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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a very important holiday, a truly American one.  While it is the official start of the holiday shopping season, that is not the meaning to us.  Strange as retailers, right?

To us, Thanksgiving is about making memories with family, friends, and loved ones.  Carrying on traditions and creating new ones, celebrating life, and appreciating the passing of time with all of the changes it brings.

Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo will always will be closed on Thanksgiving day and Black Friday.

All families deserve attention but it is never easy to find the time.  These are two days we close so that our team can reconnect, unplug from work, and recharge.

And hey, if shopping together is your family’s Black Friday tradition, then by all means shop!  Shop local, right?!  🙂

From our beginning in January 2013 in an adorable 1,400 square foot home built in 1908 to a brand new 3,150 square foot showroom we expanded to in 2015, Franco and I sometimes can’t believe it ourselves.  A whirlwind of hard work, changes, growing pains, and entrepreneurial excitement, our family’s business is a labor of love that has become a staple in Bucks County.

The sign for our bridal shop in Warrington PA
Left: Our first store sign in 2013
Right: Our new store sign in 2015

It is an honor to employ people at our Bucks County bridal shop and have so many want to work with us in our store.  It is a privilege to be able to donate to great programs and worthy causes.  It is a blessing to have met some of the most incredible and inspiring people along the way.

Our gratitude runs deep and in the spirit of this holiday, we wish to say thank you.

Thank you to our customers.  Loyal as they come, funny, charming, some in great situations, some in difficult situations.  Entering as strangers, leaving as friends.  We share in one of the most special days of their lives and are so proud.  I know that we are blessed because of the people we have met and the friends we have made through our store.  We will always give our best and THANK YOU for the opportunity.

Thank you to our staff.  Reeanne, our manager, pretty much has her own fan club. If you’ve met her, you know why.  If you haven’t, you want to.  I’ve never seen anyone command so much respect while wearing monkey ears and a tail.  Ree, for sharing our vision, helping us grow, and bringing an immense amount of positivity and light to everything within your reach, THANK YOU.  (PS We ain’t ever getting older.)

Kathleen, our bridal and tuxedo specialist, nicest girl ever.  She works incredibly hard every day with a smile and is also our bride-to-be!  Kathleen, for your incredibly capable dedication to our customers, and just for being you, THANK YOU. You can find a bride her perfect gown, the groom his perfect tux, assemble shelves, do some ordering, a little touch up paint, write a blog, and sketch a perfect bridal scene for an Instagram post, all in a day’s work.  (#spoileralert) I’m getting you a brand new Craftsman screwdriver (maybe a whole set) and no one else can touch them.

Ellen, Danielle, Chelsea, and Hannah, bringing laughter and joy to the store and genuinely caring about everyone who walks in the door.  Their welcoming smiles let customers know they are in good hands.  Ellen, Chelsea, and Hannah, THANK YOU for the commitment to our prom-goers, too.  They are our mini brides who will be back in the blink of an eye with engagement rings on!  Ellen, we love the can-do vibe you bring and cannot wait to see how far you take this.  Danielle, your capable calmness is the perfect balance to me (and the one wearing monkey ears).  Chelsea, my mini-me, a little soldier, our can-do-everything girl, you are so appreciated and far beyond your years!  Hannah, we are very fortunate to have you, you are going places, and we are some of your biggest cheerleaders.

Nick. Mr. Personality Champagne Popper Tuxedo Expert. We have all watched him grow in just a little over a year.  Helping couples choose formal wear for their wedding day comes naturally and he puts our customers at ease right away, turning their appointment into a fun event.  THANK YOU, Nick, for your commitment, humor, hilarious tuxedo videos, and even trying to sell bridal headpieces in a pinch. Shout out for being specifically mentioned in a recent 5-star wedding wire review.

Bucks County bridal store employeesThank you to our ever expanding crew of Prom Consultants.  This year Courtney, Francesca, Tori, Emily, and Kate, previous years Alyssa, Casey, Lexi, Carly, Mary, Heather, Sarah, Julia, Amber, Kelly, Sophia, Tori, Gabi, Dani, Brittany, Jenn, THANK YOU for loving the fashion madness!

From our Bucks County bridal shop, we wish you a wonderful start to the holiday season filled with joy, love, and goodwill.

With love,

Wendy, Franco, Daria & Deanna

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