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Featured Tuxedo: Navy Sebastian

The Ike Behar navy tuxedo called Sebastian is known to many of our brides and grooms.  It is quite popular and in fact in our survey of Top 10 tuxedos and suits worn for autumn weddings, this tuxedo was Number 2! That’s an impressive ranking given that the total number of suits and tuxedos on the list was 70! so if you’re still searching for “Tuxedo rental near me​” let us explain why you can stop searching now!

Navy Sebastian tuxedo from Ike Behar
Navy Sebastian tuxedo from Ike Behar

The Search for ‘Tuxedo Rental Near Me’​ Comes to an end with Sebastian by Ike Behar!

Ike Behar makes three different navy tuxedos: the Sebastian (the one currently being featured), the Blake and the Easton.

So why is this navy tuxedo the 2nd most popular wedding tuxedo rental for autumn weddings?  To begin with the luxurious 120s navy fabric is stunning, soft, breathable and extremely comfortable.  The color is dark to give it a classy look but not so dark that it looks like a midnight blue shade.  The trim fit jacket always fits perfectly, the full satin notch lapel adds enough formality without seeming stuffy and the satin buttons and satin besom pockets really complete the look.  At one time, this was the most pinned tuxedo on our Pinterest page. 

The Sebastian Details

The Sebastian comes with a matching navy vest and the pants are available in the same navy color and fabric in a slim fit style or skinny fit style.  For the groom and groomsmen going for a more modern look, they often choose the matching skinny fit pants.  We often see the guys wear skinny fit pants a little shorter to show off some sock or ankles.  The slim fit pants are perfectly fine with this tuxedo jacket.  Those who may have larger thighs or legs and want a little more comfort and mobility frequently choose the slim fit pants.  Other times, grooms choose the slim fit pants if they just don’t want the ultra slimming look. 

However, let’s be clear, the slim fit pants are not baggy at all.  They are slim and classy but don’t have the tight look at the ankles or all the way down the legs.

Short Video of Navy Tuxedo

The Sebastian Accessories

Ike Behar also makes two accessories that perfectly match the Sebastian tuxedo. There is a navy satin bow tie and a navy satin long tie.  The satin and the navy color perfectly match the satin on this tuxedo’s lapel.  An excellent match all around.  In situations like these, we find grooms and groomsmen are looking for a clean look and to do this, they add a white pocket square to this outfit.

We can say that 99% of our grooms wear brown shoes with this tuxedo.  On rare occasions, we have seen wedding parties wear matte black shoes. It is not frequent that we see black patent leather shoes worn with this tuxedo however after seeing thousands of grooms and groomsmen in this tuxedo, we have only seen patent leather shoes worn a few times with Sebastian.

Navy Sebastian tuxedo from Ike Behar
Navy Sebastian tuxedo

Still Searching for “Tuxedo rental near me​”? Try Sebastian Styles

The exhausted search for “Tuxedo rental near me​” can be draining as we all know. However, as with many wedding parties, we try to help distinguish an average tux from a great tux. Along with a groom from the groomsmen.  Sometimes the groom will wear a long or bow tie that matches the color of the bride’s dress and the groomsmen will wear a long or bow tie that matches the color of the bridesmaid dresses.  In this situation, we do sometimes find grooms wearing the Ike Behar navy tuxedo with black peak lapel, Blake, and the groomsmen will wear this full navy tuxedo. This helps the groom look a little different with his black lapel but still keeps the look together with all of the same navy fabric and color.  We do however, suggest that the groom wear black shoes with the Blake to match the black lapel.

Again, the handsome Sebastian tuxedo is wonderful for weddings, galas and formal events and will allow you to look different without looking out of place.  It is one of our favorites and definitely a favorite of our brides, grooms and groomsmen.