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We are so fortunate this week to have Lynda Barness as our guest blogger.

Lynda is the Master Wedding ConsultantTM
 for I DO Wedding Consulting in Philadelphia. She’s one of only 69 people in the world to receive this distinction.

Lynda is a member of the National Association for Catering & Events (NACE) and is consistently featured in magazines including Philadelphia Style, Philadelphia Magazine, and Main Line Today just to name a few.  She is regularly quoted in industry magazines and was recognized last year as a Woman of Distinction in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

In addition, Lynda published a book in 2015 entitled, I Do: A Wedding Planner Tells Tales.

Recognized as a Master Wedding Consultant by the Association of Bridal Consultants, she has the experience, education, and contacts to make your day stress-free perfection.

We asked her to answer her most frequently asked question.  Chances are good it’s something you’ve asked this as well.

Take it away, Lynda!


As a wedding planner and consultant, I am frequently asked what I actually DO.

Philadelphia wedding planner

But this week, a mother-of-a-bride asked me this question in a very different way, and it has actually never been framed so pointedly for me.  She said, “What can you do that I can’t do?”

And it really made me stop and think.  I started enumerating all the tasks at hand for a planner… starting with researching and making recommendations of vendors and venues… creating an exhaustive timeline (mine are usually at least ten pages for a wedding weekend!)…bringing along an enormous emergency kit with items that you can’t even imagine… coordinating transportation for the wedding party and the guests… providing a delightful guest experience for all… and making sure that the pieces of the puzzle that form a wedding day fit together perfectly.

As I started listing these, and thinking about others, the behind-the-scenes tasks sounded endless.  And on many wedding days they feel that way!

 But what could I actually do that this mother couldn’t do?

And here is my answer:

The real bottom line is that my team and I are the official worriers, so you don’t have to be. We troubleshoot so there are no troubles. We have the fixes for most (but not all!) of the issues that arise.

We have experience. And expertise. And ongoing education. We are your advocate and work strictly for you and with you.  We are happy to be your guide through the whole process, presenting options and choices that you may never have considered.

Mine is a full-time job, with many nuances.  And all of that means that you can enjoy the weekend without worrying about the moving parts… or being the go-to person for the safety pins, fashion tape, and the phone number of the bus company.  You get to enjoy the day, to relax, to savor the moment while my team and I take care of the rest. We are your stress-reducers, hand-holders, and problem solvers so that you can celebrate your day, your way.

So while this particular bride’s mother could certainly do all of these things (including worry), is that really what she wants to do on one of the most exciting and wonderful days of her life?

For more information, visit Lynda’s website or contact:

Lynda Barness, Master Wedding Consultant
PO Box 22450
Philadelphia, PA 19110