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Real Bride Jacqueline Milczarski

We are happy to feature another very special bride who first visited us in the Spring of 2021. We are always excited to meet new brides because they are all so unique with amazing stories and life paths, and Jacqueline was no exception.

Some may not know her by her given name, but you will by her handle. She is the Bucks County Mama, local blogger and influencer, with a healthy following and an even healthier lifestyle.

The beautiful bride, Jacki, on her wedding day

We did not know this at the time she came in and truth be told, I’m glad we didn’t. Our appointment was authentic and genuine. She mentioned a few details that she wanted which were so sweet (“flowy and girly” – love!) and that her wedding was in Montana in October (double love!). She also said she was “very decisive” which is helpful for a bride not only in dress shopping, but also for wedding planning in general!

After that, we were fortunate enough to meet her equally kind fiancee David, and their family members they were blending together to create their own.

You can tell immediately there is a deep connection with Jacki and David, perhaps it is a mutual understanding of life’s bumps and bruises, and a mutual appreciation for its twists and turns. They are each other’s soft place.

Let’s get into their love story, as written by the Bucks County Mama herself!

The Meeting:

We met for coffee in Peddler’s Village 5 years ago. We were both divorced, single parents, and card holders of the “Never Again” club lol. We both, but separately, were dedicating our lives to healing emotionally and spiritually, growing, committed to our children.

We said yes to just coffee… he greeted me with a big bouquet of flowers, and a kind smile.

Years later he told me he heard a voice whisper to him, “That’s her”.

We said “yes” to dating – laughing, friendship, hope, kindness, trust, and love. We both realized that a life alone would be safe, but this was truly living.

I watched what a good father he was, & his thoughtfulness was something I never experienced. He loves seafood & hence is nicknamed the “sea otter” because he has childlike joy whenever he eats it.

The Proposal:

Years later, he brought me back to Peddler’s Village, to the same spot we first met. This time our five children were there, my family, and God. We all said “yes” to getting married…seven souls who chose love.

The Dress:

Being the Owner of Bucks County Blog, Bucks County Mama, I had heard the buzz that Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo was “the” place to get a wedding dress. Small, boutique, family owned & operated, local, with personal service. My dress was “Andi” from the Beloved Collection of Casablanca Bridal.

Wedding dress Andi from Casablanca and Beloved with a beaded halter top a keyhole back and a tiered bottom was perfect for Jackie's Montana wedding. She paired it with a cathedral veil with butterflies on it!
Andi dress from Casablanca Bridal’s Beloved collection, and a lovely cathedral veil with butterflies

The Venue:

We looked at Odette’s & Aldie Manson, both stunning, but Covid restrictions, with an undercurrent of fear, uncertainty, and anxiety with booking either during a global pandemic. We got quiet and followed our authentic vision of what our wedding should be. Gone are the days of “shoulding” all over ourselves.

Jackie and her new husband David, David is wearing a gray tuxedo by Michael Kors
Jacki and her new husband David look stunning under the big sky

We picked our #1 bucket list destination of Montana. Under the big sky, just us in a rented ranch with our blended family of children. We got married outside, with God present as always, with elk bugling, soft clouds overhead. We all said “yes” to forever.

The bride added a lovely touch to her flowers, small photos in a sweet chain frame of some special people who were not in attendance
A beautiful touch added to Jacki’s flowers of some very special people

The Celebration:

That evening was the most spectacular sunset, with a large heart cloud. We had our first dances with the mountains behind us, wise old trees, and wildlife witnessing our vows. Our Bucks County love story is filled with faith, hope, family, true love.

Bride and groom in spectacular Montana with a heart cloud clearly overhead
There is something magical about the heart cloud in this spectacular setting

A beautiful bride, her soul mate groom, and their beautiful children make up this brand new family moving into a brand new year. We wish nothing but joy, happiness, and laughter and are so grateful to have met them… and now they are part of our family, too!

Bride and son dancing outdoors in Montana
Jackie dancing with her son in breathtaking surroundings
The bride and her sons wearing Michael Kors gray tuxedos
The bride and her boys, looking so handsome in Michael Kors gray!

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