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Wedding Dress Wednesday: Raquel from Beloved Bridal

Meet: Raquel

Designer: Beloved Bridal by Casablanca

Raquel from Beloved Bridal
Raquel from Beloved Bridal

Why We Love Her: Raquel has a flawless balance between modern and classic that all brides will enjoy! She consists of a gorgeous fit and flare silhouette that will show off and flatter all natural curves of the bride. On top, Raquel has a beautiful large floral lace that is complemented with iridescent shimmering sequins. Together they are the perfect combination!

Raquel's bodice has a deep V plunge and can be lined as shown or unlined
The bodice has a deep V plunge and can be lined (as shown) or unlined

Beginning with her bodice, Raquel has a stunning deep plunge neckline that is filled in with small mesh piece in order to hold together the bodice, leaving no chance of worry for the bride! Beneath all the detail and lace, Raquel is constructed with strong boning that keeps a structured bodice and ensures the dress stays in place the entire day: sitting, dancing, and all! She is then finished with delicate beaded spaghetti straps that give the perfect transition into her back.

Raquel has a Gorgeous Double V back with illusion lace and buttons
Gorgeous Double V back with illusion lace and buttons

Raquel’s back makes a statement by itself! It consists of a sexy, low, scoop back with illusion mesh lace that lets the bride show just the right amount of skin. The mesh is then enclosed with buttons, and who doesn’t love buttons! Moving down to the train, Raquel has an alluring long train that will graciously flow with the bride. The lining of the train stops about a foot shorter than the top layer of lace which showcases the lace even more and creates a light and airy train that will be easy to bustle (the bridesmaids will thank the bride later)!

Raquel is available in a variety of different colors which will allow all brides to find their perfect match! Those colors include: ivory/ivory, champagne/nude/ivory, diamond white/ivory, white/white, ivory/nude/ivory (shown in store pictures), and sorbet/nude/ivory. She also has the unique ability to be ordered lined (shown in store photos) and unlined (see model photo below).

Beautiful back and layered train Raquel and easy dress to bustle.
Beautiful back and layered train

She’s Great For: Raquel is great for a classy bride who is looking for a touch of modern day features. Her floral lace, fitted shape, and lightweight fabric is the ideal blend for a summer wedding. They will keep the bride looking good AND feeling good (which is most important of course)! She will pair well with a variety of different venues too! While her floral lace will match an outdoor venue that’s filled with flowers and greenery, her classic look and shape will complement a classic venue (barn, for example) and rustic vibes as well!

Raquel shown with an unlined bodice and underlayer slit
Raquel shown with an unlined bodice and underlayer split

What Makes Her Special: What makes Raquel from Beloved special is her underlayer split! This split is a unique feature that allows the bride to have some fun and show the perfect amount of leg! This split is solely in the lining of the dress, so the mesh lace layer on top still comes intact all around, and also allows the bride to show off her stunning shoes as well; whatever they may be! And the best part is that she can be ordered without the slit too, so if the bride doesn’t love that detail it can be made without!

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Fiorenza by Morilee

Meet Fiorenza!

Designer: Morilee

Morilee Fiorenza
Morilee Fiorenza

Why We Love Her: Fiorenza will make every bride feel like a PRINCESS! She has a combination of every feature a bride can think of! She is a beautiful full ball gown with layers of tulle on top. Within those layers, there is an entire layer of glitter tulle and a top layer that is covered with floral lace appliques that gracefully cascade down the skirt. On top of the appliques are more 3D lace flowers and small subtle patches of beading in the center.

3D lace detailing over a sparkle layer
3D lace detailing over a sparkle layer

Her v-neck bodice features a traditional look that will be flattering on every bride that tries her on! Extending up are gorgeous, thick illusion mesh straps that will delicately lay on the very edge of the shoulders, creating a lovely open neckline and collarbone look. She also has a small piece of nude meshing that ensures the straps and bodice will stay in place all day long!

Keyhole back with buttons on Fiorenza wedding dress by Morilee
Keyhole back with buttons

Fiorenza’s straps perfectly transition into the gorgeous keyhole back of this dress! This back is perfect for a bride who wants to show a little skin, while still keeping proper coverage and support in the bodice. On top of the zipper closure around the waistline, she even has buttons! Moving down the skirt, Fiorenza has a luxurious chapel length train that will light up the night.

She is available in three different colors: ivory/almond/honey, ivory/porcelain, and ivory/honey. Having this variety will allow the bride to change the look of the dress in order to match the vibe of the wedding!

Gorgeous back details on Fiorenza including buttons, keyhole, and glitter cathedral train
Gorgeous back details

She’s Great For: Fiorenza is great for a fairy tale wedding! She will match perfectly in a ballroom venue paired with lots of florals and glitz. On the dance floor, Fiorenza will take the spotlight and everyone will know it! A bride will not have to worry about blending into a crowd or getting lost among other decorations and events happening, she will easily be spotted at any given point, so the bigger the better with the venue!

What Makes Her Special: What makes Fiorenza special is her unique combination of all of her features! All the sparkle, lace, beading, and detailing work together in the ideal way in order to make her magnificent! While in most cases, too much detailing can end up distracting from the bride or look too busy, Fiorenza’s detailing and placement of lacing by Morilee is SPOT ON!

What Are You Worried About?

We posed this question for two days on our Instagram story. We really wanted to know what brides are worried about as they plan their wedding. Some of these were mentioned multiple times so if you fit into any of these, know you are not alone!

Here is what you said you are most worried about, and our response and advice for each.

1. I won’t find the perfect dress.

Some brides need to go to every store they can find and try on hundreds of dresses, others are overwhelmed with the thought of one store.

If you are a bride that needs to try on every single dress from every possible store, our experience in discussing it with brides who have done this said it was a mistake. It was confusing, stressful, and wasn’t even fun anymore. By the end there wasn’t even a dress that they were excited about, since the excitement stopped after about the third store.

The story was the same: they cried happy tears but ignored it because they thought an even better dress was at the next store, and the next store, and the next store. By the time they went back to put the dress on that made them cry, it was just a dress. They all seemed alike. The magic was gone.

For a bridal stylist, this is an incredibly difficult appointment. This bride has no idea what she likes or wants because she likes something from every style – beading but also plain, fitted but also volume, low backs but also the detail on an illusion back, a skirt with tiers but also no tiers, long sleeve but also strapless, and we have no idea how to even begin. She is also bored and frustrated from the get-go. We pull our most unique pieces that she hasn’t seen to see if anything will wow her. And when this bride says yes, it isn’t at all what it was with the dress that made her cry.

Advice: When you find a dress that makes you emotional – you don’t want to take it off, and you can see yourself walking down the aisle in it – that’s your dress. Say yes and be so happy in your decision and celebrate with those who are there with you! Limit your search to a few stores with good reputations and designers that you love. You will know when you find one, and don’t keep trying to top it. That is when it’s not a magical experience anymore.

2. That no one is dancing and it’s boring.

Inviting your family and closest friends to celebrate is exciting and fun! Why wouldn’t they dance?! Hmmm, but what if they don’t? Yikes! Never fear – we asked a pro for this one. The advice and information given is worthy of a guest blog post on this as well on how to hire the right entertainment company – watch for this blog coming out soon with SO much more info!

Enter Art Armani from Armani Entertainment who has been in the business for 20 years and worked hundreds of weddings and events:

Advice: There are many things that can affect the dancing – or lack of dancing – at a reception, such as the time of day (an afternoon brunch), the type and set up of a venue (size, ventilation, multi-floor, etc.), the time of year (hot/humid). If the reception is a Friday/Saturday night, and the venue has a large dance floor, Art says, “The Bride and Groom’s involvement is the biggest factor to success.  The focus of the reception itself is always on the Bride and Groom! Guests will follow them around the whole night so if the bride and groom are outside taking breaks, people will follow them outside.  If the bride and groom don’t hit the dance floor, the chances of a full dance floor for the whole evening is decreased.  So we always encourage at a minimum, the Bride to get out there and dance.”

Also, Art says that just because people are not dancing, does not mean they didn’t enjoy the music or didn’t have a good time. “Sometimes guests are very content with a laid back reception dance floor.”

3. Rain.

So many answered that they are most worried about rain and of course right? Even a song lyric references the ‘irony’, “It’s like rain on your wedding day.”

Advice: Now because you are not the first to express this fear, we did a blog years ago on it and you can and should read it here! Planning in advance goes a long way to alleviate this worry and (spoiler alert:) – your photographer can get some of the most beautiful and creative photos in the rain… and this lighting (not direct sunlight) makes for some gorgeous ones!

4. I will spill something on my dress.

Ahhh, the red wine is flowing and those pesky hors d’oeuvres … how dare they get near your dress?! But they will and accidents happen. Not only food can cause stains, dropping a lipstick, leaning on a counter, brushing up against a railing – anything can cause smudges or downright blotches. You must be extremely careful, but also prepared.

Advice: First, separate the layers, if possible, so it doesn’t spread through. For a dirt stain, use a dry cloth and lightly brush. For a food or wine stain, use a white towel underneath and a Q-tip with dish soap and water, or peroxide, and gently blot from the underneath. Lipstick stains are the most difficult to remove so do your best to have that applied before you put your dress on, or lean out and have a towel underneath so it does not hit your dress if it drops. Ask your makeup person what chemicals are in the lipstick and what to use on it in an emergency, and make sure that is available. MOH, MOB/G, your wedding planner or coordinator needs to make sure that on-hand is everything you need for stains including: Q-tips, small bottles of a dish soap/water mix or peroxide, make up removers, bleach pens, stain stick, white hand towels.

5. That I trip and fall.

We’ve all seen the videos, had the nightmares, envisioned ourselves falling in our dress. While there isn’t anyone that can make sure this doesn’t happen except for you, you can take obvious measures to make it less probable.

Advice: First is your shoes. Not saying you have to wear sneakers or flats, but if you aren’t used to wearing high heels, your wedding day isn’t the day to try out those 5″ high beaded ones. Even if you are used to wearing them, you definitely aren’t used to wearing them in a wedding dress with multiple layers that will catch on anything even remotely pointy. Wear shoes that are comfortable that you feel confident walking in. Make sure your dress is hemmed to floor length and that you do not need to lift it to walk. Beyond that: take your time! Take your time on the stairs, in and out of cars/limos, doors, walking down the aisle, take your time all day long!

6. Everyone looking at me/saying our vows.

All eyes will be on you, you are the Bride. There’s no place else they want to look but at you. That’s just the way it is and you know from any wedding you’ve gone to, you look directly at the bride as much as possible.

If you are not comfortable with this you have two choices, you can elope with just your fiancé or you can accept the fact and deal with it. My guess is most of you are going to accept the fact and deal with it, in which case we offer you the following:

Advice: Breathe. You are about to marry your best friend and those are the only eyes that matter. Focus on your fiancee not everyone else! When those doors open and you are confronted with a room full of people staring at you, obviously it can be a little overwhelming. However you are there to marry one person, not the entire room, and that person should be your sole focus. And really, let them stare at you, you have never looked so beautiful, and they love you! It is a day to make endless memories, not be worried about saying or doing the ‘wrong’ thing.

The vows however can be tricky. Many people are worried about speaking in public. There are ways to get around this! If you are really worried about speaking your vows (like I was!), then eliminate this and have the officiant say them. You don’t need to read, memorize, or speak anything other than “I do”. This can eliminate SO much stress and anxiety from both parties knowing they don’t have to read or remember anything!.

If you still prefer to speak your own vows, make sure they are written largely and clearly so there is very little room to get mixed up. Maybe add a little humor in there because the laughter can really lessen your nerves. And don’t forget to speak up so everyone can hear them.

7. How my dress will fit.

We saved this one for last. This one is not one you should even worry about! Your alterations will be done 4 to 6 weeks prior to the wedding. You will go back for a final fit approximately two weeks before, where any last minute adjustments will be made. The chances of you changing sizes in two weeks is virtually impossible, so your dress will fit you perfectly. There is always the risk of a strap breaking while dancing or a rip somehow, and it is something you can be prepared for, just like a stain on the dress!

Advice. If you are worried about changing sizes, make your final fitting 5 to 7 days prior to your wedding where there is no chance that you will change sizes. With our seamstresses, you will not leave your final fitting until you are completely satisfied with the dress. What you see at the seamstress is what you will see at your wedding. There is no need to worry about the fit. Some brides have dresses that are much bigger in the skirt and require a more elaborate bustle. If you have this, we recommend taking several people to your final fit to show them exactly how to bustle the dress. They can even video it so there is no room for error! In an emergency, the dress can always be pinned up using safety pins if necessary. If you are worried about how your wedding dress will fit, discuss your specific concerns ahead of time with your seamstress and she will make sure your dress fits like a glove! Safety pins will easily fix most minor dress issues so make sure they are on hand. In addition, a needle and thread must be nearby and ready to go (with the pins and stain removers) to quickly stitch up any rips or holes!

We hope this helped address those issues you are most worried about! We would love your feedback or any additional advice you need!

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Stella York Style 7424

Meet: Style 7424

Designer: Stella York

Stella York Style #7424
Stella York Style #7424

Why we love her: Stella York’s style 7424 is a bold and beaded beauty. A structured bodice juxtaposes a flowy and bouncy skirt. This dress is a modern princess dream. The bodice is covered in delicate beading while her ball-gown skirt is tiered with voluminous layers. The bodice is supported by thin spaghetti straps; the straps are lined with silver beads and pearls.

Stella York style 7424 has a V-back with beautiful beading over illusion mesh
V-back with beautiful beading over illusion mesh

The neckline is a classic V-shape, and the backline is a deeper V-shape. The open back will keep brides cool underneath all the beading. Front and back, the bodice is covered with bead patterns reminiscent of Cinderella’s carriage; this dress is certainly fit for a princess. The Diamante beading is a mix of pearls, silver beads, and sequins; the resulting effect is enchanting. This combination gives dimension to the bodice and highlights the intricate patterns. Brides will be able to find their perfect accessories with the mixed beading as well. The bodice is unlined, but brides are able to line it in alterations to their specific preferences if they wish.

Stella York 7424 has Delicately beaded spaghetti straps
Delicately beaded spaghetti straps

Stella York style 7424’s bodice stops at the natural waist, where a tiered ballgown skirt starts to flow out. The lush skirt has soft, cascading layers of tulle flowing downward. Each tier of the tulle skirt is finished with a stripe of horsehair; this helps the skirt hold its volume and shape. Brides will look as if they are floating on air while they walk down the aisle in this gown. The lightweight material of the skirt will not weigh brides down; they will be able to dance all night long! The juxtaposition of the flowy skirt and the beaded bodice is dramatic yet elegant; they are two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. The train is chapel-length and with the fullness of the tiered skirt, the train does not need to be an extravagant length to make an extravagant statement.

Stella York 7424 has a Lovely chapel train with horse hair trim
Lovely chapel train with horse hair trim

The train will glide down the aisle behind brides as they make the grandest of entrances. The layered skirt will camouflage the bustle so brides can party all night long! A zipper closure holds the dress shut, and four buttons with rhinestone centers hide the zipper– a super sweet and romantic detail! This stunning wedding dress is available in Ivory with the Diamante beading, Ivory with all-ivory beading, or White with all-white beading. 

She’s great for: Summer brides searching for those fairy tale princess vibes! The ballgown silhouette is dramatic yet lightweight. The open back and unlined bodice means brides will be able to keep cool in the gown, and they should feel any breeze that blows their way! Outdoor summer weddings can get hot, and this dress is the perfect solution for that. Venues that would complement 7424 include gardens, estates, and country clubs.

Gorgeous diamante beaded bodice

What makes her special: the beading on this gown can come in Diamante, which is the mixed beading described above, and it is the beading style that is on our sample gown in the store. Stella York also creates this gown in all ivory beading or all white beading. This allows brides to customize their gown and pick the coloring that suits them best. Brides can pick which beading will match their accent colors and accessories to create their dream wedding look! 

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Nico by L’Amour

Meet: Nico

Designer: L’Amour Bridal

Nico by L'Amour is a pretty A-line with 3D flower lace and an open back
Nico by L’Amour

Why We Love Her: Flirtatious. Romantic. Whimsical. Nico says it all! Her silhouette is a flattering a-line with a plunging v-neck neckline that will compliment every bride. The bodice then gradually leads up into thin mesh spaghetti straps, leaving an open neckline and allowing the attention to stay on the bodice. Extending up the straps and into the back, she has a sexy and low open scoop back that perfectly compliments the open neckline in the front!

The detailed bodice of Nico with layered floral lace and a plunge V-neck
The unique and stunning details on the bodice of Nico

Nico’s bodice is a stunning focal point of this dress! It consists of three main types of lace and detail which will leave the wedding guests shocked! It all begins with the first layer of glitter lace… that’s right, a thin delicate layer of detailing that is outlined in glitter! On top of that, she has a gorgeous applique lace that is shaped into leaves and vines and covers the majority of the dress. Then, to top it off, there are 3D floral appliques that pop off the dress, creating dimension and volume!

Moving down the skirt, the appliques and 3D florals gracefully cascade down throughout the entire dress and train. And because of the patchy lace design, this dress still captivates the light, airy, and romantic features without being too much! Finishing off the hem of the skirt and train, there is even a small horsehair lining that will allow the dress to flowy freely and beautifully all night long!

Nico's Illusion train makes an ethereal statement and a sweet, lightweight bustle
Illusion train makes an ethereal statement and a sweet, lightweight bustle

This beautiful dress is available in two gorgeous colors: ivory/ivory and ivory/ light nude (pictured). Both of these colors are paired with a skin illusion mesh that will be found in the bodice area to softly blend the dress to the bride’s skin tone! If that is not the look you want, do not worry, L’Amour also offers Nico with a lined bodice option that will fill in the top illusion mesh and make the dress more uniform throughout!

She’s Great For: A fun and outgoing bride! Her flirty and exciting details are a perfect match for a bubbly bride who knows how to have a good time! With her lightweight characteristics, Nico is an ideal dress for an outdoor or indoor venue at any time of the year! Her versatile qualities will absolutely shine on a ballroom dance floor, or glow on a sunny day in a garden. No matter where this gorgeous wedding dress is worn, she will center all attention around her!

Petals, flowers and shimmery vines run throughout the gorgeous Nico L'Amour dress
Petals, flowers and shimmery vines run throughout this gorgeous dress

What Makes Her Special: What makes Nico special is her ability to transform a bride and wedding into a magical night! With her illuminating features, her beauty speaks for herself! She will light up the dance floor and leave everyone captivated and wanting more! Unlike other dresses, there is no need to dress up with tons of accessories or jewelry because her details are enticing enough!

Wedding Dress Wednesday: India by Madi Lane

Meet: India

Designer: Madi Lane

India by Madi Lane (shown in ivory/sand with sleeves)
India by Madi Lane (shown in ivory/sand with sleeves)

Why We Love Her:

India is a modern day wedding dress that will be sure to make a statement. She is known for her unique bold lace that will be seen from any distance. This lace covers the entirety of the dress, making it lay perfectly all night long. It even extends up the neckline, making for a perfect transition into the thin, spaghetti straps!

India's Flattering neckline leads to thin shoulder spaghetti straps
Flattering neckline leads to thin straps

India’s neckline is every bride’s ideal shape. She has a gorgeous circular shaped v-neck with a slight plunge dip. Lining the edge of the neckline is the overlapping lace that ever-so-slightly hangs over the edge, allowing the dress to have no harsh cuts or lines! The spaghetti strap then perfectly transitions into the low v-back design. Again, matching the same concepts from the front, the lace extends past the edges!

India has a Low scooped out back with invisible zip close
Low scooped out back with invisible zip close

Moving down from the open back, India has a gorgeous short and manageable train that will gracefully follow every movement the bride makes without being a hassle! This train has an asymmetrical hem that ties perfectly in with the neckline edging! With all this detail, Madi Lane ensured that India will be captivating from every angle!

India's beautiful sweep train with scalloped lace trim
India’s beautiful sweep train with scalloped lace trim

Looking for comfort? India will not disappoint! She is going to be by far the most comfortable dress a bride tries on, making them never want to take her off! With her charmeuse stretch lining, the bride will not only look good, but feel good. Eating, dancing, sitting…. there will be no worry or hesitation doing any of those things. The bride will not even have to think twice! She will have the freedom to move and dance anyway she wants (she can even drop it low 😉 )!

India is available in ivory/nude, all ivory, and ivory/sand. Depending on the specific look the bride is looking for, changing the underlay color can convert the dress to fit multiple different vibes without any detail getting lost!

From the back you can see all the lace detail of India, especially in the sand color
From the back you can see all the lace detail

She’s Great For:

India is great for a bohemian bride and themed wedding. For a more traditional wedding, it will pair perfectly with lots of florals, earthy greenery, free-spirited centerpieces, and an outdoor venue. India will also be the ideal dress for any type of destination wedding or beach wedding due to the compatibility for traveling and wrinkle free material. Madi Lane dresses are designed in Australia and it is from that location that you can picture the beauty of this dress outdoors. Italy, Bahamas, Grand Canyon, Hawaii, you name it and India will complement it! She will perfectly condense for easy packing and the bride will not even have to worry about steaming it afterwards.

What Makes Her Special:

What makes India special above all else is her detachable flutter sleeves! Matching the exact pattern of the lace from the dress, these sleeves will be a bohemian brides dream! With the unique ability to attach and detach as the bride pleases, these straps can completely transform the look of the dress! Pictures can be taken with and without the straps and the bride can opt to wear them for half the night and then remove them when the dancing begins!

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Cindy by Morilee

Meet Cindy
Designer: Morilee

Cindy wedding dress by Morilee with off the shoulder long sleeves
Cindy by Morilee with off the shoulder long sleeves

Why we love her: Cindy by Morilee is an exquisite creation. She has it all: sparkling applique, glitter tulle, an illusion back. She starts it all off with an incredible off-the-shoulder neckline. A scalloped shape gives the neckline a soft edge; there is nothing harsh about it. Lace appliques peak up over the edge of the neckline slightly, and a plunge in the middle adds a little spice to this very sweet look.

Plunge off the shoulder neckline
Plunge off the shoulder neckline

The neckline sits just off of the shoulders, and it leads to stunning lace, long sleeves. The sleeves have floral appliques on them, and buttons at the bottom finish them off nicely. Because the sleeves are made of tulle, they are lightweight and will not cause brides to overheat! The tulle base with the appliques on top also creates a stunning illusion of lace on skin. 

Illusion back with buttons and rose lace applique
Illusion back with buttons and rose lace applique

Gorgeous applique covers Cindy from top to bottom. A combination of leaves and flowers, such as roses, makes Cindy perfect for brides who love classic floral details. A bouquet with roses will match the gown seamlessly and create a cohesive look. Sequins are stitched into the applique itself, which provides a subtle glow. A layer of shimmery glitter tulle rests beneath the applique for a delicate and light sparkle. She glows in the light from every angle! 

Cindy’s silhouette is a classic fit and flare. She is fitted from the bodice down through the hips, and she gently floats out around the knees. She is sure to show off brides’ figures! Cindy’s illusion back is decorated with more sparkly, floral applique. An edging of flowers lines the top, and more appliques flare up from the sides. A row of buttons cascades down the length of the bodice and onto the skirt. A cathedral length train elevates the back of the dress even more. Flowers decorate the train, and the train has a scalloped edge.  

Sparkle tulle and shimmer
Sparkle tulle and shimmer

Cindy is available in Ivory/Champagne and Ivory/Ivory. 

She’s great for: Modern brides with a soft, romantic side. Cindy, and all her dazzling detail, gives fairy-tale vibes without the volume of a ballgown. She is dreamy, sparkly, and refreshing. Cindy will match venues like churches because of her train, gardens because of her flowers, and country clubs because of her elegance. She is perfect for brides who want to show off her curves without being too sexy or over-the-top. 

Beautiful back with scalloped train and buttons
Beautiful back with scalloped train and buttons

What makes her special: her neckline/illusion-back combo! The combination of off-the-shoulder long sleeves paired with an illusion back is so unique to Cindy. It is effortlessly ethereal and delicate. Walking down the aisle will be such a statement moment with the scalloped train. From head to toe, front to back, Cindy by Morilee is a stunning work of art. 

Our Wedding Dress Sample Closet

Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo offers sample sale dresses all year that constantly change with new dresses added as others sell
Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo offers sale dresses all year

In the bridal world, a “sample” is the dress that brides try on in the store. Many of our brides try on the sample gown and then order in a new one for various reasons (size, color preference, customs, etc).

A sample sale is when a store is selling the sample dresses off the rack, usually for a discount!

First things first – why would a store sell their sample dresses? Well, stores order new dresses about twice a year when designers release their new collections. One reason is that we simply need to make room for the new collections and the best way to do that is to sell some of the gowns already in the store.

Another reason is that dresses are discontinued by the designer. And, there is also the risk of holding onto a dress for so long that it becomes unwearable from the wear and tear.

Our favorite reason to sell them, however, is to make the bride’s vision work in light of any limitations there may be.

There are many reasons that a bride may opt to purchase a sample gown. One of the most common reasons is when the bride is on a strict timeline and does not have time to order.

Our designers ship dates run about 4-6 months to order in a new dress, and sometimes their rush dates cannot accommodate the bride’s schedule. This is a convenient option for brides because they get to take the dress home with them that day! We have had brides come in as late as the DAY BEFORE her wedding and purchase a sample. If we can make it work, we will! 

Other times, the dress is discontinued before the right bride could find her, and we cannot reorder it for her. That is where the sample comes into play! Given that the gown is around the size needed and that the appropriate alterations can be done to make the dress work, the bride would take the dress and keep her safe until it was time to begin alterations.

Sample sales are a great option for brides on a budget! These sales usually have a very decent selection of gowns available, and they can be marked down pretty significantly! The marked down price is often determined by the condition of the gown being offered off the rack. Slight wear and tear is common on these, but seamstresses are fully equipped to make your dress look as good as new!

This also goes for brides who purchase an off the rack dress that does not quite fit yet. We have personally seen a bride fall in love with the discontinued dress of her dreams that was a few sizes too small. She then worked with a seamstress to redesign the back and it was as good as new! We have also seen a size 12 taken down to a size 0 that looked absolutely perfect (** please note that this is NOT recommended and will NOT work with every dress. There is typically a hefty cost associated with altering a dress that much).

Stores across the country typically offer sample sales a few times a year, but one unique aspect of Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo is that ours goes all year round! We feature them in our online Sample Closet that is updated continuously because it changes continuously!

Interested in the dress of your dreams? Find it HERE in our Sample Closet – click on the photo for the dress designer, name, color, size, original price, and sale price! To make an appointment to try them on, click HERE and tell us which ones you want to try!

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Celine by Eddy K

Meet Celine!

Designer: Eddy K Dreams Collection

 Eddy K Celine from the dreams collection
Eddy K Celine from the Dreams collection

Why We Love Her:

Celine is every girl’s dream dress! She has a beautiful ball gown silhouette that won’t leave anyone questioning who the bride is. She is a statement dress that will complement every bride that wears her. Celine has a gorgeous slightly plunged neckline with a mesh insert that will ensure everything stays in place and covered throughout the night; eating, dancing and all!

The bodice is shaped with boning that allows for the ideal small waist look to be shown. On top, Celine has stunning leaf and vine applique that gradually extends up the straps into the back as well as down to the skirt.

The plunge neckline has mesh to keep it in place
The plunge neckline has mesh to keep it in place

The illusion thick straps perfectly extend down into the illusion scoop back. This allows the bride to have the sexy appeal and show some skin without being too scandalous! The back is finished with buttons that add the perfect touch of detail!

 Celine has a scooped out back with buttons, illusion mesh, and lace with a vine leaf pattern
Celine has a scooped out back with buttons

Moving down to the skirt and train, she is made up of endless layers of tulle that makes the volume of the dress. One layer consists of a sequin detailed tulle that will give a never ending iridescent sparkle in every lighting. On top of that, the continuous embroidered lace modern design that cascades throughout the entirety of the dress! This detail creates the glitzy, romantic, and earthy feel that is perfect for weddings of all types. The train is then finished off with a stiff horsehair edge in order to ensure that the dress and train moves with the bride and lays perfectly all night!

Romantic from the front and the back, celine's ball gown train is full of sparkle and lace
Romantic from the front and the back!

Celine is available in two different colors: all ivory (shown in pictures) and ivory/champagne. For a more traditional look, the ivory will be the ideal color; however, for a bride looking for a more bohemian look, the ivory/champagne will be perfect!

She’s Great For:

A spring or summer statement! Her elegant ball gown shape combined with her intricate leafy detail is perfect for extravagant outdoor venues with lots of greenery and floral accents!

The sparkle underneath the skirt of Celine glitters in every direction
The sparkle underneath glitters in every direction

What Makes Her Special:

Her matching veil! That’s right: leave it to the Italian designer Eddy K to create a gorgeous cathedral length veil that can be ordered to match and blend perfectly.

 Celine has a matching cathedral veil for the perfect accessory
Celine has a matching cathedral veil for the perfect accessory

No need to add the extra stress and worry about trying to find a similar lace pattern,beading, or color because the designer did the work for you! Her veil has patches of the exact lace from the dress, making it a seamless transition.

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Carrie by Casablanca Bridal

Meet Carrie!
Designer: Casablanca Bridal

Carrie by Casablanca bridal is a beautiful beaded ball gown with a shimmery skirt
Carrie by Casablanca bridal is a classic beaded beauty

Why we love her: Carrie is an absolute stunner of a gown. Her intricate details make a statement that is sure to wow each and every guest. She works wonderfully with all body types and wedding vibes. From her beaded bodice to her sparkle tulle to her deep, plunging back, she is extraordinary through and through, top to bottom. 

Carrie is on the cusp of an a-line and a ballgown. Her skirt has layers of tulle that create a soft and romantic look, and a layer of sparkle tulle adds a delicate shimmer to her. Brides wearing this beauty will shine from all angles! Her layers are lightweight, so brides won’t feel weighed down as they wear her. Her silhouette is timeless, and her detail is immaculate. 

The back of the Carrie dress is dramatic and classic
The back of Carrie is dramatic and classic

Her bodice is pristinely decorated with a mix of beading. Pearls, crystals, silver beads, and iridescent beads come together seamlessly in vine and leaf patterns. The beaded patterns cover the bodice completely, and they extend down over the waistline. This softens the natural waistline by avoiding a harsh transition.

The mixed beads add dimension to the bodice and give it fairy tale vibes. Carrie’s neckline has a deep plunge, perfect for brides looking to add a little spice to a gown this sweet. Double spaghetti straps with beaded detailing keep the gown secure all night long, so brides can dance the night away without a second thought. 

Casablanca's Carrie dress has double beaded straps
Double beaded straps

All of the elegance and detail on the front of the dress is reflected on her back as well. The same exquisite beading patterns wrap around the dress to the back. Carrie has an illusion back; the beading looks like it is laying directly on the bride’s skin. Illusion backs and the dreamy effect they give are commonly sought after by brides. It is a great way to show a little skin while wearing a gown with a fuller skirt.

The plunging neckline in the front is mirrored in the back as well with a deep scoop shape. She has a cathedral-length train, so walking down the aisle will be a dramatic moment for brides, guests, everyone!

Gorgeous beaded bodice in front and back
Gorgeous beaded bodice in front and back

Carrie is available in Champagne/Nude, Ivory/Nude, Ivory/Ivory (pictured), and White/White.  

She’s great for: brides wanting to feel like a princess! She gives major Cinderella vibes, from her silhouette to her sparkle. She is elegant, romantic, and absolutely stunning, perfect for venues like estates and gardens. She flatters every body shape with her full shirt and structured bodice, so every bride can look flawless on her big day!   

Carrie's intricate and extraordinary beading is breathtaking
The intricate and extraordinary beading is breathtaking

What makes her special: her beading! The sheer amount of beads on this gown is astonishing, and their placement is nothing short of masterful, in true Casablanca Bridal fashion. It is common for gowns to place beading on top of lace appliques to enhance the applique, but her beading is the star of the show.

The beading itself makes the vine and leaf pattern, it is not placed on top of vine and leaf lace appliques. The mixture of the type of beads used gives Carrie an ethereal glimmer, perfect for brides looking for their fairy tale wedding dress!

Carrie can also come with detachable tulle bishop sleeves with the matching beading at the cuffs, or add off the shoulder straps to complete a cold shoulder look! A dress not to be overlooked during your search for the perfect wedding dress!