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3 Best Plus Size Wedding Dress Silhouettes

When shopping for your bridal gown as a plus size bride-to-be, you may be wondering what style dress will flatter you the most. The fact is, any of them! When they are tailored to fit your body and you feel secure and beautiful, any silhouette will be perfect! These are the three best plus size wedding dress silhouettes in our store.

1- Mermaid

There is no better shape to show off curves like a mermaid. The structure is such that it will hug everywhere and with the flared out skirt the balance is evened out. Mermaids can come in all necklines, from high neck halter to plunging strapless and this is where you can really make a statement!

Depending on your bust, you may or may not want to consider strapless. Larger bust brides may want to try on something with additional life and support such as a V-neck or a sweetheart with thin straps. So flattering, and a deeper plunge is an option when you are supported properly!

Medium and smaller busts can try out the above as well, but also strapless. Consider adding off the shoulder or detachable sleeves for two different looks. More modest brides may want a higher neck like a bateau.

Try on different necklines to see which one you feel best in and ask for trusted opinions if you aren’t sure. And keep in mind if you are a dancer, mermaids restrict movement in your legs so if you love mermaid but intend to dance the night away, you may want a second reception dress for the party!

2- A-line

The A-line shape is flattering on every body. The fun part of this shape is that you get to choose where the waist falls: is a natural waist or a dropped waist for you?

The natural waist is at the smallest part of your waist, usually where your hands are when you put your hands on your hips. This placement works well if you have a longer torso and balances your shape out nicely. If you have a shorter torso, this can make the bottom half look much longer. If you love the natural waist but have a short torso, a plunge neckline can give the illusion it’s longer.

The dropped waist hugs down farther on the hips. While still giving the A-line shape, the drop allows for extra detail on the bodice and adds a smoother transition to the full skirt.

3 – Sheath

A sleek and contemporary option that can be sexy or conservative, this style has no crinoline or flaring, just a simple straight line down. The sheath can also have different necklines, beading, and fabrics depending on your preference and formality of the wedding. Our plus sized brides who aren’t into the full skirts love the way this silhouette makes them look and feel like a modern bride.

Make sure you try all of these shapes on when you are hunting for your dress. Call ahead to the bridal shops, ask about their plus sized options, and make sure they have a good selection for you to try within your budget. Ensure they have professional stylists who know the best plus size wedding dress silhouettes and can make recommendations and give you ideas for modifications, accessories, etc.

Take your time and trying on all of the plus size wedding dress silhouettes and see which one makes you want to say Yes!