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Featured Tuxedo: Jackson From Ike Behar

There are many choices of tuxedos and suits for your wedding, gala or formal event.  Gone are the days where the only choice you had for a tuxedo is black. Today we see black, gray, navy, varying shades of blue and even multi-colored and patterned tuxedos. The choices are almost limitless and different times of year may open the doors to choosing something a little different for your event.

However, still and probably always, the standard-bearer when you think ‘classic tux’ is black. Today, we are featuring one of them: “Jackson” from Ike Behar, a gorgeous (and dare we say sexy?!) black peak lapel tuxedo. 

Jackson tuxedo with satin teardrop bowtie

The Jackson

is a one button tuxedo jacket with a full satin lapel, satin buttons and satin lined pockets. It is made with a very comfortable ultra-luxury 130s fabric, making it breathable, soft and wearable all day.  Most grooms are stunned by how easy to wear this tuxedo is. 

As with all Ike Behar suits and tuxedos, Jackson is a slim fit tux that wears like a custom suit, yet slightly different from the standard notch lapel, tuxedo providing the true classic look.

Ike Behar offers a traditional V-shaped vest or if you are interested in a more throw-back era look, you can wear this tuxedo with Ike Behar’s black scoop vest. 

Jackson with scoop vest

Of course, if you want to be completely old-school, you can wear a black satin, pleated cummerbund as seen here:

Jackson with cummerbund

Tuxedo Accessories

Most of our customers wear a vest or black suspenders, however we like to pair Jackson with a traditional vest for a more formal, contemporary look.

As for pants, Ike Behar offers two slightly different pairs of pants with this tux: slim fit pants with a quarter inch of black satin going down each side of the outside of the legs.  The pants are also offered in a skinny fit version.  While the slim fit style is perfectly modern and adequate for most grooms, some like a more tapered look and choose the skinny version of these pants.  Both pants are made with the same luxurious fabric matching both the exact color and texture of the jacket and available vests.

With the classic Jackson tuxedo, we prefer shiny (patent leather) shoes. 

Of course, patent leather shoes provide a more formal look but some of our customers prefer matte finish, non-shiny shoes.  Matte finish shoes are also acceptable to wear with tuxedos.

Jackson is a perfect tuxedo rental for any time of year and for those who want to look classy and best dressed!

If you are looking for a similar look but are looking for a more relaxed fit, you can also learn about Ike Behar’s black double-breasted tuxedo with peak lapel.

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