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Morilee Gives Back in A Pandemic

Madeline Gardner is the brilliantly talented designer behind the Morilee bridal and MGNY social occasion dress lines. She is also very often finding ways to give back to the community – those less fortunate, military couples, and in this latest contest to healthcare workers on the front lines of Covid.

We were notified of this by bride Lexi Rafanello. She booked an appointment at our store and said she had been chosen as one of the winners of this latest contest!

We were so excited to be a part of this as well! We got Lexi in to try on, working around a gruling work schedule.  Once she was in it didn’t take her long to find the one. Even more exciting, it wasn’t the one she thought she’d say yes to!

Read Lexi’s story below:

My mom nominated me for the Morilee giveaway because of how much I was in love with Madeline Gardner’s wedding dresses. I already knew the dress I would choose would be one of hers, even months before COVID-19 was an issue in the United States or this giveaway existed.

During the peak of the pandemic I worked on our COVID-19 cluster unit regularly. It was a very high-stress, devastating, and risky environment to be in. It took a toll on our hospital and staff, both financially and mentally, to the point that we are still feeling the effects of the pandemic.

When I found out I won a Morilee dress, I was ecstatic and felt so blessed to have my dream dress given to me. It was the beginning of some light peeking through after being in a very dark tunnel for months.

I would love to thank Madeline Gardner personally for bringing some light and positivity into the world for those who put their own lives at risk for the sake of caring for other human beings. She is one example of humanity coming together in a time of crisis by performing an act of kindness for others. I am truly honored and proud to be wearing one of her dresses on my wedding day.

Bride Lexi with stylist Jenna after saying Yes to her Morilee dress!
Bride Lexi with stylist Jenna after saying Yes to her Morilee dress!

We appreciate what she and many others health care workers have sacrificed during this time. Thank you to Madeline Gardner for such a thoughtful gesture.

Lexi’s wedding is scheduled for next summer and we are thrilled to be a part of it. There will be lots of details and decisions to be made, but with dress in hand she is well on her way!