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How To Plan The Perfect Gothic Wedding

Are you a bride inspired to plan a Gothic wedding?

This theme is unique and an unconventional take on the traditional wedding ceremony. They can embrace dark and dramatic aesthetics, drawing inspiration from Gothic literature, architecture, and subcultures like goth and steampunk. If you’re looking for some planning ideas and elements to throw a perfect Goth wedding read on! 

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Featured Mother of the Bride/Groom Dress: Daymor 1783

Meet: Daymor 1783

There is so much to love about this gown, it’s hard to narrow it down. This lightweight mikado, off the shoulder gown is eye-catching not only for its flattering fit and flare silhouette but it takes a modern twist with the asymmetrical pleated design detail culminating in a bow at the waist.

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Featured Tuxedo: Navy Sebastian

The Ike Behar navy tuxedo called Sebastian is known to many of our brides and grooms.  It is quite popular and in fact in our survey of Top 10 tuxedos and suits worn for autumn weddings, this tuxedo was Number 2! That’s an impressive ranking given that the total number of suits and tuxedos on the list was 70!

Navy Sebastian tuxedo from Ike Behar
Navy Sebastian tuxedo from Ike Behar
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Featured Tuxedo: Princeton Peak Lapel

Erik Lawrence tuxedos and suits are known for great style at a lower price, and the Princeton is a popular option.

While the Ike Behar equivalent to this tuxedo is far more luxurious, some couples we work with want to be respectful of their groomsmen’s budgets when dressing them for their wedding. We all know being asked to be in a wedding, or even several in one year, can run into a large time and financial commitment. The Princeton tends to be approximately $50 less for the rental price of an equivalent high-end tuxedo from Ike Behar or Allure!

Princeton peak lapel tuxedo at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo
Princeton Peak lapel
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Featured Tuxedo: Mason Black Notch

Mason was our #1 tuxedo being rented for Autumn weddings. Read on to find out the many reasons why!

Mason tuxedo from Ike Behar ast Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo

Mason Black Notch Details

Why is the Mason tuxedo so popular with brides, grooms and formal event attendees?  There are many reasons.  The trim fit jacket and pants are modern, yet exude a timeless look.  A good portion of our customers prefer notch lapel suits and tuxedos and this tuxedo checks that box. 

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Featured Tuxedo: Romeo From Ike Behar

To our surprise, double-breasted tuxedo jackets are coming back.  A few years ago, the owners of Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo visited a wedding dress designer in Italy who said that the European fashion designers were moving towards a more relaxed fix and re-introducing double-breasted tuxedos.  We didn’t believe him.  Three months after returning from Italy, we received notification from tuxedo and suit designers that they are offering double-breasted versions of some of our most popular tuxedos and suits!

The "Romeo" double-breasted black satin peak lapel tuxedo
The “Romeo” double-breasted black satin peak lapel tuxedo
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Featured Tuxedo: Jackson From Ike Behar

There are many choices of tuxedos and suits for your wedding, gala or formal event.  Gone are the days where the only choice you had for a tuxedo is black. Today we see black, gray, navy, varying shades of blue and even multi-colored and patterned tuxedos. The choices are almost limitless and different times of year may open the doors to choosing something a little different for your event.

However, still and probably always, the standard-bearer when you think ‘classic tux’ is black. Today, we are featuring one of them: “Jackson” from Ike Behar, a gorgeous (and dare we say sexy?!) black peak lapel tuxedo. 

Jackson tuxedo with satin teardrop bowtie
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