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The Plus Sized/Curvy Bride

I can’t stand that term “plus size”.  Fortunately it seems to be on its way out in favor of the new descriptor “curvy”  which I love because you then picture a beautiful bride, perfectly filling out her dress.

There are brides who know they are in this category. Some will inquire ahead of time asking if we carry plus size wedding dresses. Typically plus means sizes 18 and up.

There are also brides who are very surprised to find their size in bridal falls into plus, due to wedding dresses running 1-2 sizes smaller than regular sizing. Let’s talk about this.

So let’s say your normal size is a 14, and you come in and try on wedding dress in a size 14 and it’s not even close to zipping. This is a very real situation and has nothing to do with you not being a size 14. You try a 16 and still no… but you have never been an 18 in anything – what is happening?

Nothing. That is simply the way bridal sizing runs. Designers size charts are easily available to look at online and they clearly do not represent accurate sizing consistent with the times. Since that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon, it’s something to know and more importantly, not care about.

“Here’s to all of us who aren’t size 6.”

Jess showing Morilee’s Suki dress

My new favorite quote from our bridal stylist Jess. She said it while taking this pic knowing, girls in the 18+ sizes would love this dress. Jess loves working with our curvy brides most because she knows there are dresses that will make them look and feel beautiful.

Read on for some genuine words from her to help you get started on your search:

This is written from a curvy bride to a curvy bride. Really no matter what size you are we all want the same thing, to look incredible on our wedding day.

One of our most loved curvy dresses “Rosemarie”

It took me a while to realize it but it’s not your size that determines this, it’s your confidence. When you feel amazing in a dress, your beauty just radiates. You have a certain glow that can not be denied.

I am excited to be back in bridal and helping to choose the most beautiful dresses to bring into the store for my curvy brides. We have some of the top designers and are bringing in their new and best dresses in sizes up to 30!

Gorgeous in strapless Casablanca

It’s important to try different things because curves don’t lie (haha!) but seriously certain bodies look amazing in certain styles. Try a few and see how you feel. You’ll know your style soon enough!

It’s such an amazing feeling when I get a bride in a dress and she just knows… that’s the one. To all my curvy brides out there: do not settle, your dress is out there and hopefully you can come let me help you find it!

We are delighted to have Jess back with us again! And with dresses in all sizes from all of our designers, there is no reason you have to be anxious or search all over for your yes dress! Make your appointment here and if you want, request Jess! Her research (constantly trying on and evaluating the curvy dresses) will be of immense benefit to you!