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How To Rent a Prom Tuxedo or Suit

Do you have a child attending prom this year who needs to rent a suit or tuxedo? 

If you are a parent inexperienced in the process of renting a prom tuxedo or suit, we understand how confusing it can be to go through this process.  If you’ve been through the process of renting a suit or tuxedo for prom, there are several pieces involved with formal wear choices and it’s always a good idea to review the process to be ready when you walk into the tuxedo store.

Last year, we published a blog called The Ultimate Guide to Renting a Tuxedo or Suit for Prom.  As told to us by many parents who rented prom tuxedos and suits last year, the information in the blog helped clarify what sometimes can be a confusing ordeal.  If you are looking for comprehensive information on what to consider when renting for prom, we suggest that you read the guide.  We tried to leave nothing out.

On the other hand, if you want a summary of what you should be thinking about when prom tuxedo or suit rental shopping, we’ve created this mini guide to help make your child look his or her best for prom.

There are several things you should consider and be ready to answer when making your choices when renting a prom tuxedo or suit.  Below is a summary of the most important factors.

Bruno Magli Gray Tuxedo with black satin shawl lapel and black and gray  floral bow tie and pocket square
Bruno Magli Gray Tuxedo


A properly fitting tuxedo or suit is key to looking great for prom.  If the suit or tuxedo fits properly, the prom-attendee will feel more confident and will have photos that will be kept forever!  Here are a few styles that you can find today:

Slim Fit:

Since about 2013, slim fit suits and tuxedos with matching slim fit or trim fit pants have been the most popular.  They are a good compromise between relaxed fit and skinny fit and will look great on pretty much any body type.  Slim fit will be very slimming and will make everyone look great.  Even renters of ample size will be able to wear slim fit so don’t feel you need to be a certain size to take advantage of this versatile style:

Slim Fit tuxedo in Cobalt Blue, black satin peak lapel, with dark berry bow tie and pocket square for prom or wedding
Slim Fit in Cobalt Blue

Skinny Fit: 

This fit is ultra modern and loved by many prom-goers. The pants and jacket fit closer to the body and really show off the contour of one’s shape.  Oftentimes, the younger generation loves having very short pants, even showing their ankles sometimes and a jacket that is so tight that it is often referred to as “the shrink wrap look”.  Here, the jacket will pull at the front buttons to the point that it creates a crease in the front of the jacket.  While not everyone wears the skinny fit tuxedo that tightly, it is popular among about 10% of our customers. 

Black Skinny Fit Prom Tuxedo with blush vest and tie, pocket square, black shirt
Black Skinny Fit Tuxedo

The high school students attending prom also like to have short sleeves on the jacket, to about their wrists.  Of course a perfectly fitting skinny fit suit or tuxedo without the shrink wrap look, very short pants and jacket sleeves does look quite nice and has more of a GQ look.  Parents, please don’t be alarmed if your child wants to wear a very tight suit or tuxedo with shorter pants and sleeves.  It’s what many in their generation likes to do. Below is an example of a skinny fit tuxedo:

Ultra Skinny Fit:

Ultra skinny fit is a style often seen in the tuxedo or suit pants.  These pants usually are made of a stretch fabric and truly cling to the calves and thighs.  The pants often look like they were painted on the prom goer.  This style pants, while not overly common, can be found by about 5% of the prom tuxedo renters.  The key to making this look work is to make sure the length of the pants are hemmed properly.  Equally important, making the pants too long will cause the bottom of the pant leg to bunch up and look unnatural.

Relaxed Fit:

Relaxed fit suits and tuxedos tend to have a more comfortable fit.  Some who prefer slim and skinny fit see this style as “boxy”.  Customers who do not wear suits and tuxedos often, aren’t always comfortable in tight fitting clothes.  The relaxed fit style often suits their needs.  To our surprise, while meeting designers in Italy in September 2021, we were told that relaxed fit was making a comeback.  And they were correct!  We now have several double-breasted suits and tuxedos for rent and purchase.  Overall, double-breasted jackets tend to be roomier.  We’ll see how long this style remains in circulation but it seems since 2021, they have been coming out with more and more relaxed fix styles. Below is a sharp new double breasted tuxedo:

Navy double breasted tuxedo with peak lapel, apple colored tie and pocket square
Navy Double Breasted Tuxedo


Which style of tuxedo to choose is as much a personal choice as it is matching the venue where prom is being held.  A more formal location for prom deserves a more formal and classic tuxedo.  On the contrary, a less formal event space will allow you to select a style that is more casual.   A classic black tuxedo never goes out of style.  However, tuxedos and suits are now made in many different colors including various shades of gray, navy, patterned, tan, mulberry, burgundy and many more.


Choosing the correct accessories can really bring your look together.  Aside from choosing your tuxedo or suit style and color, you will need to choose a shirt (there are many!), a long tie or bow tie, shoes, pocket square, cuff links and studs.  Some even like to choose a vest that matches the color of the long tie or bow tie and pocket square you choose.  Alternatively, others prefer a vest that matches the fabric and color the tuxedo or suit jacket and pants. 

Vests are more common today than are cummerbunds.  A professional formal wear staff will be able to guide you through the dos and don’ts of accessorizing.


The quality of the suit and tuxedo will affect the comfort of the fabric, how well it fits you and the color of the garments.  Since these items are rented over and over, it is imperative to rent from a store that has a good reputation, provides you the proper level of service and takes care of their inventory.  Be sure to look over your rental to make sure the garments are in good condition.  Read reviews of local stores to find the right shop for you.


Understanding the rental policies can save you a lot of money and prevent much anguish.  Renting a suit or tuxedo is like renting an automobile.  There is a specific pick up date and a very specific return date.  Returning a tuxedo or suit rental after the due back date will most likely cause you to pay late fees that accumulate daily.  Furthermore, the return policy is often expressly printed on the front of the garment back and is part of the rental agreement that you signed.  Saying that you didn’t know when it was due back does not give you a pass on late fees.  If you are not sure what the return policy is, it is best to ask before you leave the store.  Otherwise you can read your contract to learn the specific requirements of the store you visited.

Prom should be a fun and unforgettable time of your life.  Visiting a tuxedo shop and choosing your attire can be a fun part of preparing for prom.

Overall, if you have any other questions about a prom tuxedo or suit rental, please contact Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo.  The owners of the store have children as well so we understand, first hand, how important this event is.  Plus, we rent thousands of suits and tuxedos every year for prom, weddings, and galas so we have the experience to help you put together the perfect look.

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We hope your child has a safe and memorable time at prom!