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What is an A-line Wedding Dress?

The A-line silhouette is one of the most traditional, frequently requested, and purchased, dress styles. This style looks flattering on everyone!

A-line wedding dress by Monica Loretti
Traditional a line wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline and long sleeves

As you probably figured out, it is named after its shape which resembles the letter “A.” The dress is fitted at the top, typically with a fitted bodice or corset, and then gradually flares out from the waist to the hemline, creating a silhouette that is wider at the bottom than at the top. This style dress can have many different neck lines. There are strapless sweetheart, V-neck, scoop or square neck and a variety of straps or sleeves. The “A” typically refers to the shape of the skirt.

Different necklines on a line wedding dresses by Madi Lane

Different neck lines on A-line wedding dresses:

(L-R) V-neck, Square, sweetheart plunge, sweetheart off the shoulder, and V-neck plunge. These can come in any fabric as well, the most common being tulle, however organza holds the shape nicely as well. The skirt can have tiers or layers to give it even more detail and movement. Crinoline can be added underneath as well to make the skirt even fuller.

For those brides who do not want it “poofy”, there is a slim A-line which is the same shape and flatters the same, it just does not have as much volume and would be made in lighter fabrics such as charmeuse and chiffon.

The skirt of this style wedding dress is made to enhance movement and create a soft, romantic look. They can also be made with more structured fabrics like satin or mikado for a more formal or traditional style.

Long sleeve A-Line dresses in luxe satin from Madi Lane
Long sleeve A-Line dresses in luxe satin by Madi Lane

One of the reasons this shape is so popular is not only because it is the most traditional, but because it is versatile and flattering on all body types. It highlights the waist and flares out over the hips and thighs, creating a balanced silhouette. This shape is different from a ball gown. A ball gown has a definite waste, but the volume begins immediately and its shape is much more rounded. Where the A-line style gradually gets wider, the ball gown is flared from the waist.

The A-line dress never goes out of style and is a great option for brides who want a timeless, elegant look. Be sure to try on this silhouette when shopping for your dress to see if an A-line is for you!

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