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Featured Tuxedo: Providence Skinny Fit

Do you like skinny fit tuxedos?  This Erik Lawrence black Providence skinny fit tuxedo may be something that interests you! 

Providence Skinny Fit
Providence Skinny Fit

The ultra-slimming jacket with skinny fit pants are the perfect match for the fashion forward groom and groomsmen. The Providence has a full satin notch lapel, satin buttons and satin-lined besom pockets to complete the look. 

Tuxedo Providence Skinny Fit

For the guy who is more athletic, or has larger legs, the designer makes a slim fit version of the pants that affords a little bit more room in the thigh and leg areas. We find that for men who engage in certain kinds of sports (football, soccer, hockey, rugby or weight lifting), skinny fit pants could become very tight around the thigh and leg area.  The solution: pair the skinny fit jacket with the slim fit matching pants!

Most of the time, this will fix the issue of these skinny fit tuxedo pants being too tight around the athletic guy’s legs or thighs.

Tuxedo Fit Alternatives

For all other grooms, groomsmen and formal event attendees, the skinny fit pants, with a handsome thin line of satin running down each side of the pant legs, will work very well for them. 

And for those who want an even tighter fit and look, Erik Lawrence also offers ultra-stretch skinny fit pants.  These pants are made of stretch fabric that clings to your legs, providing a very skinny and contoured look.  Many of our customers like wearing our black patent leather slip-on loafers to show off their socks and ankles. 

Accessories for the Providence Skinny Tuxedo

If you are not a fan of slip-on loafers, we suggest our Monaco or Toscano black patent leather shoes.

The matching black vest pairs well with the Providence skinny fit tuxedo and certainly completes the look.

When brides and grooms come to us and indicate that they have some larger-sized men in their wedding party, there is usually a solution. The Providence skinny fit tuxedo only goes up to a size 44 jacket in a short, regular and long length.  The extra-long length jacket comes in a maximum 42 size however in our experience, it is very rare that someone needs an extra-long jacket.  The length of the jacket indicates where the bottom of the jacket reaches on your waist, thigh or leg area.  Today’s modern man prefers a shorter jacket.  We agree, it looks much more fashionable and doesn’t look like you are wearing a lab coat!

So what does a bride and groom do if some of their groomsmen or fathers are larger than a 44 jacket?  Fortunately, this designer makes this same exact Providence tuxedo in a trim fit version! That particular style can be had from a 3 boys size all the way up to size 80.  The largest tuxedo rentals we have ever done were sizes 70 and 72 jackets so we can safely say that up to size 80 should cover most anyone.