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Five Bridesmaid and Tuxedo Color Combinations

One of the best and most important ways you can incorporate your color palette into your wedding day is with your bridesmaid and tuxedo choices. Wedding color palettes are always evolving, and trends change every year, however there are some tried and true color combinations that – quite simply – work!

Here are a few of the most popular wedding color palettes we see our brides and grooms embracing at the moment:

1. Light & Neutral Tones

Spring and summer weddings call for soft and neutral color combinations. Bridesmaid dress shades like champagne, taupe, lilac, and dusty rose create a romantic, timeless look. These understated shades can be elevated with metallic accents like rose gold or copper jewelry for a touch of glamor. Morilee’s Dusty Rose pairs perfectly with Ike Behar’s Domenic tan suit. Domenic is our #1 top rennted suit for summer 2023!

Dusty Rose paired with our Tan Domenic Suit bridesmaid and tuxedo color combination
Dusty Rose paired with our Tan Domenic Suit

2. Dusty Blues

A contemporary twist on traditional pastels, dusty hues are gaining popularity. Colors like dusty blue and dusty rose (above) offer light and dreamy vibes. These muted colors work well in various wedding themes, from beach to vintage. Dusty blue has been lovingly embraced by many brides because it is an easy color to wear for almost all complexions. Morilee’s Slate color, matched with Ike Behar’s Austin suit, is an ideal combination for spring, summer, and fall weddings.

Dusty blue and gray suit bridesmaid and tuxedo color combinations
Slate with our gray Austin suit

3. Garden Party Vibes

Romantic and whimsical weddings are easily achieved through a garden-party aesthetic. Couples are leaning into varying shades of green with flower pops of blush, rose gold, and ivory; this palette will have your bridal party looking absolutely magical. Spring and summer weddings are perfect seasons to embrace this soft, ethereal essence. Morilee’s Sage is a gorgeous color to complement Ike Behar’s Luke suit, which is a lovely hunter green. 

Sage maids with our Hunter Green suit

4. Jewel Tones

Vibrant jewel tones continue to be a long-time favorite choice for couples seeking a classic and elegant wedding palette. Colors that embody gemstones like juicy garnets, deep emeralds, and rich navy or sapphire blues make any wedding a sophisticated and timeless affair. Perfect for fall and winter weddings, Morilee’s Bordeaux blends delightfully with Ike Behar’s Sebastian tuxedo, which is a luxurious navy blue. 

Bordeaux paired with our Navy Sebastian tuxedo
Bordeaux paired with our Navy Sebastian tuxedo

5. Monochromatic Palettes

Going monochromatic is a fresh and modern trend that involves using different shades and fabrics of a single color. Monochromatic palettes with different fabrics and textures add depth and visual interest to the overall wedding design. Despite it previously being taboo, brides and grooms are embracing all-black wedding party looks. By choosing different bridesmaid dress fabrics and even adding some pattern into the mix, you can create a unique and classic look. 

Mixing patterns, textures and fabrics in a Black pallette
Mixing patterns, textures and fabrics in a Black pallette

While these color palettes may be trending for bridesmaid and tuxedo options, it’s essential to choose colors and a vibe that resonate with you as a couple and reflect your personal style. Don’t be afraid to combine different colors or experiment with unique combinations to create a wedding palette that is both on-trend and meaningful to you. Staying true to your unique wedding vision is the best way to ensure that you will look back fondly at pictures even 50 years from now and love the choices you made!