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New Year, Improved Way to Communicate With Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo

Fast, easy and effective communications with our customers have always been very important to Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo.  That’s why you’ve always been able to communicate with us easily using the following methods:

1.             Text or Call:  215-491-8500

2.             Online Chat and Text Button

3.             WhatsApp

4.             Email:

5.             Instagram Messenger 

6.             Facebook Messenger

7.             Website Site Message Submission 

8.             Chats on Google Maps and Google Business Profile 

text communications directly with your stylist at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo
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Featured Mother of the Bride/Groom Dress: Jovani #00635

Firstly, this Jovani dress is the absolute definition of special occasion dress. Not only is it cut exclusively in a classic black/gold combination… but the gown is constructed of lightweight taffeta. This slimming fit and flare gown will fit in perfectly in any ballroom or event space. Additionally, it’s embellished with delicate gold floral Venetian lace. Thus, it starts along the sweetheart neckline and trails down the entire dress. Basically, there is no fading into the background with this piece.

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Welcome Essense of Australia

We are so excited to announce the addition of a bridal designer into our gallery: Essense of Australia!

Essense is the perfect addition to our collections. This is a brand whose wedding gowns encompass elegance, romance, and individuality. Essense is a fashion forward label with designs that fit every taste; from clean and classic to bohemian beauty.

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Featured Wedding Dress: Cinda from Wtoo

Meet Cinda!

Designer: Wtoo by Watters

Cinda Wtoo Wedding Dress | Why We Love Her:

Cinda is absolutely exquisite in every way. She is beauty, she is grace, all without an inch of lace! This beautiful a line and off the shoulder gown is perfect in every way. She is full of elegance and is the perfect timeless gown for any beautiful bride on her special day.

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Featured Mother of the Bride/Groom Dress: Daymor 559

Go for a classy and regal look wearing this evening gown by Alexander by Daymor 559.

Daymor Mother of The Bride | 559 Dress Details

This gorgeous V neckline dress features a wavy satin flounce detail at the shoulders and a draping effect that glides down leading to the front slit. The lightweight crepe moves into a fitted silhouette with a hint of rhinestone belting at the waistline. This timeless look will still draw attention in photos for years to come. 

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Featured Wedding Dress: Alice By Casablanca

Meet Alice!

Designer: Casablanca

Why We Love Her

Alice is a beautiful and well loved Casablanca designer wedding dress! Plus, she is just the perfect addition to our gallery! We think that is pretty obvious at first glance.

This gown is absolutely exquisite in her fine details of lace placement and overall silhouette. The lace pattern is one that takes our breath away, which makes her stunning even from first glance.

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Men’s Attire Ideas for a Black Tie Wedding

On Black Friday this year, we as a family went into Center City Philadelphia to enjoy a dinner together and see the Christmas Village in Love Park.  Some of you know that our daughter, Daria, is getting married on New Year’s Eve in 2024 at the Elkins Estate.  Certainly an exciting time for our family.

Her fiancé, Jeff, was in the car with us and one of the the discussions was what do you wear to a black tie wedding on New Year’s Eve.  Turns out, Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo dresses thousands of people every year for weddings, galas and New Year’s Eve events.  We have some ideas for you (and him).

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Featured Wedding Dress: Jolene From Morilee

Meet Jolene
Designer: Morilee

Jolene from Morilee | Why We Love Her:

Jolene from Morilee is the trendsetter of the ball. With her flawless silhouette and pleated slit, she has all heads turning. It is not often that we see a dress joining both a satin skirt and a sheer lace top in holy matrimony, but it pairs just as nicely as you and your fiancé.

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Featured Mother of the Bride/Groom Dress: Christina Wu 17140

The gorgeous Christina Wu mother dress is a comfortable scuba jersey style dress! It features a sweetheart neckline with intricate sequins and beaded embroidery. This dress also adorns a sheer illusion front and back top bodice, complemented by off-the-shoulder cap sleeves. Finally, the ensemble is completed with a sexy front slit and sweeping train.

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