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The Bride’s Guide: How To Plan For Rain On Your Wedding Day

Your big day is approaching and how many times a day are you checking that weather app for rain? Oh no, it looks like rain… on your wedding day. But it’s supposed to be good luck, right? 

The meaning of this is because a marriage is referred to as “tying the knot”. A knot is difficult to undo, but untying a wet knot is even harder. A rainy day wedding means your marriage will last!

Still, rain on your wedding day is the number one fear of brides-to-be when planning a wedding? Is it really that terrible? Not if you have a rain plan!

It can be tricky if you have an outdoor ceremony or an entirely outdoor wedding planned, however there are arrangements that you, your wedding planner, and your venue can make in advance in case of rain.

We’ve had couples get married in blizzards, under threat of hurricane, through ferocious wind, torrential downpour, hail, and lightening. It happens, it’s weather, and there is no sense stressing out over something which you have zero control. You simply make a backup plan.

Indoor Ceremony Space

If your venue has indoor space and you need to move your ceremony inside, make sure it is large enough to accommodate all of your guests. Find out the details on room set up, views, aisle, and make sure that there is room for the officiant, photographer(s) and videographer.  

If you have decor such as an arbor, columns, flowers, lanterns, etc., can they be incorporated into an indoor ceremony? Who will set up and how much time will it take? If you know these details in advance it will take the pressure off.

If there is no indoor option, discuss your options for inclement weather. Chances are good the venue has been through this before and has a contingency plan for you. They, along with your rental company if needed, will already have a covered area with amenities such as a clear-top tent to capture any available light and with sides that block out the wind and rain. There should be additional lighting, heat lamps or fans depending on temperature, ample space dining, entertainment, and a full dance floor.

Hair and Make-up

It’s a great idea to discuss with your hair stylist how your hair will hold up under a little rain. What are the best way to style it for the worst case scenario? She has been through it before and will have the best advice and product recommendations for you and your bridal party (if she is doing everyone). Same with your makeup artist!


Ask your photographer/videographer about his/her experience shooting in inclement weather. How do they get the best wedding photos in rainy weather? Of all the wedding vendors, the photographer you choose is incredibly important in any weather, but shooting in the rain needs to be addressed before you book. Ask about his/her experience shooting in inclement weather and view their work including outdoor photos in rainy conditions.

Have you seen some of the adorable bride/groom shots under cute clear umbrellas, holding hands, and smooching in the rain? This is the kind of photographer you want. True professionals know how to get beautiful images anytime of year and through any weather forecast. From the first look to the group shots, they will know how to capture you and your guests having a good time. 

Also, the softer lighting and mist can create incredibly emotional backdrops that photographers are unable to replicate in the sunshine, and what if you get that rainbow?!

Double rainbow wedding pic
Double rainbow!

Rain Accessories

Put some thought into these regarding matching your colors, perhaps personalizing umbrellas (a favor idea for your wedding guests, too!) and be ready to launch the order if the weather looks iffy. But don’t stop at the cute umbrellas. 

Umbrellas ready for the guests in case of rain

What about shoes? Pretty wedding rain boots with rhinestones are a darling accessory, and then a change of shoes to cute bridal sneakers with no-slip soles for the dance party! For your wedding party, rain boots could match the wedding colors or the color of their dress, you could have matching rain jackets for them as well. There are different ways to make your rainy day plan become Pinterest worthy!

Bridal wedding rain boots, in white and "something blue"
Something Blue wedding rain boots!

Also, consider a wrap or jacket to match your wedding dress to keep you dry. 

Emergency bag

Every bride needs an emergency bag, and for the chance that mother nature delivers some wet weather, make sure to include in yours some pretty hair pins in case you need to keep your hair up and out of your face, some white towels and a stain remover (think splashes, mud, etc.), sewing kit with safety pins, extra make up as recommended by your hair and make up person – such as face powder, waterproof mascara, lip color, and a setting spray. A little preparation goes along way to avoid last minute emergencies.

Let It Go

If you are still upset or disappointed, acknowledge that and then let it go. Take a deep breath and be present. Keep a positive attitude and don’t let bad weather ruin your special day. This is the day you are marrying the love of your life – for better or worse, through sunshine or rain! When your day is over you will have a fresh start in your new married life and you will talk about the highlights of your day forever. The rain was just a part of your day and it was still magical after all!