing between the two, however, may not be and buying both is rarely an option.

Many of our brides find themselves deciding between their top two dresses. Most of the time they are totally different looks, too, which makes deciding that much more challenging. If you find yourself in this dilemma, these are a few things to consider:

The Venue

The venue you have selected will have an influence on your dress. Even if you haven’t booked anything officially, by now you usually have an idea of a venue or theme. There are dresses for every venue and situation, whether a barn wedding, beach wedding, destination wedding, church wedding or even at home.

For example, let’s say you think of yourself as a “simpler” bride, and picture yourself in a classic and sophisticated dress. You try on a sparkly ballgown and love it. Now you find yourself now torn!

Think of the venue. If you are in an elaborate ballroom with lots of details, then the ballgown may be be more suited than the plainer dress. However, if the wedding is at home, the ballgown could be a bit much.

Your Wedding Party

Another factor is to consider what you want for your bridesmaids. If you are leaning toward a pretty, lightweight chiffon dress, you want to make sure it will not be anything like what they are wearing, as most maid dresses are chiffon. It is your day to shine! Sometimes that will help you decide if one dress stands out more.

Black tuxedo with a thick shawl lapel and satin stripe, white shirt, bowtie, and pocket square
Your wedding dress should match the formality of your partner’s attire

Also, the groomsmen. Do you want them in a formal tuxedo? Suits? Jeans and suspenders? While that ultra sparkle mermaid dress may look amazing on you, it may not pair so well with your idea for the groom and his party.

Your Vision

Trust us. We know visions can change, especially with what we have learned this past year with the Covid pandemic. However, if you have a clear path of what you want your day and self to look like that will help you choose.

There are many brides who come in looking for one thing and leave with another – which is totally part of the selection process! You really do not know what you will like on you until you try it on.

When between your top two dresses, think about looking back on your pictures and how you want the day to be remembered can also help you decide. For example if you wanted a rustic feel and you were between a ball gown and lace fitted dress you may think the ball gown could be to much for that vision.

Lace wedding dress has a detachable sparkle and lace train that turns the fitter shape into a ball gown, it is a perfect option for a bride struggling between her top two dresses where one has a full skirt and the other is a sheath
A detachable train is a great option when you are struggling between two dresses

There are other things that we can suggest as well. If you have always loved a plain and simple dress but feel it may be too informal for your venue or the rest of your details, we can show you detachable trains that will turn a ballgown into a sheath, dramatic cathedral veils with lace and sparkle, or perhaps a sparkly belt that you could pair with gorgeous jewelry – accessories can elevate the look of a simple dress without compromising!

There’s no right or wrong answer it’s your day! We are here to help and support your vision and find you great options for your day. If you find yourself stuck between your top two dresses and different looks, hopefully some of these factors will help you figure out which one to pick and we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

About the author: Jessica Hill is a 3-year bridal stylist at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo. She knew it was her calling after being hospitalized for an extended stay where she binge-watched the show Say Yes To The Dress. When the time was right she came across our store and the rest is history. Jess enjoys working with plus size brides most of all and showing them how beautiful they can look in every style dress. She currently lives in Lansdale, Pennsylvania with her devoted husband Jeff, their four children, and two dogs.

How to Complete Your Wedding Look: Accessorizing

The important part is done and you have selected your dress – Congratulations! Now it’s time to complete your entire Bridal look and accessorize!  What do you know about accessories?

Keep reading to learn more!

Accessories are so much fun to look at and ultimately the finishing touch to your wedding gown, hair, shoes, and jewelry! It’s with these pieces you  create the bridal vision you’ve always imagined. Whether you have a detailed and embellished dress or a plain and sleek look, the possibilities to accessorize are endless!

Here are some things to consider to help you complete your wedding look:

What will be your Bridal Hairstyle?

Think of how you envision your bridal do with your wedding dress. Will you wear it down for an effortless look, choose a more traditional updo, or go for the in between, half up and half down? Consider the details of your dress, does it have beautiful illusion lace, buttons, beading? If so, you should consider having your hair up to show up it off! Is it a low, open back? The long hair can flow beautifully if you want to let it down.

This will help you wrap your head around the next step which is deciding how you will accessorize your hair.

Heads or tails – Headpiece or veils?!

Decide if you would like to go with a traditional veil or a modern headpiece. There are multiple variables that go into selecting the perfect veil to compliment your dress.

Consider the length:

There are several length veil options to choose from long chapel/cathedral/royal which are very formal and provide an incredible drama to your look; Mid-length/fingertip length which look amazing with fit and flair and mermaid dress shapes; Elbow and shorter more face-framing veils for a simpler look; and bird cage for that vintage old Hollywood, sleek and glamorous look.

Consider the style:

Do you want your veil to be plain, outlined with beading, a pop of sparkle and shimmer, a plain satin trim, or an added touch lace? Do you want it to layer your plain, sleek and simple gown, or add a subtle finish to your embellished and detailed gown?

You never want a veil to take away from your dress. You want it to complement your dress and add that perfect “wow factor” finishing touch.

Remember, the veil is temporary and typically used for photographs and the ceremony. When you come in we can accessorize with different veil lengths and styles to help complete your look!

A head piece is a great alternative for a veil, or to add with it! These pieces typically stay in after the veil is removed and include everything from a few beaded  pins or clips to a thin band to a full tiara.

There are bands that tie in back with ribbons, clips and barrettes, so many options to set off your look, each with their own unique array of diamonds, gems, flowers, designs, and much more! The sky’s the limit of the possibilities, and keep in mind one piece of advice – try these on with your dress.

Once you have those picked out, you will take them to your hairstylist for your trial and see in advance how beautiful everything looks!

Come in and let us help choose your accessories!

Cathedral veil selection

Real Bride – Brittney Levash

We love featuring our brides! Read Brittney and Ryan’s love story here:

The Meeting- Ryan and I met at his family lake house at Lake Wallenpaupack, PA on 4th of July weekend, 2016. We went to school together, and were in the same grade, but never were friends. He knew who I was and always liked me, but I don’t recall him back then. After I was out of a very long relationship, my sister (who knew him through a mutual friend) invited me down with her to his family lake house and Ryan didn’t pass on the opportunity of asking for my number. The rest is history!

The Proposal- Ryan proposed at the lake on 04/28/18. It was “Dock day” which is the day that everyone helps put the docks back in for the summer season. It takes many hours and lots of help. I was helping around the clubhouse and little did I know that everyone there had known what was going to happen. Once the docks were done, Ryan asked to go down on our dock to relax for a minute. I hesitated and said, “We’ve been down there all day!” Thankfully I proceeded to leave the lake house and head down on the golf cart with him. Once we were on the docks we took a seat at the edge and just looked out on the water. I felt something on the dock and turned around and saw our friend Elaine who was taking a photo. I still had no clue he was going to propose because she is known for always taking beautiful photos. I said to Ryan, “Elaine is creepin’ on us.” He preceded to say she was there for a reason.. followed by a speech that I can’t even remember because I was so shocked! On our golf cart ride back, above on one of our friends deck, everyone started cheering as they had watched it happen and I had no clue. We got back to the house and it was decorated and the family was waiting. It was a beautiful moment.

The Pre-Planning Details- We already knew, before we even got engaged, that we wanted to get married at a venue on the lake called Silver Birches. Once we actually got engaged there was no other looking around, as we met at the lake and got engaged at the lake, it was such a special place for us, we knew there was no other option. We also wanted it to be in the summer, as that is the season we spend the majority of the time there. 07/26/19 was the date we had chosen. Bridal party colors were a serious of blush, darker pink and a tan for the girls. The guys wore light grey linen pants and white tops with grey and floral ties to match the girls. I wanted it to be light, cool and pretty. We had our family & friends as our bridal party and wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The Dress- I knew I wanted a vintage looking and very basic dress. I had dreamed of having some sort of sleeve, but after trying a few on, I did not like the feel. I went to one bridal store and didn’t have the greatest experience. I found Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo online after I was looking at a certain dress. I had the most pleasurable experience on my appointment day! It was such a warm and welcoming place and I was so happy. I ended up finding a dress that actually had 3/4 sleeves but I had my seamstress remove them. The final product was beautiful.


The Pre-Wedding Parties- I love to decorate and plan things, so needless to say, I had a handful of ideas for my own bridal shower.



My sisters, sister in laws and close friends did an amazing job pulling together the “I Do BBQ” that I was looking for! I wanted a casual rustic outdoor shower and that’s exactly what I got. Also, the weather was perfect!


My bachelorette party was in Charleston, South Carolina in June and it was the most beautiful place. The town is so pretty and we had so much fun!!

The Day of- The day of, all the girls came to Ryan’s parents house and we got ready there. We were able to relax and get pampered. My close friend did our makeup and my cousin did my hair. We rented a house on the lake for our friends and that Is where Ryan and the groomsmen got ready.


For my something blue & old, I had my seamstress sew part of my deceased father’s bandana in a heart shape, under my dress. That was a special thing for me.



The Ceremony and then Reception- The ceremony was outdoors at the venue, on the grass with the lake right beside us. We were a little nervous of how the weather would turn out but we were so lucky to have a beautiful sunny day.


I did realize I forgot my veil a few minutes after we left the house, but luckily we had time to turn back around! Phew! We had a simple quick ceremony and at the end we released butterflies for our family members who could not be there that day.

We had a lovely first dance. I had a recording of Ryan’s grandmother (who had passed last year) from when we called her to tell her we had just got engaged. I had my DJ add certain parts to the end of our first dance song as a surprise to Ryan, and it was so special.

Little did I know, he had a surprise for me too. As my dad has been deceased since I was 6, I knew we were just going to skip the father daughter dance and go right to the dance with Ryan and his mom. But, Ryan has something else in mind. He made the most heartfelt speech and then I got to dance with 4 special men in my life I was so shocked, emotional and thankful for that moment. It was a day we both will never forget.

To top it off, we had a huge lake party the following day with close family and friends. It was the most perfect weekend of celebration!!!








Brittney said yes to Sloan by Beloved and removed the sleeves:




Are you a Darianna bride and want to be featured on our blog? Email!

Three Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

For many brides, the most exciting part of preparing for a wedding is picking out her dress. Picking out wedding shoes to go with it can be a close second. Plus, unlike the dress, a good pair of wedding shoes can be worn after the ceremony and serve as a reminder of that special day. Here are three tips for picking the perfect wedding shoes.

Consider the Venue

Pairs of men's and women's wedding shoes

When focusing on something that looks spectacular, don’t lose sight of practical considerations. The bride has to actually be able to walk down the aisle! If it’s a beach wedding on the sand or the ceremony is being held on a lawn, stiletto heels are probably not a good idea. On the other hand, if it’s a wedding in a fancy ballroom or church, “dressing down” in flats or sandals might not cut it. Consider the venue and what will be practical for the terrain and setting when selecting wedding shoes.

Why Stop at One Pair?

From photos before the event to the ceremony, the reception, dinner, dancing, and everything in between, wedding shoes have to be up to the task. It might be worth having one pair of shoes for the ceremony and then another, more comfortable pair to wear at the reception. Make sure to take into account that the length of your dress will be affected by the height of the heel, so if you’re considering changing from a heel to a flat, be sure to discuss with your seamstress the best way to address your hem.

It’s All About the Dress

Of course, no amount of practicality is going to be enough if the shoes just don’t go with the dress. It’s a good idea for brides to choose the dress first and then try out wedding shoes while wearing the dress to see what looks best. The right wedding shoes should complement the color and detail of the dress, along with your own style. Certain shoes can change the vibe of your dress as well, for instance a fun ballgown with a pair of cowboy boots or even sparkly sneakers underneath, or a vintage dress with a pretty ballet flat. Maybe your shoes are your “something blue”! Don’t forget to keep your eyes out for a pretty rain boot – just in case!

Remember that certain shoes will give you more stability. A flat shoe is easy to wear, but if you want to have a little height on your day consider a wedge or platform heel that give you a wider lift surface and help balance better than a thinner heel. They are also more comfortable! Another good idea is to wear the shoes outside before your wedding day to make sure the bottoms are not slippery. Lastly, ideally at your first fitting, walk around in your dress with the shoes on and make sure they do not stick to or get caught on your dress. Shoes with gemstones or attachments can snag on the fabric of your dress causing problems when you walk and can rip it as well.

Ultimately, the most important thing to consider when picking out the shoes you’ll wear for your big day is whether they make you happy. Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo is here to help make your entire day unforgettable. Our team is dedicated to creating your vision of your perfect day, from head to toe. We also provide tuxedos for the groom and bridesmaid dresses to ensure a cohesive look for the whole wedding party. Call or text 215-491-8500, or make an appointment online to get started.

Reflections on 2018 and Wishes for 2019


At this time of the year, we want to take time to reflect on the thousands of brides who said YES to their dress at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo! It’s been our great privilege and honor to help our brides feel like they not only found their dress, but that they were served with love and knowledge from our kind-hearted team.

To the brides and grooms of 2018:  Thank you for entrusting us to be a part of one of the biggest events in your lifetime. Working with each one of you has made our mission of offering high quality bridal wear and top notch service worthwhile and enjoyable. We wish all our brides and grooms of 2018 a lifetime filled with happiness and good health.

To the brides and grooms of 2019: January kicks off a brand new bridal season, and we are preparing for the newly engaged couples who we will be meeting in the New Year. If you’ve been recently engaged, then you will be in full planning mode within the first couple of months of 2019, and we hope you include an appointment at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo. A few of our hand-picked designers include Casablanca, Kitty Chen, Sincerity, Moonlight, Jessica Morgan, and more. We are excited to see who we will get to meet and help prepare for your wedding day. Be sure to call or text our store telephone number at 215-491-8500 to make your bridal or tuxedo appointment as soon as possible as our calendar is already filling up..   Of course, you can always make your appointment online by clicking here.

To all our lovelies who have already said yes with us for your 2019 wedding, welcome to the family! We will take amazing care of you,  Most of you already know that you can text our store telephone number with any questions.  The owners will personally answer your texts whether the store is open or not!

We offer over a hundred varieties and styles of tuxedos featuring Michael Kors, Ike Behar, Allure, and others. Grooms and groomsmen will look their best in the latest tuxedo colors, styles and fashion. Our specially-trained tuxedo specialists are ready to help you suit up in style. Enjoy your complimentary Groom Try On to see the look in  person and fitted to you. Even more new styles at always amazing prices for 2019.

To the Prom Goers of 2019: January also kicks off the season for prom planning. Come on in and check out our beautiful prom gowns featuring the latest colors and styles from Jovani, Faviana, Clarisse, Primavera, and more! We have already received our first shipments of Prom wear and our Prom Consultants are ready to help guide you to your perfect dress! Also, we offer excellent options and discounts for the young men who will be attending prom.

As we prepare to ring in the New Year, we thank all who have supported us over the last six years and made Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo a multi award-winning small business in Warrington, PA Bucks County.  Cheers to a wonderful, healthy, and joyous 2019!

Happy New Year from our family to yours.



A Wedding Dress Shopping Story

by Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo’s Lead Stylist Suzanne Ardite

Congratulations ~ You’re engaged! You are about to embark on one of the most joyous and daunting journeys of your life… planning your wedding. There are so many things that will require your attention and planning skills in the next few months. You will hear and read so much advice on wedding planning that your brain may overload. And, one of the most anticipated and heralded moments in your journey will be finding THE perfect dress.

But, before you start pinning those dresses on Pinterest and making those appointments, you may need to contemplate what kind of bridal appointment you wish to have that will help you accomplish your goal. This blog tells an actual story of one of my recent brides so settle in.

Who Am I?

My name is Suzanne Ardite and I’ve been fortunate enough to work as a Bridal Consultant for many years and in many states before finding my newest home at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo. I have seen attitudes toward fashion and function change with regard to the bride’s gown and the nature of bridal appointments has changed along with it.

Not that long ago, bridal gown shopping was exclusive to the bride-to-be, her mother or grandmother. Perhaps a Godmother or sister would attend the appointment. It was this core group that joined the bride and offered their opinions. Now, with the advent of popular reality shows like, “Say Yes to the Dress”, appointment dynamics have really changed.

Many appointments are a full bridal party event, bringing very large groups and some complete with alcohol. Some guests wander off during the appointment, pull dresses that the bride has no interest in (“Oh just try it on for fun!”), is over budget (“Just try it, it’s so gorgeous!”), or they attempt to accessorize dresses the bride doesn’t like (“Try a veil with that one!”)

This is not how you initially shop for the most special garment of your life.

Let’s Talk About The Search

Your dress is more than just a garment to be worn on your wedding day. The “modern” bridal gown is imbued with a traditional mystique that harkens back to Victorian England. This creation of silk, tulle or lace has the power to convey your identity and personality to all gathered. It creates ambience and whispers of the overall theme of your day. It speaks of sophistication and elegance. It shares your sense of whimsy and fun, all while flattering your silhouette and inspiring awe. That is a lot to ask from a dress.

It’s with these thoughts in mind that we, as bridal consultants, do our very best to provide you with our undivided attention, knowledge, and expertise to help guide you to the one particular dress that will make heads turn, remain in your guests memories, and most importantly, be the one in which you go from Miss to Mrs.

Case In Point

One of my recent brides, Carly, was married in November to her wonderful fiancé, Jim. She looked absolutely phenomenal in a gorgeous, customized, ivory-colored Casablanca tulle and re-embroidered lace gown. But, she was only able to find her dream dress after readjusting her appointment priorities and focusing on her objective.

Carly is an admitted people pleaser by nature and one of the nicest people you could meet. Wanting to make sure everyone felt included, she brought her entire bridal party to her initial appointment at a big box store. What she expected would be a magical day turned into a huge disappointment which left her full of confusion.

Her group was trying to be helpful of course and she didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so she continued trying on gowns pulled and suggested for her that she knew she would never consider for her special day with Jim.  Carly tried to ask her stylist for help in what would look best, but the consultant was working with multiple brides and could not focus on her. She continued trying on dresses that others liked, waited for mirror space and the consultant’s attention.  Feeling overwhelmed, Carly decided that if she were to find the gown of her dreams – the gown she wanted Jim to see her in as his bride – she needed to rethink her appointment parameters.

An Appointment With Intention and Focus

For her appointment with me at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo, she chose to limit her audience to her amazing mother, Petrina. During our quiet, intimate appointment, we were able to target what Carly truly wanted in her dress.

We discussed her wedding venue, theme, color pallet, and the overall aesthetic of the day. We narrowed down the most flattering silhouettes to compliment her figure. After we accomplished this, we were able to narrow down her choices further. Could she dance in it? Would she be comfortable in the gown for her long day? What dress color would compliment her skin tone best and photograph well? Would she need foundation garments or special alterations to customize the dress to her specifically? Could we make custom changes to make it absolutely perfect for her? These are all critical topics that needed to be addressed with intention and focus, with every bride.

At the end of our 90 minutes together, Carly was able, confident, and delighted to say “YES” to her dress… and enjoy a champagne toast and shed a few very happy tears!  For a stylist, sharing this moment is incredibly special.

A Better Way – The “Reveal”

You may find as a bride that you are sometimes put in a precarious position of having to meet other peoples’ expectations even though it is your special day. Some brides feel obliged to acquiesce to others on dress choice, but placating other people does not always translate to your satisfaction or happiness.

Of course you want everyone to have a special part in seeing you transition from daughter, sister, cousin or friend to bride. This can be accomplished with minimal effort and will satisfy everyone’s desire to have a part in your big day.

After you have said “YES” to your dress and the gown arrives from the designer, we will schedule you for your Bridal Gown Try-On Appointment. This is a very special appointment at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo because you are trying on your dress. We refer to this appointment as The Reveal!

During your Reveal appointment we encourage you to bring in your bridal group!  You can finally share with everyone your dream dress and your vision for your big day. It is a wonderful way for your nearest and dearest friends and family to participate in choosing the finishing touches to complete your wedding day ensemble. It is at this appointment where you may find that incredibly special “something old” or “something borrowed”! Everyone gets to participate in your final touches, take pictures, and see you transition to a bride in YOUR dress, that you chose, and your party will see it is the perfect dress for you!

How Many Should I Try On?

Are you indecisive? The more you try the harder it will be.  Are you shopping too early? You may wish you had waited for the newest inventory.  When you find a dress you love, that checks all the boxes, say yes with confidence.

“Oh, but you can’t say yes yet!”

Why? If you found a dress you love that checks all the boxes, everyone loves it, and one person says, “You can’t say yes yet, you need to sleep on it.”  Why would that one person tell you not to say yes and put doubt in your mind?  Because he or she doesn’t like it?  Because you aren’t capable of making the right decision, after you and your stylist found the exact dress you described?

Now you leave, confused and disappointed, thinking you must not know what you’re doing (why didn’t she like it, I loved it) or you must have looked bad (she thinks I’m in the wrong style). Our stylists would never pull dresses that don’t flatter you. Bring a smaller group of those whose opinions you trust, trust your stylist, and ultimately, trust yourself!

The Moral

You know when you know. You will have that moment, you will get chills, you just might start to cry. Your smaller group of loved ones will support you completely. When you know, say YES! Once you do, all of your other details will fall perfectly into place and your vision will become clearer.  Now it’s time to move onto a bridesmaid appointment and there you can kick back and enjoy being a bride-to-be!

Make your appointment with Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo online.  Our family-owned Warrington PA bridal & tuxedo shop will take personal care of you.