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Your Top Two Dresses – How Do You Choose?

When shopping for your wedding dress, finding your Top Two dresses is easy! Choosing between the two, however, may not be and buying both is rarely an option.

Many of our brides find themselves deciding between their top two dresses. Most of the time they are totally different looks, too, which makes deciding that much more challenging. If you find yourself in this dilemma, these are a few things to consider:

The Venue

The venue you have selected will have an influence on your dress. Even if you haven’t booked anything officially, by now you usually have an idea of a venue or theme. There are dresses for every venue and situation, whether a barn wedding, beach wedding, destination wedding, church wedding or even at home.

For example, let’s say you think of yourself as a “simpler” bride, and picture yourself in a classic and sophisticated dress. You try on a sparkly ballgown and love it. Now you find yourself now torn!

Think of the venue. If you are in an elaborate ballroom with lots of details, then the ballgown may be be more suited than the plainer dress. However, if the wedding is at home, the ballgown could be a bit much.

Your Wedding Party

Another factor is to consider what you want for your bridesmaids. If you are leaning toward a pretty, lightweight chiffon dress, you want to make sure it will not be anything like what they are wearing, as most maid dresses are chiffon. It is your day to shine! Sometimes that will help you decide if one dress stands out more.

Black tuxedo with a thick shawl lapel and satin stripe, white shirt, bowtie, and pocket square
Your wedding dress should match the formality of your partner’s attire

Also, the groomsmen. Do you want them in a formal tuxedo? Suits? Jeans and suspenders? While that ultra sparkle mermaid dress may look amazing on you, it may not pair so well with your idea for the groom and his party.

Your Vision

Trust us. We know visions can change, especially with what we have learned this past year with the Covid pandemic. However, if you have a clear path of what you want your day and self to look like that will help you choose.

There are many brides who come in looking for one thing and leave with another – which is totally part of the selection process! You really do not know what you will like on you until you try it on.

When between your top two dresses, think about looking back on your pictures and how you want the day to be remembered can also help you decide. For example if you wanted a rustic feel and you were between a ball gown and lace fitted dress you may think the ball gown could be to much for that vision.

Lace wedding dress has a detachable sparkle and lace train that turns the fitter shape into a ball gown, it is a perfect option for a bride struggling between her top two dresses where one has a full skirt and the other is a sheath
A detachable train is a great option when you are struggling between two dresses

There are other things that we can suggest as well. If you have always loved a plain and simple dress but feel it may be too informal for your venue or the rest of your details, we can show you detachable trains that will turn a ballgown into a sheath, dramatic cathedral veils with lace and sparkle, or perhaps a sparkly belt that you could pair with gorgeous jewelry – accessories can elevate the look of a simple dress without compromising!

There’s no right or wrong answer it’s your day! We are here to help and support your vision and find you great options for your day. If you find yourself stuck between your top two dresses and different looks, hopefully some of these factors will help you figure out which one to pick and we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

About the author: Jessica Hill is a 3-year bridal stylist at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo. She knew it was her calling after being hospitalized for an extended stay where she binge-watched the show Say Yes To The Dress. When the time was right she came across our store and the rest is history. Jess enjoys working with plus size brides most of all and showing them how beautiful they can look in every style dress. She currently lives in Lansdale, Pennsylvania with her devoted husband Jeff, their four children, and two dogs.

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