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Featured Tuxedo – Firenza Black Notch

What’s not to love about Firenza, a gorgeous black notch lapel tuxedo from Savvi?  The European name, the European super 100’s fabric and a more relaxed fit for those looking for style and comfort.

Firenza black tuxedo by Savvi available at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo
Firenza black tuxedo by Savvi

Notch lapel tuxedo jackets are by far our most common tuxedo rentals.  The full satin lapel, buttons and double besom pockets add to the sophistication of this fine tuxedo.  With a matching contemporary vest and flat front pants, Firenza is the perfect tuxedo for a father of the bride or groom or to attend a gala.  Why do we say that?  Because the relaxed fit provides some “give” in the fabric allowing for extra movement.  You also do not feel restricted in this tuxedo as you would in a trim fit or skinny fit tuxedo.

By the looks of the photo, you would not believe Firenza is a relaxed fit tuxedo.  The styling is still slimming and the fit looks custom.  This tuxedo is available from size 3 boys all the way up to a 66R. 

Tuxedo Sizing and Fits

While some of our other tuxedo and suit options go up to size 80, we find that most if not all tuxedo and suit rentals are below a size 66.  Why not put the ring bearer in a more relaxed fit tuxedo?  He would be more comfortable!  Let’s face it, most adults who don’t wear suits and tuxedos on a regular basis are often uncomfortable in restrictive clothes.  A ring bearer would be no exception.

Given that we are starting to see more relaxed fit suits and tuxedos being designed in Europe, we feel that in the next couple of years, we may see more offerings of relaxed fit tuxedos.  We already offer two other relaxed fit tuxedos: our Romeo from Ike Behar black double-breasted tuxedo and our Easton navy double-breasted tuxedo. The idea for these tuxedos came out of the trend seen in Europe for more relaxed fit clothes.

While most of our young brides and grooms love our trim fit and skinny fit tuxedos, there are options for those not looking for that look and feel.

How about your preference?  Do you like skinny fit, trim fit or relaxed fit?