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How to Pick and Pack Your Destination Wedding Dress

A destination wedding at a beautiful and exotic location requires equally beautiful and exotic wedding dress.

Whether you’re traveling two hours by car or two days by plane, your gown is a very important part of your big day and it’s important to pack and transport it with care. Here are some tips on how to pick and pack your destination wedding dress:


When choosing your gown for a beach wedding, consider lighter weight fabrics like organza, chiffon, English net, and charmeuse. Shimmering beads and light sequins can create a magnificent glow from sunrise to sunset. Tropical locations with lush foliage and big colorful blooms can be thoughtfully matched with bold floral and/or leafy vine lace appliques on the dress.

A few examples:

For a more boho outdoor event in the gardens or mountains, intricate and geometric lace patterns are perfect, in champagne and mocha underlays that make the lace really pop. Off-the-shoulder, bell, and flutter sleeves really work well with the natural, earthy vibe. Some great boho lace options are:


If you will be taking your dress by car, we recommend stuffing the bodice with white tissue paper or a cardboard bust form. Transporting your dress in the dress bag given to you by your bridal store should be enough to keep it safe. You can however put a clear plastic bag (such as a bag from a dry cleaner) over top of the dress and then put the dress in the dress bag. We then recommend hanging it from the car’s garment hook, or at least lay it flat. Do not put anything on top of it.


If you will be taking your dress by air, contact the airline to find out if there is a closet you could use. Many do and will allow you to hang it there for the flight. If they do not and you are carrying it on with you, again ask a flight attendant for the best place to put your dress. Often they will make space in an overhead bin and lay it folded over once. This is acceptable as long as you or the venue has a steamer to steam out any wrinkles. Again, stuff the bodice with white tissue or a cardboard bust form.


Should your venue have a wedding coordinator who will accept your dress for you and you wish to ship it ahead of time, use a cardboard bust form to keep the shape. Use white tissue between any folds and tuck around and over any beading, especially on the bodice. Put the dress into a plastic bag, then the dress bag. Use a box that is the perfect size when the dress is folded in half. Again make sure the venue has a steamer and a sewing kit. If they do not, make sure to take your own. And you want to use a reputable shipping company with tracking information.

If you have a veil, that should be wrapped in plastic and kept together with the dress. A quick steam out on arrival will have your veil looking perfect!


When you arrive, check over the dress, make sure there are no beads that need tightening or threads that need clipping. Steam it out and keep it hung up by the sewn in manufacturer hanging straps only! If your dress has any type of strap or sleeve, do not hang the dress up by them. The weight of the dress should be on the hanging straps sewn in so as not to damage or misshapen your straps.

Sewn in hanger strap

Now it’s time to relax and enjoy your destination wedding day! It’s going to be magical to say, “I do!” Of course every single detail may not be exactly perfect, but roll with it and don’t let the little things spoil your fun. Be present in the moment and make memories that will last a lifetime!