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Showering the Bride

planning a bridal shower

It’s a long-standing tradition: Before the wedding, we shower the bride with love and good-wishes.

In the months or weeks before the wedding, the brides closest friends and family gather together to offer her gifts and celebrate the start of her new married life.

When planning a bridal shower, there are many things to consider. What will you serve? How should you decorate? What can you do to keep your guests entertained and make it a fun day for the bride? Do we make party favors?  And — last but not least — who pays for it?

There are a lot of questions, but don’t worry, we have you covered! Here is Darianna Bridal’s go-to guide for bridal shower success.


The host of the shower pays for it, whether it is maid of honor, bridal party, or the mothers of the bride or groom.  There are plenty ways to throw a great party without breaking the bank.  Keep in mind the bride’s style as well; she may not want a fancy affair.


ballons with tulle

Have a color theme. Cute ideas for the shower could include draping pearls (white beads) from tables, decorating mason jars with inexpensive lace from a fabric store, cutting your napkins in the shape of a bride or hearts.

Tulle is a fantastic option for decorating.  It is inexpensive, comes in different colors, and can be used for decorating tables and chairs and making bows and swags.  We love this idea of covering balloons in white tulle – very inexpensive and SO cute!


spoon full of love

One of our favorites is Memory Lane.  Hand out index cards and have each guest share a memory with the bride (the funnier the better).  The host collects the cards and then takes the bride on a trip down Memory Lane by reading each card out loud.  Everyone has to guess who had that memory with her.

Another fun game is A Spoon Full of Love.  Pass out a wooden spoon and marker and ask the guests to write their best advice for the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs.  Towards the end of the shower, collect the spoons and have the ride read them aloud.  It’s so much fun listening to everyone’s “words of wisdom”…

“Bridal Bingo” is always a great game, too!  This is as easy and fun as it sounds. You can easily print a board off the internet or make a custom one just for your bride-to-be. Hand them out to the guests looking to play and wait for the BINGO!


Looking to have some awesome eats, but don’t want to break the bank? Here are some easy and yummy ideas perfect for any bridal shower.

Decorating your own cupcakes is a great way to get your guests laughing and talking. Have a cupcake station with different types of toppings, icings, and fun sayings on a toothpick to top it off!  Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? It is fun and a great alternative to your typical bridal shower cake.

Or how about this incredible idea:  Love is Brewing!  Consider a late morning shower with a coffee and donut bar and some darling burlap-wrapped coffee bean bags as favors!

If the idea of having to think of food options to satisfy everyone is overwhelming, then this is the answer for you!  Ask each guest to come with their favorite “Family Recipe” – could be a dip, salad, appetizer, casserole, anything!

Have guests bring the recipe card as well. Collect all the recipes so your bride-to-be can make these with with new husband.  Decorate a recipe box, or have guests sign it, for an adorable keepsake as well.  Everyone will be talking about all these famous recipes and your bank account will thank you!


magnet favors

Favors are the keepsake each guest receives as a thank you for attending. They can be wrapped mints or almonds, candles, soaps, or even cute little magnets!

Whatever you plan, don’t stress.  The bride is going to be super excited to share her upcoming marriage with all her girls (and perhaps some of the guys too, but that will be another blog!) and the effort you put in will be appreciated forever!