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Men’s Black Velvet Formal Tuxedo Jacket: The “Venice”

Bridal designer Allure Men makes a luxurious black velvet tuxedo jacket that is a classic choice for formal events.  

This handsome and classy tuxedo jacket is a full black satin peak lapel and a one button. Aside from the satin buttons and lapels, the entire jacket is made with a very soft and beautiful velvet fabric.  Even the flap pockets are made of the same high-quality material.  

The design is a very slimming style and often looks best when tightly fitting.  Of course, you can go with a more relaxed fit by increasing the size of your jacket but we will discuss further which accessories may look best with this style.

Black Velvet tuxedo jacket with white dress shirt and black satin bowtie

Accessories and Pants

The designer often shows this tuxedo jacket worn with skinny-fit, black pants.  We wholeheartedly agree with wearing skinny fit pants.  However, we feel that if you are not comfortable in skinny fit pants, black slim fit tuxedo pants work just as well. Skinny fit pants are only made up to a certain waist size.  This limitation can cause a problem for those whose waist exceeds the manufacturer’s size availability.

On a few occasions, when we’ve had customers looking for a velvet tuxedo dinner jacket, they rent this jacket and wear it with dark jeans.  We believe, when it comes to jeans, slim fits always look the best!  We have seen our customers in photos after the events and we think they look smashing!

Black Velvet tuxedo jacket with black dress shirt and black satin long tie

When one of our grooms, groomsmen or gala attendees wants to make a splash with this tuxedo jacket but his body type exceeds the largest skinny fit pants waist size, we often recommend that he wears our trim fit black tuxedo pants.  He will be more comfortable and will look just as fashionable.

Some customers choose our ultra-stretch black skinny fit pants. These pants take skinny-fit to a new level!  The material stretches and clings to the legs and body.  It offers comfort with this material and looks ultra modern because of how it follows the contour of the body.

If you want to keep the modern, dressier look throughout, we recommend our black microfiber shirt and either a black or silver long tie. We find that most of our customers, when choosing a white shirt, will also choose to wear a black bow tie with this tuxedo. Either will work for a formal setting.

When to Wear It

Since most of the fabric on this tuxedo jacket is velvet, it does have a heavier and warmer feel to it. We recommend wearing this tuxedo in cooler temperatures so that you do not overheat. Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo’s customer often wear this in late fall, winter and on rare occasion in early spring, when the temperatures are still cooler in the Philadelphia area.

Black Velvet tuxedo jacket with black dress shirt and silver long tie

When Not to Wear It

We do not recommend wearing velvet jackets in late spring or summer. Once the temperatures start to cool down, maybe October, then you can consider wearing this tuxedo jacket. Deciding when to wear this jacket also comes down to the individual’s preference and if you will be expected to wear it for a long time during the event.

Ask yourself if you get hot easily or are able to stay cool in a range of temperatures.  Some of our customer can’t wear anything form fitting or warmer, no matter what time of year it is.  If that is the case for you, then I would consider a similar one of our slim fit tuxedos like our Ike Behar Jackson.  This jacket is made of a microfiber wool blend that is very breathable, comfortable and cooler.

Men’s Velvet Blazer Trends

​Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo used to offer several different velvet tuxedo jackets but decided that this particular designer has made the best version.  When it comes to velvet dinner jackets, we feel that you need to stick to a designer who is known for making high quality formal garments.  

In the past, we’ve offered various velvet color jackets, all with high-quality velvet in varying styles.  However, our velvet suit jacket, men’s black velvet blazer and purple velvet jacket did not catch on!

Are you a groom with a sense of style that wants a fashionable, formal look at your wedding? Trying to make a statement on prom night? Or maybe simply looking for a different yet classy look for black tie affair like a black velvet dinner jacket? We think the perfect look is the Allure Men’s black velvet tuxedo jacket!