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10 New Must See Tuxedos and Suits for 2022

Every year, Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo adds new styles of tuxedos and suits for rent and purchase. We meet many brides and grooms one-on-one throughout the year and discuss their tuxedo and suit preferences and learn a lot. Our conversations help us develop what new styles to offer our customers. Those styles include completely new tuxedos, suits, bow ties, long ties, pocket squares, shirts and shoes.

This year we added 10 new styles, one new pair of brown shoes and countless long ties, bow ties and pocket squares. These are truly must see tuxedos, suits, and jackets!

We just finished up what were the top 5 tuxedo and suit rentals for 2021.  Now we are excited to introduce our 10 new must see tuxedos and suits we’ve added to our inventory for rent and purchase.

  1. Denim Blue Tuxedo by Allure Men
  2. Green Velvet Tuxedo Jacket by Allure Men
  3. Brown Suit by Ike Behar
  4. Heather Gray Suit by Ike Behar
  5. Black Double-Breasted Tuxedo Jacket by Ike Behar
  6. Navy Double-Breasted Tuxedo Jacket by Ike Behar
  7. Black Peak Lapel Tuxedo Jacket by Ike Behar
  8. Tan Suit by Ike Behar
  9. Seaglass (green) Tuxedo by Allure Men
  10. Steel Gray Suit by Ike Behar

1) Denim Blue Tuxedo by Allure Men

Denim Blue Tuxedo by Ike Behar is one of our must see tuxedos!
Denim Blue Tuxedo

Despite the name, this tuxedo is not made of denim!  It is actually a true tuxedo made of an ultra luxurious wool blend with a denim color.  The fabric will assure comfort for all day wearing.  The jacket has a notch lapel, a stitched border where you would otherwise see satin, however there is no satin on this jacket. 

The matching trim fit pants and vest, create a different yet handsome blue addition to our many blue suits and tuxedos available for rent and purchase.  Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo offers this tuxedo for rent and purchase, providing your wedding party the flexibility of owning or renting this beautiful tuxedo.  This has become one of our staff favorites from the moment they saw it and is one of our definite must see tuxedos.

2) Green Velvet Tuxedo Jacket by Allure Men

Velvet Green Tuxedo Jacket
Velvet Green Tuxedo Jacket

As with our other Allure Men velvet tuxedo jackets that we offer, this fabric is truly luxurious.  The green color is best described as emerald and the shawl lapel jacket and fabric are soft as can be.  This is a wonderful formal jacket to wear for a winter, late fall or holiday event.  We think it looks great with our slim fit black tuxedo pants. 

Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo offers this tuxedo jacket as a purchase only.

3) Brown Suit by Ike Behar

Brown Suit by Ike Behar
Brown Suit

Our customers and staff really love Ike Behar suits and tuxedos.  Why?  Because his designs are so precise that no matter what your body shape, this designer’s suits and tuxedos always seem to fit like a custom suit.  Don’t ask us how he does it?! 

This ultra-luxurious textured brown wool blend is something that needs to be seen in person.  When we first saw photographs of the suit, we didn’t think it was anything special.  About a month ago, we received our first shipments of the suit from Ike Behar and we were immediately in love!  The photos just don’t do the fine fabric and detailed texture justice.  The suit is a two-button notch lapel and has matching trim fit pants and vest.  We offer this wonderful suit for rent and purchase.

4) Heather Gray Suit by Ike Behar

 Heather Gray Suit with Scoop Vest
Heather Gray Suit with Scoop Vest

Last year we added a light gray Ike Behar suit to our collection.  This year, we added a few more gray suits from Ike and this one is slightly darker than our light gray Ike Behar suit but slightly lighter than our new steel gray suit from Ike. 

The trim fit one button jacket has a classy peak lapel.  The matching trim fit pants can be paired with a matching scoop vest or a V-shape vest.  We believe this will be popular with those in search of a darker gray suit that does not look black.  We are proud to offer this fine suit for rent and purchase.

5) Black Double-Breasted Tuxedo Jacket by Ike Behar

 Double Breasted Black Jacket
Double Breasted Black Jacket

After a trip to Europe to meet some fashion designers in September 2021, we had the good fortune of getting an inside look of some trends that may be coming out of Europe in the next two to three years.  One designer showed us some design plans of suits and tuxedos that were more relaxed fit and not as form-fitting. 

We believe the new double-breasted suits and tuxedos added this year may be part of what is more to come from Europe.  The double-breasted look is more forgiving around the midsection and torso and is capable of hiding a few extra pounds!  This is a peak lapel with very fine fabric and can be worn with slim fit tuxedo pants or our new Ike Behar black skinny-fit tuxedo pants.  Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo offers this tuxedo for rent or purchase.

6) Double-Breasted Navy Tuxedo Jacket by Ike Behar

Double Breasted Navy Jacket
Double Breasted Navy Jacket

Ike Behar has designed a double-breasted navy tuxedo jacket that is pretty much the same tuxedo as his black double-breasted tuxedo just made with his signature navy fabric.  We already offer two tuxedos by Ike Behar that are navy.  We are excited to offer this third option from Ike Behar. 

Ike has created a complete look by offering a matching satin navy bow tie or long tie, a matching navy V-shape vest and either navy slim fit or navy skinny fit pants.  Again, this handsome tuxedo is offered for rent or sale.

7) Peak Lapel Black Tuxedo Jacket by Ike Behar

Black Peak Lapel Tuxedo Jacket
Black Peak Lapel Tuxedo Jacket

Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo has always offered Ike Behar black tuxedos with notch and shawl lapels.  This year, we are proud to add this smart looking tuxedo jacket in a full peak lapel.  This is truly a slimming jacket with full satin on the lapel.  We think the jacket will pair perfectly with either the new Ike Behar skinny fit tuxedo pants or the more traditional slim fit pants. 

Last year, most grooms chose the more modern V-shape matching black vest.  However, we are seeing more and more customers choosing the more traditional scoop vest for our black tuxedos.  This tuxedo is available for rent or purchase.

8) Tan Suit by Ike Behar

Tan Suit by Ike Behar
Tan Suit by Ike Behar

When we saw that Ike Behar was now offering a tan suit, we knew we had to add it to our collection!  We already have a tan suit from Michael Kors and a tan tuxedo from Allure Men, but we think this tan suit will be popular for destination and summer weddings.  The suit is already a favorite of our tuxedo manager Joe

The super light 100’s wool and luxurious fabric will ensure you are comfortable all day for your warm weather event.  This is a notch lapel trim fit jacket with matching vest and trim fit pants.  This suit is available for rent or purchase.

9) Seaglass Green Tuxedo by Allure Men

Seaglass color Tuxedo
Seaglass Tuxedo

Another of our definite must see tuxedos! Our bridal consultant, Shannon, asks us every week when this tuxedo is coming in from the designer!  She is in love with this tuxedo and wants to buy this for her husband Jack.  This is a very unusual, yet beautiful light green fabric. 

The tuxedo is made with an elegant super 130’s fabric and has a notch lapel.  The border stitching on the lapel emulates satin piping without having any satin!  The fabric buttons on a few of our Allure tuxedos are always a nice touch.  This tuxedo is available for purchase only.

10) Steel Gray Suit by Ike Behar

Steel Gray Suit
Steel Gray Suit

This is yet another gray suit added to our collection from Ike Behar.  This is the darkest of the Ike suits available and has a peak lapel.  The suit is available with matching slim fit pants or wear it with black skinny fit pants. 

As with many Ike Behar suits and tuxedos, we do offer a matching scoop vest or V-shape vest with this steel gray suit.  We believe this suit will be popular all year round.  The suit is available for rent or purchase.

A Word About Double-Breasted Tuxedo Come-Back

The owners of Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo like to keep up on coming trends in wedding and formal wear fashion.  That’s why we like to personally visit designers in the United States and Europe and see what they are creating.  We actually see their design studios and look at the drafts of their drawings to see what may be coming.  

In all honesty, when we were told by a few designers in Europe that they were working on more relaxed fit suits and tuxedos, we were a bit surprised.  We remember the boxy look of some suits and tuxedos about 8 or 9 years ago which obviously since have gone by the wayside.  Now that some of these designers have released a few double-breasted suits and tuxedos, we see that we may be seeing more relaxed fit items in the next couple of years. 

Our opinion is that this may not be very popular in the Philadelphia region.  Why?  Because we meet brides and grooms every day for tuxedo and suit appointments and after approximately 575 appointments in the first 6 weeks of 2022, not many have indicated their desire to rent or purchase double-breasted suits or tuxedos.  The exception has been larger grooms and groomsmen who find the jackets more streamlined for their body types.

After adding another 10 different suits and tuxedos for sale and rent, we have close to 70 different styles available to you.  Most of what we offer is slim fit and skinny fit.  However, we do have several relaxed fit items as well.  We want to make sure we are accommodating everyone’s formal wear needs and will always invest in a mix of different styles and fits for you. 

As always, only time will tell as to what will be the most popular tuxedos and suits.  As we did at the end of 2021, we will certainly write about the most popular tuxedo and suit rentals and purchases for 2022. We hope you are as excited as we are about our new must see tuxedos, suits, and jackets!

Our family business is proud to serve you and enjoy the time we spend with you one-on-one to help you put together your perfect wedding, prom and gala look!

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