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Tone Up For the Wedding & Become a #FitWifeForLife

Guest Blogger:  Stephanie Boyne, Certified Fitness Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

virtual bootcamp workout programAside from the many awesome aspects of my job, I get to blog.   I like to feature different vendors, brides, my staff, etc., and this time I want to feature someone who has her own awesome business who also happens to be my friend.  She is down to earth, real, funny, and she gets it.

One of her passions is fitness and I want to feature her now because 1) it’s bridal season and 2) every day I hear women say, “Well, I’m going to lose weight for the wedding.”

I’m writing this blog so you can actually do that – not only for the wedding, but for long after.

Stephanie Boyne has taught group fitness classes for the past 14 years at LaCrest, the YMCA, and for the past four years she’s been at Cornerstone teaching large groups and small Tribe groups.  She’s seen a lot over those years and one thing is universal.  When lives become too busy, one of the first things that falls by the wayside is a fitness regimen.

Stephanie can get you back into one – a healthy, easy, at-home one complete with everything you need for success and the power to turn it into a lifestyle.    Read on for more about her and then get in touch to make a plan for success to Tone Up For the Wedding and Become a Fit Wife For Life!

Ok, so maybe you gained a few pounds over the years.  Perhaps an illness caused a more significant weight gain.  Maybe you’re not “that” out of shape but you know you could tone up.  Or you keep doing that same workout over and over and it’s just not working anymore.

Change is overwhelming to keep thinking about… and all of a sudden, there’s a wedding to attend.

You could be the bride, the Mother of the Bride or Groom, the Maid of Honor… whatever your role, you decide you are going to lose weight for this event!

Crash diets.  Fad diets.  Only eat this.  Never eat that.   You’re all over the internet looking for the easiest and fastest way to drop some weight.

All of these are horribly unhealthy for shedding body fat and may actually hinder future physique progress.  You may lose temporarily, but the pounds will come right back and could be even more resistant to shed the next time around.

Beachbody Coach Stephanie Boyne, Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, holds regular monthly “virtual boot camps” for women who want to look and feel their best, not just for their wedding but for EVERY day.

Stephanie believes in being a #FitWifeForLife and works to support other women in their goals to feel strong and beautiful in their own skin.

The Virtual Boot Camps are monthly support groups that provide:

  • meal planing with grocery lists (perfect healthy meals for the whole family, too!)
  • accountability and encouragement (she’ll be checking on you)
  • at-home workouts with access to world class fitness instructors
  • superfood powerhouse shakes
  • nutritional support

All of this takes the stress out of an already stressful time!   This is a lifestyle change that is easy to adopt and provides real long-term health benefits, increased confidence and energy, and of course, one smokin’ body.

Make being Healthy a part of your Happily Ever After!  Get fit the right way.

Stephanie Boyne imagesStephanie is a wife and mother of two (above with husband Jay, daughter Sophie, and son Grant).  She is involved in her kids’ school events and activities, has competed in fitness competitions, and is a roller derby athlete.  She also does workouts in her basement at home!   Talk to her about your goals and see how her virtual boot camps can get you there and beyond!  Email her at or find her on Facebook to learn more about her offerings as a fitness instructor.  

She’s also one cool neighbor and so much fun to trick-or-treat with…  🙂

Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo is proud to feature guest bloggers and those with businesses that make a positive impact on our customers and the community.  Check back to see more featured bloggers!

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