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Welcome To Prom Tuxedo Season

At Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo, we love dressing you in your tuxedo or suit for prom.  As a local, family owned business with children of our own, we understand how exciting and important this day is for you.  We’ve been working with all of the local schools and dressing high school students for a long time and we are proud to serve the community.  We’ve got you covered for prom and will take personal care of you.

Why Did We Write This Blog?

For parents and students who are going through the tuxedo and suit rental process for the first time, this may seem overwhelming.  We feel that it’s an exciting time and the process should be a wonderful experience with a touch of fun. The purpose of this blog is to give you some guidance on making it the best for you and your son.  We will make this process as easy as possible for you. Parents who have already been through this may also find this blog useful since it’s not everyday that your child attends prom.

We promise to take personal care of you and make this a stress free experience for you.

How is This Blog Organized?

Over the years, we have been asked many questions about renting a prom tuxedo or suit.  What follows is a collection of the most frequently asked questions that we have received from parents, students and prom-goers over the years.  Immediately following the question, we provided detailed answers that should help you easily shop for your tuxedo and suit rental from Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo.  Feel free to find the exact questions that pertain to you. You will easily have your question answered on the spot. If you still have questions, please text us at 215-491-8500.  We will be happy to assist you.

Where are We Located?

We are located in the Valley Gate Shopping Center in Warrington, PA.  Our address is 241 Easton Road, Warrington, PA 18976. If you’ve ever driven by, you can’t miss us.  We are the center store located between Buffalo Wild Wings and Red Robin. We are very visible right from route 611 just north of County Line Road and south of Street Road.

We are not far from the Wegmans in Warrington and we are in the same shopping center as the Walmart in Warrington.

We are only 6 – 10 minutes from Doylestown PA, and less than 20 minutes from Buckingham.

Here is more information on directions, locations and hours.

Who Do We Serve?

We serve Bucks, Montgomery, Hunterdon and Philadelphia Counties.  We have served students from all of these schools for over 7 years:

  1. Central Bucks South High School

  2. Central Bucks West High School

  3. Central Bucks East High School

  4. New Hope Solebury High School

  5. William Tennent High School

  6. Council Rock High School North

  7. Council Rock High School South

  8. Hatboro-Horsham High School

  9. George School

  10. La Salle College High School

  11. South Hunterdon Regional High School

  12. Plumstead Christian Academy

  13. George School

  14. Lansdale Catholic

  15. North Penn High School

  16. Bensalem High School

  17. Pennsbury High School East

  18. Pennsbury High School West

  19. Palisades High School

  20. Pennridge High School

  21. Archbishop Wood High School

  22. Upper Moreland High School

  23. Cheltenham High School

  24. Abington High School

  25. And more!!

Do You Have Parking?

We have a free parking lot!  Tons of parking spots that will allow you to park right in front of our store.  No need to pay for parking or drive around forever looking for a space! Feel at ease that your car can stay where you left it as long as you want at no charge.

Who Are We?

If you’ve ever met anyone who has been to our store, you’ll know that we are a fun and calm place to be.  We will treat you like family and help you choose the right look for one of your biggest days in high school.  We’re not a stuffy bunch! We are a little silly, we will make you laugh and we assure you that you will feel comfortable in our beautiful and large store.  If you want to learn about the owners, feel free to click HERE.

We are a family owned, local business who employs locals like yourself.  Many of you may already know some of our employees. Some of you already know Wendy and Franco (the owners) because you’ll see them out and about in the Bucks County area at local restaurants, grocery stores and attending their children’s events.

We are not a franchise or a chain.  When you deal with us, you deal with the owners and our long-time employees.  Darianna is the combination of our daughters’ names: Daria and Deanna. In fact, Daria may even help you with your tuxedo or suit rental.  Deanna is still in school so she is not quite working with us yet (except for the occasional video that she makes for us!).

Our Employees

Wendy, Franco, Daria, Joe, Shannon, Tori, Marissa, Sharon, Paul, and Isaiah are always on hand to answer any of your questions and help you match the color of your date’s dress.  In fact, your prom date may have already purchased her prom gown from Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo so we probably already know the color of her gown!

In addition, several of our staff members currently attend local high schools so they understand exactly what choices you need to make and will guide you every step of the way.

Franco is fluent in Italian. Isaiah is fluent in Spanish. Our store is quite large and our customers diverse so we have all of these fine people to help you!

How Can I Get a Hold of Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo?

You can actually text us at 215-491-8500!  Yes, you read that correctly! Wendy and Franco, the owners of the store will personally answer your texts whether the store is open or not.  No one else answers those text messages other than the owners so you will not be speaking with a chat bot, computer or an outsourced service provider.

Of course you can always call us, submit an inquiry on our website HERE, message us on Facebook HERE, message us on Instagram HERE, message us on Google HERE, or do an online chat from our website HERE.  There are plenty of ways to get a hold of us, whether we are open or not.  We are always here to serve you. Yes, it is a commitment to provide all of these lines of communication to you but the owners feel that you deserve this level of service.

And for all of you who want to see some fun videos, we are on Tik Tok now: @dariannabridal

Do I Need an Appointment to Rent a Tuxedo or Suit for Prom?

No appointment is needed at all to choose and rent your prom suit or tuxedo from Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo.  We are open 7 days a week and you are welcome to come in any time.  Here are our Store hours:

Monday – Thursday Noon to 8 PM

Friday Noon to 5 PM

Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM

Sunday Noon – 5 PM

How Many Tuxedo and Suit Choices Do You Have?

We have 68 different tuxedo and suit styles available for rent with over 1,100 different choices in vests, bow ties, long ties and pocket squares. Most other places have no more than 7 to 9 choices.

We have tuxedos in all kinds of great colors: black, navy, cobalt blue, french blue, yale blue, hunter green, gray, burgundy,mulberry, red, ivory, white, and more!  We have patterned tuxedos, classic looking tuxedos and suits and some really fun and wild looking ones! Nowhere will you find a better selection with a friendly staff to help you choose the best styles and colors for you.

How Long Does It Take to Choose a Suit or Tuxedo?

We’ve gotten really good at this!  Our highly trained and experienced staff will take you through our large selection.  They will save you time by showing you only what you are interested in. Are you only interested in navy tuxedos?  Then they will only show you navy tuxedos or suits. Do you want gray, then they will give you a guided tour of our gray tuxedos.  Do you want to stay within a certain budget? Perfect! We will only show you tuxedos or suits that fit that budget. We won’t waste your time or money on something you are not interested in.

Typically, people spend about 10 – 15 minutes choosing a style of tuxedo and accessories.  We will advise you on what will look good with your date’s prom dress. We have an enormous choice of colors and styles of vests, bow ties, long ties, and pocket square.  One piece of advice: try to bring a swatch of her dress or a picture of her dress. This will help us match her color more closely. If you don’t have a picture or a dress swatch, we will do the best we can to match it to one of our 1,100 different swatch colors.

How Long Does It Take to Get Measured for a Tuxedo or Suit Rental?

It only takes about 10 minutes to get measured for a tuxedo.  You’ll love our unique method where we will have you try on a pair of pants, shirt, vest, jacket and shoes to make sure everything fits perfectly.  Our fitting garments are specifically made to determine precise measurements. You’ll understand exactly what we mean when you go through the process.  It’s quite a clever system that we use!

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Suit or Tuxedo?

At Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo, we don’t like surprises.  The good news is that the prices we give you include ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!  NO surprises! Our pricing includes: jacket, pants, any vest, any long tie or bow tie, any pocket square, an upgraded microfiber shirt, any shoes, cufflinks and studs. The pricing even includes damage waiver! With hundreds of accessory choices, you won’t have to compromise on choice because of price.

A word of caution: we often hear of stores offering pricing that seems too good to be true.  And as you guessed it, the pricing is too good to be true. Beware of pricing that sounds quite low.  It never includes everything that your son will need for prom and often will ultimately cost you more than the stated price due to add ons and premium accessory choices.  Fortunately, our pricing includes any accessories your son chooses and all and any garments that he wants, including the 10 different pairs of shoes that we offer. Once you choose your suit or tuxedo, that will be your price at checkout and no more.

If you happen to come across one of our tux reps in the area, there is an additional discount offered through them. Search around on social media to see who the local tux reps are.  They will show you how to receive an additional discount!

For Prom 2020, we have 68 different tuxedos and suits for rent at 7 package price points.

For an all inclusive package for designer tuxedo or suit rentals, we have plenty of choices and this year they range from Standard at $140 plus tax all the way up to Ultra at $240 plus tax with 5 price points in between.  Again, NO Surprises. These prices include everything you will need to attend prom. We like to say that all you will need are underwear, socks, and tee-shirt!

Would you like to earn a completely free tuxedo or suit rental for prom?  This can be done by being one of our tux reps.  It’s fun and really easy. Text us at 215-491-8500 and tell us you’d like to be a tux rep.  We’ll get you started right away! We give away a lot of tuxedo and suit rentals under this program every year.  The free tuxedo even includes our high end rentals! Wouldn’t it be cool to attend prom in one of our Michael Kors tuxedos that you earned as a Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo rep?!

What If I Don’t Need To Rent Every Item For Prom?

Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo does have partial-package rentals! We will give additional discounts when you don’t need to rent shoes or a vest. You can also rent individual items from us at a lower rate.  Let’s say you only need to rent a bow tie or just a vest or even a few items like a shirt vest and bow tie? We have pricing for that as well but since we have thousands of options, you would need to come into the store to find out the pricing of the individual items you are looking to rent.  We would be happy to help you with that as well.

If mom and dad are looking to save some money for the 2020 prom season, items one and two below give you an idea of the cost of renting a partial package:

  1. Partial: Black tuxedo jacket, black tuxedo pants, microfiber shirt, cufflinks and studs, damage waiver – $99 plus tax

  2. Partial: Black tuxedo jacket, black tuxedo pants, microfiber shirt, any vest, any long tie or bow tie, pocket square, cufflinks and studs, damage waiver – $125 plus tax

  3. Full/Standard: Black tuxedo jacket, black tuxedo pants, microfiber shirt, any vest, any long tie or bow tie, pocket square, shoes, cufflinks and studs, damage waiver – $140 plus tax

Because our pricing is so appealing, we can only offer them while supplies last so we suggest that you come in to secure your tuxedo as soon as possible.

We also have gray, navy, cobalt blue, paisley, red, psychedelic,velvet, white and ivory tuxedo and suit jackets!

How Old Are Your Tuxedos and Suits?

Our tuxedo and suit rental inventory is virtually new.  At Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo, we have a very unique electronic inventory system.  Every single garment (jacket, pants, ties, shoes, etc) has a barcode on it. When a garment is returned to our store, we scan the barcodes and the system checks the items back into our inventory system.  Each time a garment is returned, the inventory system reduces the number of times a garment can be rented. After the garment reaches the maximum number of rental times, we either sell it second hand, donate it or discard it.  We love supporting all of the local schools by donating our suits and tuxedos to band, choir and theater productions and often that’s where some of our inventory finds a permanent home. Most of our inventory is between brand new (never worn) to a maximum of 1 year old.  You’ll be stunned by how new all of our items look. We have a vigorous quality control system to make sure you will have the best looking suit or tuxedo for prom.

When Will My Prom Tuxedo Be Ready For Pickup?

Depending on when you order your tuxedo for prom, we typically have your tuxedo ready for pick up 4-7 days before prom, sometimes more, sometimes less.  The timing also depends on how popular a style you chose to rent. You are able to pick up the suit or tuxedo as soon as we notify you that it is ready at no additional charge, even if it is ready 10 days before prom.  It’s a great way to make sure you are not scrambling right before prom to pick up your suit or tuxedo.

We will either call or text you as soon as your suit or tuxedo is ready for pick up.  So make sure your voicemail is set up and your mailbox is not full!

When Does the Tuxedo or Suit Rental Need to Be Returned?

We request that you return your entire suit or tuxedo rental the day after the prom.  This will allow us to dry clean and prepare the rental for the next prom goer so he too can enjoy our wonderful tuxedos and suits.  Returning the suit or tuxedo late will cost $40 a day so we recommend that you have mom, dad or someone else return it if you are not available after prom.

When Should I Come in to Rent My Tuxedo or Suit?

With spring weddings and proms, this can be an intense time of year for everyone.  The sooner you come in to choose your tuxedo or suit, the more likely you will be able to rent your first choice.  Best case scenario is to come in 2 – 4 weeks before prom. Of course, we’ve had guys come in the week of prom or even a day before prom and we were able to help them, but again, if you come in sooner, you’ll have a better chance of wearing what you want to prom and mom and dad will most likely save more money.  Our lesser expensive tuxedos tend to run out faster. With a 55,000 square foot warehouse, we have more tuxedos and suits than anyone. However, even our inventory sometimes feels the strain of spring weddings and prom.

We try to make this as convenient as possible by being open 7 days a week.

Thank You for Your Time!

Thank you for taking the time to read our prom tuxedo and suit rental blog.  Never hesitate to text us at 215-491-8500 with any questions. We would be proud to help you.

Our family can’t wait to meet you!

Your Dress Has Arrived!

After months of waiting, your dress has arrived! The most meaningful and important dress you will ever wear. She’s waiting for you in the store to do your official try on! How exciting! But wait, why are you so nervous?

You’re nervous because:

1) you’re not going to like it anymore, and

2) it’s not going to fit

Every bride says the same thing. Some come in looking like they are  going to be sick from nerves.  It is completely understandable because you have waited many months for this day, looked at your photos the whole time with clips all over it, and probably kept looking at new/different dresses online.  You have now convinced yourself that you aren’t going to like it anymore. Not only that, but for whatever reason you have told yourself it won’t fit either.

And our response is always, “Your dress is gorgeous. Let’s go try her on and we will see.”

The reaction is overwhelmingly this: “IT’S GORGEOUS AND IT FITS AND OMG I STILL LOVE IT SO MUCH!”

That’s the best for us! We never say, “We told you so…” but we do think it 😉

It’s amazing for several reasons:

– New dresses are NEW. The lace, beading, shimmer… so much lovelier than the sample you tried on.  It’s your dress, but way BETTER.

– New dresses are in your size. No clips on the back, no holding the front to see the detailing on the back. You see it from every angle and it’s breathtaking!

– This new dress is YOUR dress. This is the dress you’re going to walk down the aisle in. In this dress, it’s going to hit you:  Holy sh*t, you’re getting married!!

The overwhelming excitement and joy is a feeling you will never forget!

Our bride Kaitlin, trying on her dress (appropriately named “Daria”) with the designer herself, Kitty Chen!


But remember – there are normal alterations that will be required and they are:

* Hem: which is shortening to floor length based on the shoes you will be wearing.

* Bustle: pulling the train up in the back to floor length. You will usually bustle your dress prior to entering the reception for your first dance. The bustle allows you to move freely about your evening without your train dragging behind.

Other adjustments that may be required:

* Straps (if your dress has them): adjusting to your shoulders for comfortable fit

* Bust: different cups or slight adjustments to provide a more secure fit and/or prevent gapping

* Take In/Let Out: some brides (most women in general!) are between sizes. This means that while one part of the dress could fit perfectly, another part may not.

These adjustments are easily made by a qualified bridal seamstress!

Do NOT be upset if part of your dress doesn’t fit perfectly at your try on, they rarely do.  Your dress will be adjusted to YOUR body.

If you have had a significant weight loss or gain, let your bridal store know prior to trying on. There are always options.

Our advice is to have your first fitting done 4-5 weeks before your wedding date. At that time, you are closest to your wedding size and should not require multiple fittings.

If you need more custom work done – such as the bride in the featured photo above who had sleeves detached – then ask your bridal consultant/seamstress for the best timeline.



Saying Yes… To the Tuxedo!

The Best Way to Style the Groom and Groomsmen

Have you ever wondered if a groom gets to have his Yes moment?  His look shows his style and personality, and makes his statement as the most important man at the wedding.

Brides get to say Yes to the Dress with all the cheers and excitement, right?  Now perhaps some guys aren’t into the “frills” like that, but we still would like some professional assistance and guidance in selecting the right look and feel great about it!

New 2020 suit style in French blue

Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo ensures grooms feel this level of service, attention, and care.  Grooms shouldn’t have to measure themselves or have a box sent to the house. How are you going to choose from a website photo?  Why should you have to work with someone who isn’t really interested in you or your wedding party? And who wants to be limited to a handful of tuxedos and settle for that?

This is your wedding.  You deserve a professional who will go the extra mile for you and your party. And the best part about all of this extra assistance and styling: Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo  does not charge you extra for this attention and professional advice. We rent thousands of tuxedos and suits every year. We see a lot of men (and even some women) in our 68 different styles of tuxedos and suits available for rent.  When you add the 1,100 or so different colors and styles of long ties, bow ties, vests and shoes that we carry, then we can probably say that we’ve seen more combinations of wedding attire than anyone one else in the Philadelphia region.

One of our favorite and probably most popular extras among our brides and grooms is our one-of-a-kind “Groom Try-on”. Just for the record, our second most popular service according to our customers is the ability to text our store telephone number!

At Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo, we map out a plan for you in choosing and trying on formal wear for you and your groomsmen.  Below are simple steps that we schedule for you to make things easy:

Wedding Tuxedo and Suit Rental Steps

  1. Initial hour-long face-to-face consultation to learn about different styles available.
  2. Choose two different tuxedos and/or suits to try on.
  3. When convenient for the bride and groom, schedule groom try on and the reveal.
  4. Thirty to sixty minute appointment to try on chosen suits or tuxedos in groom’s actual sizes.
  5. Once final attire decisions are made, begin measuring groomsmen, fathers, ring bearers and other guests.  Arrange for out of town guests to get measured for free anywhere in the country.

New Ike Behar for 2020 in Yale blue

Initial Tuxedo or Suit Appointment

Our initial tuxedo and suit rental appointment is very relaxed and fun.  The bride and groom can make an appointment online or text us at 215-491-8500.  In this appointment, the bride and groom sit down with one of our tuxedo and suit consultants for an hour and learn all about the 68 different styles that we offer for rent.  Coincidentally, about 35 of those styles are also available for purchase as well. We will show you actual tuxedos and suits in our store and give you a full wedding tuxedo and suit education.  We’ll also show you different long tie and bow tie styles, color swatches, numerous shirts and several different styles of shoes available. Our rental packages include everything. We like to tell our customers that all the guys will need for the wedding are underwear, socks, and Tshirt!  Everything else is provided.

Given our large selection of tuxedos and suits, we will simplify this hour for you and make it very easy to understand.  If the bride and groom only want to see navy tuxedos, we will only show them navy. At the end of this first appointment, our brides and grooms often say “this was a lot simpler than I thought”!  You will be surprised.

There are often a lot of laughs at the appointment as well.  As a family owned local business, we take personal care of you.

Next Step After First Appointment

From this initial appointment, the bride and groom will be given the opportunity to choose up to 2 full tuxedos or suits, or a combination of the two, two pairs of shoes, two shirts, 2 – 4 long ties or bow ties, or a combination of the two and 2 – 4 vests.

We often advise our customers to choose items that you would like to see both the groom and the groomsmen in.  That way, when the groom tries everything on, the couple will be able to see exactly what the groom and groomsmen will look like, even if they are wearing different tuxedos and accessories.

Some brides and grooms know exactly what they want and choose all the try on items at the first appointment.  Others want to think about it and either text us at a later date with their try on choices. Either method is perfectly fine with us.

Going the Extra Mile

This is the step where Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo really goes the extra mile.

Once we know all of the tuxedo, suit and accessory styles that the bride and groom have chosen, we then get to work.

We will pull together the groom’s chosen styles in his exact sizes.  Wait until you see the system we use to determine the groom’s exact sizes; it’s quite clever!  We will even hem the pants and jacket sleeves to the correct lengths. In order to prepare for the groom’s try on, we will put together the following packages as if it’s the couples’ wedding day and the groom is ready to get dressed:

  1. 2 Tuxedo and/or suit jackets in the groom’s exact size, sleeves custom hemmed.
  2. 2 – 4 vests in groom’s exact size.
  3. 2 different pairs of pants in groom’s exact size, pants length custom hemmed.
  4. 2 different shirts in groom’s exact size, including sleeve length.
  5. 2 – 4 different long ties or bow ties
  6. 2 pairs of shoes in groom’s exact size.
  7. Studs and cufflinks.
  8. Matching pocket squares.

The package is a fully dry cleaned, professionally altered and pressed tuxedo or suit rental just for the groom to try on to see how he and the bride like the styles and look.  Really cool, right?!

We learned a long time ago that it’s very difficult to choose your wedding attire from trying on something that doesn’t fit you.  Who wants to try on something that looks like your father’s jacket on you when you were a kid?! Additionally, knowing how this color bow tie will look with that tuxedo is tough to determine without seeing it on.  It’s also difficult to see the entire look when you are trying on only a portion of the items.

We’ve solved all of these issues by)allowing the groom to play dress up with all of the exact attire and accessories in his exact sizes.  In addition, you’ll even get to see how high quality our suits and tuxedos are by trying on our actual rental inventory, not samples.

New Allure tuxedo for 2020 in Mulberry

The (Second) Biggest Day, Or Maybe the Third!

With 2 – 3 business days notice, we can put together the groom’s look and chosen items.  We prefer a little more time than that, but we can do it with as little as two to three days notice!

Either at the initial appointment or at a later date, the bride and groom schedule their groom try on appointment.  Most schedule this by text message, others do it online.  Do what is easiest for you.

The try on appointment is an hour long.  We sit the bride at one of our round top tables and stools while the groom is set up in one of our large and private dressing rooms.

Couples are encouraged to take photos and videos of the groom in his different style choices. Seeing the tuxedo before your own eyes makes it so much easier for people to envision what they will look like on their wedding day, which makes our couples feel much more comfortable in their final attire selection.

Watching a groom emerge from the dressing room in a full tuxedo is very special.  He goes into the room in jeans and comes out a whole new man. As a tuxedo consultant, seeing the glint in the eyes of our brides when the perfect tuxedo comes together for her groom, as well as watching the groom taking himself in looking exceptional, is so special for us.  We love being part of it!

Come into Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo, and take advantage of our try-on service!  There is no measuring yourself, no shipping back and forth to choose your look.  We ship nationwide to your grooms/bridesmen, but for you, visit us. We are professionals who will assist you, answer your questions, and take care of you for the most important day of your life.  Just like your fiance will have help and guidance with her wedding dress, you deserve equal care at this time too!

Our family is personally invested in assisting you as you create your own family. Make your appointment today to begin your Groom journey!

Where Will You Honeymoon in 2020-2021?

The wedding is over, enter the honeymoon phase! After the planning madness and the whirlwind of your best day ever, you get to  enjoy  ALONE time with your spouse.  What a Cloud 9 feeling to close your eyes and picture this!

Have you put thought into your honeymoon yet?

Do you need the advice of a travel agent, complete with tours and packages? Maybe you’re a do-it-yourselfer, just get somewhere and wing it.  There are so many things you can do that you must talk about how you want to spend your honeymoon.

Which one are you, calm and peaceful?

Or daring and extreme?

Or both? Tell your travel agent to find what activities you want (or don’t want).

What about food? Are you an American fare, steak and potato type?

Or have a more international palette?

Or both? Again, tell your travel agent and get your perfect trip booked!

Before we get to the current popular destinations, let’s list some other questions to answer and ideas to ponder.

  • Do you want to stay domestic or travel abroad?
  • Do you like all-inclusive packages with food and drink?
  • Do you want to relax or pack in the activities?
  • Do you want to be surrounded by people or more excluded?
  • Are you stressed at the thought of travel, afraid to fly, etc?
  • Would you consider a cruise?
  • How much do you want to spend on your honeymoon?
  • Do you want to get married at your destination location?

If you’re thinking of traveling abroad, there are some amazing places like Italy’s Amalfi Coast (pictured below), Santorini and Mykonos in Greece, Figi, Bali, Tahiti, and Bora Bora to name just a few.

While we are on the subject of traveling abroad, please take note of your passport! If you change your name but it doesn’t appear on your passport, you’re not leaving the country. It takes some time to change your passport and other documents over so make sure you have that in place well in advance of your trip.

Domestically, the top choice is always the Hawaiian Islands. Oahu, Maui, and Molokai are beautiful places to honeymoon. Also popular are places like California Wine Country (Sonoma Valley pictured above), Miami and Orlando in Florida, Jackson Hole, WY and Park City, UT (skiing, anyone?), or any of the incredible National Parks. Fall weddings can consider Vermont for breathtaking scenery.

Cruising is also a popular option and can take you to a number of great places for you to experience in one trip. Consider cruising the Greek Islands, Australia, the Mediterranean including Spain, France, and Italy, or perhaps Alaska.  There are always good packages and specials running for cruises and some offer special bonuses for honeymooners. Some cruise ships can hold over 5,000 guests so if you and your sweetheart are people-people, this could be ideal for you!

Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo is always vetting the best partners in the business, and we have recently added Helen Baxter-Amelsberg with Dream Vacations in Furlong, PA. She is a well-seasoned traveler, both domestically and internationally, and can lead you to the most perfect honeymoon to celebrate your new life together, or arrange the most perfect destination wedding and honeymoon in one. She’s also super friendly and fun and will make the process exciting for you.

Whether it’s peace and quiet or extreme action and adventure, anywhere on the globe, Helen can exceed expectations. Watch our social for the next in-store event with Helen coming in March! As a Darianna Bride herself just last year, she’ll have special presents for you!




What If I Don’t Want To Wear A Veil?

You’re not alone if you are feeling on the fence, or just flat-out don’t want to wear a veil.  It’s okay! We believe the only way to go wrong on your wedding day look is to agree to something that isn’t right for you!

We’ve done blogs on veils, the styles, lace and beaded edges, lengths, etc., but what if it’s just not your thing?  Does that blusher piece over the face makes you cringe thinking of walking down the aisle like that?

Maybe you have tried them on and while you may appreciate the look on other brides and perhaps even seen your own look come together while veiled and standing in your own mirror, but something is amiss. It’s just not you.

Can you still feel like a bride sans that oh-so-traditional accessory?

Of course you can!  Here are some tried and true options and suggestions.

How about a headband, a small metal piece with a bit of sparkle? This lovely addition stays pinned in your hair all evening. There are many different varieties of the headband.

Some can be pinned into your hair or you can find beautiful ones that tie in the back under your hair, leaving pretty ribbons flowing down the back. Add colored ribbons or gemstones for a personal touch.

Perhaps a larger piece like a thicker band or a tiara to add lots of formality and fun for the Princess on her day!

Outdoor ceremony? A flower crown (or even flowers woven into the hair) is a gorgeous, earthy option that lends softness and romance. Add greenery, color, berries, sparkle, whatever you love! You can add ribbons to crowns as well to take it up a boho notch.

Glam wedding? Try a bird cage or a fascinator, add some color if you want. An amazing way to throw your look back to a time of gilded sophistication and pomp!

Considering an up-do on your day? What about a bridal comb to top it off:

Or a beautiful set of hair pins:

Maybe you’re not into anything at all in your hair.  Perhaps you’d like a wrap, a jacket, detachable sleeves, a cape, an accessory other than a veil.

Do not wear anything that feels like a costume or phony.  You need to feel beautiful and confident so you shine as your authentic self. Try on all these different pieces with your dress and see what feels right.

Remember: the only way you can go wrong on your day is if you agree to something you know isn’t right for you. Don’t just choose a veil (or any piece!) because you feel you have to, because everyone else does it, because tradition says so.

Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo has all of these accessory pieces and more! Make your appointment and let our consultants show you different looks to make your vision come to life.

Bride Tribe: How to Choose Your Wedding Party

Choosing your wedding party is another exciting part of being a bride to be! Who is standing by your side when you say, “I do” is a  personal choice and we have some advice for you to consider.

When we say personal, it is very personal.  Your closest and most trusted persons should be by your side. Blood is thicker than water in many cases, but not all. Do not ask someone because you are “expected” to. This is your day and you want all good and positive vibes.

Talk to your fiancee first and make sure you are on the same page about the following:

  • Size of wedding: Are you having a small wedding with 25 guests? A bash with 400? This is helpful in either pairing down the party or extending it out.
  •  Reciprocity: Were you a maid/MOH in other weddings? Do not feel that you must have someone in your wedding party just because you were in theirs.
  • The future: Can you see this person by your side if you have children, being in your life still in 20+ years? Do not ask someone simply because you need more people or feel obligated.
  • Consider their financial/logistical position: Saying yes to a maid/man role comes with a cost, and it may cause financial pressure for that person.  Does he/she live out of state and will incur extra travel costs? Are they between jobs, or in school? He/she could wind up dropping out and causing anxiety on both sides.
  • Equal number: Do not stress over this. It does not have to be equal on both sides.
  • Do not worry about traditions or opinions. Do what feels right, it’s your day. If there is someone you think you should ask out of obligation but you foresee drama, do yourself (and the rest of your party) a favor and give that person a different role in your wedding.
  • If the thought of a large wedding party causes you anxiety, then make it simple! Have one or two people who are closest to you.

Consider these people carefully. They play a pivotal role in your day and you will want to be surrounded by supportive and reliable people to help you.  Make a list of those you are thinking of asking and then assign the roles.

Maid/Matron/Man of Honor

Your maid of honor, matron of honor (if she’s already married), or man of honor (MOH) will be your right-hand person both before and during the big day.

Your MOH will be in charge of delegating tasks to the other bridesmaids, assisting with dress selection and fittings, organizing and hosting special events like your shower, bachelorette party, and other important milestones with you. She’ll also be the go-to contact on the day for any emergency issues that might arise.

This person should be supportive, organized, and positive, someone you trust completely, who knows you better than anyone.


Your bridesmaids/men will play a huge part in the preparation and planning of your big day! They’ll help the MOH organize your pre-wedding celebrations and help with DIY projects.

You will also spend the morning of your wedding with them getting prepared for the big day. You’ll want to surround yourself with people that you can truly relax and have fun with.

Best Man/Woman

The best man/woman will be your groom’s number one sidekick in the lead up to the wedding day.  This person needs to be reliable in order to take these responsibilities on board. He/She should also be somebody that keeps cool under pressure and can take control of group situations like formal attire measurements and fittings, and the bachelor party.


Your groomsmen/maids will be there to support the groom in any way possible and complete any tasks delegated to them by the best man/woman.

This group will greet and mingle with guests on the day by welcoming them to the ceremony, sometimes accompanying guests to their seats. Your chosen groomsmen/maids should be dependable and friendly.

Once someone has accepted their role, you should give a thank you gift as a sign of your appreciation.  These gifts show your gratitude for the place they have in your day. Some of our favorites for the maids are jewelry, matching robes, champagne, gift box with chocolates and coffee, Bride Tribe tee shirts, a spa day, etc.  For the guys, we love the engraved flasks, good liquor, tickets to a game, etc.

You can see why it is important for many reasons to choose the right people to be in your wedding party. It’s a super exciting time in your life and you want those around you who feel that, too!

We can’t wait to meet you and your wedding party! Make your appointment so we can show you great looks for the bride, maids, and men!


Making Your Wedding Dress Your Own

From the moment a bride steps into our store, it is our job to help her envision herself up at the altar in her dress on her big day. The questions of “how are you going to do your hair” or “what kind of jewelry are you going to wear” always arise when the bride gets close to saying “yes!” to her dress. These questions help the bride develop her sense of self and highlight her own unique style.


If you are a bride struggling to find a bridal look that feels like “yours”, we have some tips for you!
While some brides will come in and find many dresses that they love, we do encounter some brides who have been searching to no avail, or brides who can’t commit and have become frustrated with the process. This is when we try to help the bride construct the dress that she has been dreaming of!
One such way is by adding straps. We have seen an increase in the number of brides who do not want strapless dresses, but try one on and think it would be the one if only it had straps. We have all kinds of detached straps (from spaghetti to full on long sleeves) that we love to play with to help brides determine which kind they like best! From cap illusion with lace and beading to match the dress, to simple plain or beaded straps, to the dreamy off shoulder romantic boho look, being able to customize the straps gives brides the ability to create a one-of-a-kind dress that is all her own.
Another addition that can really make a dress unique to its owner is adding a detachable skirt. This option is perfect for the bride who is in love with both fuller and fitted skirts and does not want to compromise. It really lets the bride make a statement with her dress while allowing more of her style to shine.  Keep it fitted underneath the princess skirt overtop!
Adorning your dress with a belt is another way to help your personality shine through on your dress! Brides who like some sparkle have plenty of options when it comes to beaded belts. Many belts also tie in pearls which gives you flexibility in the jewelry you have to choose from, as well.
There is also the option to add a belt that does not have as much sparkle, but floral elements instead. Floral belts are perfect for the brides who are having an outdoor wedding and want the elements of nature to be tied into her look! For brides who have a color scheme they love, adding a colored sash to the waist of their dress might be a great option.
Whether you choose a color to match the bridal party or want to accent your ivory dress with a touch of champagne, this is the perfect way to have your personality shine through on your big day.
Jewelry is a very personal touch with an incredible power to make brides feel like their style is all there. Many brides will use pieces of jewelry that was passed down by relatives as their “something old”. This familial tie-in brings in a sense of belonging when being in a wedding dress can feel a little unnatural.
Some brides will begin to picture themselves with their hair all done and consider the different kinds of earrings, necklaces, or bracelets they might want to wear with the dress they love. When a bride feels like her dress alone may not be enough to fit her style, the flexibility with jewelry can often times complete and personalize the overall look.
Once the bride feels like herself in the dress, the next option is shoes! Many brides tell us that their need to be comfortable on their wedding day is a top priority and will opt for flat shoes or some with a small heel. We have seen many brides who even choose bridal sneakers! Kate Spade and Keds are two brands that have gorgeous sparkly sneakers with silky laces and are guaranteed to be comfortable while the happy couple dances the night away.
Some of our awesome edgy brides have even chosen Doc Marten’s or combat boots as their wedding day shoe!
For our girls who have a country or rustic theme, cowboy boots are a great way to tie the theme into their style. Shoes are also a great way to tie colors into the look. We have had brides who have used their shoes at their “something blue” or as an accent to their color scheme, and it looks great!
Like most accessories, there are plenty of shoes to choose from that will allow a bride to express her individuality through her wedding attire. Just a word of advice… go for comfort…
The easiest way to add to a bridal look is with a veil. If you’re a bride looking for a little spunk or old Hollywood glam, a birdcage veil might be a great option for you!
For a bride saying yes to a dress that is a little more on the simple side, dressing it up with a cathedral veil (photo above) with a lace trim border can add a bit of drama without the commitment of having so much detail. There are hundreds of veil options to choose from between the length and detail (lace, beading, corded edge) that can help bring your vision to life.
For those brides who do not want a veil, you still have plenty of options! Our bohemian brides love to tie aspects of flowers into their style. We have seen numerous brides opt for flower crowns or weave flowers into their hair. Some ballroom or Disney weddings call for a sparkly tiara or a blingy headband!

Here at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo, we have tons of accessories! An amazing selection of veils, belts, headbands, combs, and clips for brides to choose from to fit their individual style. And our stylists are phenomenal at offering options that you may have not considered yourself. Make your appointment and let’s make your dress YOUR dress!

Beyond Yes To The Dress

In my opinion, there are no coincidences. Things happen that defy logic, like deja vu, karma, or even signs from beyond that make us profoundly sad, yet simultaneously grateful and connected.

In this blog, we tell some powerful stories from our brides in our store, that show when you are saying Yes, there may be divine intervention…

My favorite story happened about two years ago. A bride came to us after numerous shopping trips. Her mother told me privately that she was so disappointed that she wasn’t finding anything she liked. The process had become a chore and to add to it, her mother – the bride’s grandmother – had recently passed away and they were very very emotional. Grandmom was going to buy her dress and they spoke often of how much fun they would have when the time came to go dress shopping. The time arrived, but they were not having any fun at all.

The bride did not want to shop anymore, yet agreed – on Mom’s urging – to go to one more store.  We were well over an hour away, Mom “randomly” chose to come to us.

With that knowledge, I went about the appointment quite differently.

I told the bride I understood it hadn’t been fun and she wasn’t into it, but since she was here, let’s pick out a few dresses you think are “crazy”.  Ones you would never wear. Let’s start with ones you wouldn’t consider and see how you feel.  No pressure.

She agreed and said it is much easier to find ones she didn’t like. After looking through every dress, she chose three.  The first 2 we laughed and took pictures and she had a little fun.  The 3rd dress she said she purposely saved for last.  She said, “I don’t understand this one. I’d never pick this out otherwise, it’s totally not me, but I am drawn to it.”  I said, “Let’s put it on.”

“Mom, I like this one,” said bride. “It’s has nothing I want, but I really like it. I don’t want to take it off and I haven’t felt good in any dress but this.”

Mom said, “I’m glad you said that, because as soon as you came out I loved it on you!”

Bride was looking for a plain, simple dress, no “frills or bedazzle” she said. She said she wanted a dress that was “quiet” but pretty.

This dress she connected to was a fully beaded fit to flare with a beaded illusion back and cap sleeve – it was almost the exact opposite of what she was looking for.

“I actually really like this one.  How did this happen?” She laughed and the mood completely changed. “Mom, this is my dress, I can’t believe it, I absolutely love this dress and I have no idea why!”

“The dress is named ‘Aster’,” I said.

They both shot me the strangest look and trust me, it was awkward. Really awkward. Mom put her hands over her face and sobbed.  Bride stood there not moving.  All I could say was, “I’m so sorry” because I couldn’t imagine what just happened.

Turns out, Grandmom loved flowers but there was one flower in particular that was everywhere – in her yard, paintings in her house, painted on dishwear, needle-pointed pillows – everywhere.  Her favorite flower was Aster. It was Grandmom showing she was dress shopping with them after all. Lead them to a “random” store, lead Bride to pick a dress that she’d “never consider wearing” named after her favorite flower.  Talk about a strong connection.


Another bride came in just a few months ago.  She was so on edge and was talking so fast about not wanting to try on and not wanting to be “in this position”.  I asked her if something had happened recently and how could I help make the experience easier for her.  She said, “My mother just passed. I am very scattered and emotional and I know I don’t look good so when people tell me I look beautiful in dresses I think they’re just trying to make a sale. I need a sign, Mom send me a sign…” and she closed her eyes.  Truth be told, I had to hold back tears.

I told her we would take very good care of her as her consultant – who had not heard any of this conversation – came to the front to introduce herself.  Our consultant gave her a big smile and said, “Hi, I’m Sharon and I’m so happy to meet you.”  The bride started crying and hugged ME.  She found her sign.  Her mother’s name was Sharon.


One of our brides purchased a dress and it fit her perfectly at try on.  She then lost a lot of weight before the wedding. She went for her fitting and was told it was impossible to alter it down to her new size and her wedding was only 3 weeks away.  She came in the store and said, “I know the answer is no, but the girls at work told me to just ask.  Can I swap this dress for a smaller one or is there anything you can do?” One of our consultants said, “Isn’t that the misordered dress in the back?”  It was indeed the same dress.  We pulled it out – brand new and FOUR sizes smaller – it fit like a glove.  She said, “You’d do this for me?!”  I told her, “Of course. It was ordered last year by mistake and it’s not doing us any good hanging here,” and I showed her the ticket.  Her eyes got huge.  “Oh my gosh, it was ordered it on my birthday!”  Well, that was meant to be! 🙂


We had a bride in several years ago whose sister passed away.  She brought in a large support group and it was emotional for them because her sister would have been Maid of Honor.  She found her perfect dress and was super excited, and we needed to find the perfect belt for it.  We tried and tried and found some that were really nice and looked great, but not quite right.  Remembering one on display on a mannequin, we took that one off and brought it over.  It was perfect!  It totally transformed the dress into perfection! When she looked closer, she said, “No way,” and got very still.  “It’s a butterfly.” The perfect belt was a crystal and pearl butterfly design. The butterfly was their symbol for her late sister.  We all stayed quiet for a few minutes to take in the emotions.  We went through over 30 belts to find the perfect one, and the perfect one turned out to be incredibly meaningful and truly a sign.

These are just some of our beyond Yes stories. Maybe you have a Beyond story that you want to share? We’d love to hear it!

Dress Shopping For Brides With Chronic Illness or Mobility Impairment

In this blog, we focus on helping brides with specific needs for chronic illness or mobility impairment.

Choosing a bridal gown is a fun, exciting, and sometimes daunting task. Every bride deserves the day, and the gown, of her dreams! To make the most of your bridal appointment, think about any features of your gown that will allow you to focus on having a wonderful time with your loved ones on the day.

For brides who will be using a wheelchair:

Ask the bridal store if there are stairs or any obstacles that would be difficult for a wheelchair to move about.  When you try on dresses, you want room to maneuver so you can get a feel for the movement each dress provides.

Consider which silhouette will match your vision and also be comfortable.

What are the day to day struggles with your disability? Is a tight-fitting dress going to cause pain? Will a layered, poofy dress cause body temperature issues? Tell your stylist what your specific concerns are so she can guide you.

If you find the perfect “feeling” dress but think something is missing, consider adding a sparkly belt and jewelry accessories that would work for you.

Note:  Some of the headbands and tiaras are so beautiful and tight fitting.  These can easily cause headaches and migraines. Make sure if you have a head piece that you wear it before the wedding to test that out.

Also, you have choice in fabrics. Silks and satins are unforgiving and can be uncomfortably restricting. Many designers offer what’s called a “perfecting satin” which is a smooth fabric with a stretch. Lightweight, super comfortable, and ultra pretty, these are dresses you’ll love in various colors, silhouettes, and details.

Some beading and laces can cause skin reactions, or just be uncomfortable and scratchy. Make sure to note this and if you like the look, tell your stylist who can pull a different type of lace or one with beading that doesn’t come into contact with your skin directly.

While many gowns are easier to step into, consider whether you’d prefer a gown that you could put on over your head.

For brides who will be using a walker or cane:

Perhaps a gown with a detachable overskirt or train would work. That way, you get to keep the volume down the aisle with worrying about tripping or catching the front of your gown and then take it off for a light and easy look during your reception

For brides with hemiplegia/paresis or difficulty with manual dexterity, consider changing a lace-up corset back (or one with buttons and loops) to a hidden zipper, or even one with snaps. A good bridal seamstress can do this for you.

For brides with generalized movement difficulty (e.g., myasthenia gravis) or who may fatigue more easily:

Those who fatigue easily can often be more sensitive to temperature. The solution may be… layers! Add bolero jacket with sleeves to a strapless gown .

Or, add detachable sleeves to a gown with straps.

The bridal store you choose should have a good seamstress they work with,  one that knows construction and can offer you options to make your dress even more perfect for you. It will bring you more peace of mind and keep you feeling great and your stress level low.

Choosing a bridal gown is a fun, exciting, and sometimes daunting task. Don’t let anything get in your way, including needing a little help getting down the aisle.  Visit us at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo!

The Wedding Experience: From A Guest Perspective

We recently had the good fortune to be guests at several weddings of friends of ours.  Working in the wedding industry doesn’t always afford us the opportunity to see the end result and it was really fun to be a guest and not just a vendor!

We thought a great blog would be to tell you some of the feedback we hear from the guests when the wedding is over (returning tuxedos, preserving the dress, etc.),  as well as some of our own thoughts on how to make sure your guests have a great experience.

The Ceremony:

All of these weddings were lovely.  Not only a beautiful locations, but they all started ON TIME.  That was amazing! Loved that! Please don’t be fashionably late on your wedding.

After your ceremony, is there a delay until the reception?  If there is, how long is it?  If it is more than a couple of hours, consider having something for your guests to do, or a place to go to wait and have some food.  The delay we experienced was hours long and hard to fill.

Cocktail Hour:

How many guests are coming – and what will cocktail hour look like? What kind of layout is there, and will the lines be long? How much food is there, will they run low or out?

At two of the weddings, the food was everywhere! At another one, they ran out very quickly at cocktail hour (the unhappiest guests are the unfed ones).

Are there tables or enough seating areas? Standing to eat, along with a drink in hand, is impossible.  Make sure your guests have plenty of places to put their plates and drinks down.

Is the bar open? How many bartenders will you have?  Make sure there are enough to eliminate long lines.

Is there a photo op area? Or a photobooth? This is a fun way for your guests to capture the day. One of the weddings we went to had a flower wall that was a really neat backdrop!

The Reception:

Place Cards – You may think the tiny, scripted font looks beautiful, but it is exceptionally hard for some guests to read. (My personal experience at one wedding: I walked around a circular table three times picking up cards to see what letter we were at. I thought the S was a J so I walked around to the other side to find the F that I thought was a T so back to the other side… it was awful.)  Please, consider a more readable font, especially if you have a large number of guests.

For other seating arrangements, do this task with the mindset of how to make it easy for your guests to find their place.

Music – Consider doing a sound check for the toasting and dinner portions. Read that again and give it even more consideration.

One wedding I felt was somewhat ruined by the noise level, and I know I wasn’t the only one feeling that way.  The emcee was shouting into the microphone to introduce the wedding party, and we still couldn’t hear anything because the band was playing so loud. It was just yelling over incredibly loud music and none of the guests could understand or hear the names and many guests had their hands covering their ears. Make sure the band understands the acoustics of the room and does a sound check!

Toasts – Advice to anyone at your wedding giving a toast:   speak slowly and speak up.  These speeches are amusing for sure, but filled with “inside jokes” that most of your guests don’t understand so while the toast giver may be nervous, it is a definite plus if they can be heard and understood.  Also…

Limit the speeches. We were at one where there were six.  Not only did we not understand any of them because we couldn’t hear, it took forever. We noticed even the wait staff seemed frustrated because they didn’t know when to start serving. Perhaps do some at the rehearsal dinner if you have that many.

Dinner – Whatever the food, please consider dinner music.  In the background.  Please.  When the band blares during dinner, none of your guests can talk to each other. After dinner, heck yes turn up the volume! But during dinner when guests are trying to speak with each other, consider having the music at a level that encourages that.

Personal note: One of the events we attended had lovely dinner music and it really set a nice tone to the evening and we were able to speak to many of the guests. Getting to know them definitely added to the fun once the music did get turned up and the party was fantastic!

Greetings – Depending on the size of  your wedding, speaking to everyone at length may not be possible, but definitely make a point to go to each table and greet ALL of your guests.  Also, if the bride or groom has never met someone at your wedding, be sure to make the introduction!

Favors – Personally, I have mixed feelings on favors. While I love the idea and some are so creative and special, many are left on the tables. I always feel bad when I think someone went to the trouble and so many are just thrown away.  If someone has a better idea  other than favors, or a favor no one would leave behind, I’d love to hear it.

Thank You Notes – Etiquette says that your guests have a year to send a gift and I am one of those people who actually sends one after the wedding.  It’s hard to wait a year to send a thank you note, however, give a little bit of time (maybe a few months?) to see if something will arrive from a guest who did not bring a gift on your day. Maybe something will show up at your home from your registry or even a personalized gift 🙂

Your wedding is the biggest party you will throw and you want to make sure your guests remember it for the great parts. Ask friends and co-workers about weddings they have gone to where something could have been done better or what was great about it – you could gain some more insight to wow your guests! Hopefully this blog was a good start!