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Featured Tuxedo: Romeo From Ike Behar

To our surprise, double-breasted tuxedo jackets are coming back.  A few years ago, the owners of Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo visited a wedding dress designer in Italy who said that the European fashion designers were moving towards a more relaxed fix and re-introducing double-breasted tuxedos.  We didn’t believe him.  Three months after returning from Italy, we received notification from tuxedo and suit designers that they are offering double-breasted versions of some of our most popular tuxedos and suits!

The "Romeo" double-breasted black satin peak lapel tuxedo
The “Romeo” double-breasted black satin peak lapel tuxedo

Ike Behar Tux Details

Having said that, Ike Behar created Romeo, a beautiful double-breasted version of his black peak lapel tuxedo (link that blog).  This tuxedo offers the same ultra luxury 130s fabric for the double-breasted jacket, slim fit pants, skinny fit pants, V-shaped vest or scoop vest.

This is a perfect tuxedo for a larger man looking to hide some girth.  The tuxedo, if properly fitting, also works well with a slim person.  Traditionally, double breasted jackets do a wonderful job of making someone look slimmer and more streamlined. 

The "Romeo" double-breasted black satin peak lapel tuxedo

We have seen this many times over when a customer tries on a double-breasted jacket in our store.  When the customer looks in the mirror and sees how fit the jacket makes him look, he usually immediately rents one of our double-breasted tuxedo jackets.

We recommend patent leather shoes with Romeo because they are more formal and classic.

Patent leather

Double-Breasted Tuxedos

While the number of people renting double-breasted tuxedos is currently not as high as our standard tuxedo jackets, we are seeing an increase in rental rates as the year progresses.  This is certainly a style that we see more in the autumn and winter months because of the extra fabric involved with this type of jacket.  We are also seeing more fashion forward or trendy-conscious customers are gravitating to double-breasted styles.

If you like the double-breasted Romeo, learn about our Ike Behar navy double-breasted tuxedo.

What do you think of double-breasted jackets?  Are you a fan?  Comment on our blog and let others know what you think.