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Featured Tuxedo: Providence Trim Fit

Erik Lawrence is known for smart-looking, affordable black tuxedos.  Some of you may have read our blog on the Erik Lawrence Providence skinny fit tuxedo.  This Providence is the same exact one, but in a trim fit.  What is the difference? 

Providence trim fit tuxedo
Erik Lawrence Providence trim fit tuxedo

The skinny fit tuxedo jacket is ultra-tapered and often perfectly follows the contour of the body.  The skinny fit pants often cling close to the legs and thighs and are very tapered at the angles.  Many groom and groomsmen like wearing skinny fit pants a bit shorter, showing a bit of ankle or having no break in the pants.

The Providence Trim Fit Version

While tapered and slimming, it is not as tight around the sides of the torso.  Viewed side-by side, the trim fit version of this tuxedo jacket would almost look relaxed compared to the skinny fit version.  However, we assure you, it is not a relaxed fit.  We personally like a fitted looking tuxedo or suit and believe this trim fit tuxedo jacket is a perfectly professional looking fit.

Erik Lawrence trim fit Providence tuxedo
Erik Lawrence Providence trim fit tuxedo

The Providence Trim Fit Details

The jacket is a two-button notch with full satin on the lapel, besom pockets and buttons.  One of the strategies of getting the best fit for your formal event is to make sure many sizes are available in the jacket.  When you see jacket sizes, they are usually even numbers (40R, 42R, 44R).  Fortunately, the best way to make a suit or tuxedo to look like a custom fit tuxedo is to make sure odd sizes are available. 

Let’s say you try on a 40R jacket and the jacket is slightly large.  You then try on a 38R and you feel that jacket is slightly tight.  The solution to this problem is the ability to wear a 39R.  We find that this flexibility in sizing availability makes our grooms and groomsmen look like they are wearing a custom suit.

Tuxedo Fitting jackets at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo
Fitting jackets at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo

Generally speaking, the difference between the sizes in jackets (i.e. 38R and 40R) is usually 10 pounds.  So if I lost 10 pounds and I was wearing a 40R jacket, I would probably need to drop down to a 38R.  Of course there are exceptions based on where you lost the weight but this is our observation experience after renting thousands of suits and tuxedos every year for many years.  The difference between a half size in jacket size change (i.e. 40R to 39R) is generally a 5 pound change in weight.

The Providence Trim Fit Sizing

My apologies for this little diversion! I think it’s important for customers to understand the potential change in sizing and weight.  Many of our grooms, groomsmen and fathers know they are about to be in a wedding and start eating more sensibly, and exercising more and to their surprise drop weight very easily before the wedding.  Other times, the stress of wedding planning causes people to gain a few pounds, thus requiring a different size jacket.

Back to the affordable and classy looking Providence trim fit.  While we usually recommend the slim fit pants with the thin line of satin on each side of the pant legs, there are times customers are comfortable with the trim fit jacket but want matching skinny fit pants.  This is perfectly acceptable because the trim fit and slim fit pants are made of the same material, have the same satin line and are the same exact color.  The only difference is how tapered the pants are.

The Providence tuxedos are the perfect choice if some of your groomsmen want to wear a skinny fit version and others prefer or require the trim fit version.  This solution allows everyone to have the same tuxedo without looking like they are wearing two different tuxedos.

Which fit do you like?  Trim, skinny or relaxed?