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Featured Wedding Dress: Dauphine By Morilee

Meet Dauphine!

Designer: Morilee

Why we love her: There’s almost no words for this remarkable gown.

Dauphine by Morilee is nothing short of extraordinary. Regality meets modernity meets romance. Every inch of this gown is ornately decorated.

The effortless mermaid silhouette combined with sparkle tulle and lace appliques make Dauphine an easy choice for brides looking to go all-out with their gowns. Traditional lace appliques decorate the entire gown with organic vine and leaf patterns. The appliques cascade down the length of the gown, and their placement is artfully slimming. Clear sequins are stitched to the appliques to make them glisten as brides walk down the aisle. Shimmery glitter tulle lays beneath the appliques and adds a gentle sparkle. Dancing the night away, brides will catch the light and shine like the stars they are!

The bodice of this mermaid wedding dress has extra support for a great fit

Dauphine’s bodice is heavily structured to support brides and help them feel secure all night long. Boning lines the bodice to keep everything pulled in! The bodice is unlined, so the boning is lightly visible underneath the applique. This corset-style look is a modern touch that a lot of brides are drawn to these days. Dauphine’s bodice is topped off with a signature sweetheart neckline– so romantic! 

Dauphine’s neckline flows seamlessly into illusion long sleeves (they’re detachable!). Ornate lace appliques line the top of the sleeve and descend the length of it. These long sleeves are nude mesh, so the applique details on them appear to lay directly on skin. They are finished off with button closures on the end. Attaching the sleeves creates a dramatic squared shape for the back neckline. The sleeves take the dress from modern vibes to something much more regal. Because they’re detachable, brides can achieve two exceptional looks with one dress!   

The back of the Dauphine wedding dress when worn with the sleeves has a dramatic squared back that lead perfectly into the button covered zip closure

Buttons cover up the zipper closure on the back of Dauphine’s bodice. They continue down the bride’s backside and help make that booty pop. The buttons stop where the train starts to flare out. The train is cathedral length. The lining of the dress does not continue the length of the train, meaning the end of the train is a stunning sheer illusion. All of the mechanics required for bustling the train will blend right in with all of the appliques, so brides will be able to dance all night without worry! As the lace applique drips down the gown, it concludes with gorgeous scalloped hem lace. The hem lace encircles the entire bottom of the dress and follows the length of the train. This gives a finished look to the gown, making it completely stunning from top to bottom. 

She’s great for: Dauphine is a unique dress, and she will look her best at unique venues! Castles on the Irish countryside, industrial-style lofts, and even luxurious, artsy hotels will make a great backdrop for her. Dauphine is also great for brides getting married during months with unpredictable weather and temperatures. With the detachable long sleeves, brides can transition from cooler weather to warmer weather with the same gown! 

Full back of Dauphine showing long sleeves and cathedral train
Full back with long sleeves attached

What makes her special: the stunning, detachable sleeves! Brides can quickly and easily change the entire look of their gown by adding or removing these beautifully crafted sleeves. They attach so flawlessly that guests will never know that they come off until it happens. It’s as smooth as a transition as can be. The intricate and thoughtful details on the sleeves elevate the entire look, taking it from modern to fit for royalty And the exquisite craftsmanship by Morilee of the sleeves is maintained throughout the entire gown, making it an obvious choice for bold and regal brides!