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Featured Suit: Emmitt Black Notch

If you are looking for a handsome black suit, this notch lapel suit named Emmitt from Erik Lawrence is perfect for almost any event. 

Emmitt black suit from Erik Lawrence available at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo
Emmitt black suit from Erik Lawrence

Emmitt Tux Details

This is a 100% worsted wool suit with a trim fit jacket and pants.  It is also a two button jacket with classy flap pockets.

We love the Emmitt black suit because it has matching trim fit jacket, pants and vest.  While not everyone goes for the vest, it’s always an option for someone who wants to look more formal.  Most renters, from our experience, do not rent the vest when attending a funeral or as a guest to a wedding.  However, on occasion, customers will rent the vest if they are attending a more formal wedding or the funeral of a very close friend or a family member.

Belt loops on the slim fit pants of this suit allow you to wear a belt that would match well with your shoes.

Tuxedo Rentals

Why do people rent suits?  Oftentimes, we have customers who are invited to a formal event, a wedding or must attend a funeral and do not own any suits.  This is the most common renter of suits.  In addition, we have customers who need to attend an event and the suits they have no longer fit.  Again, this is another perfect opportunity to take advantage of a suit rental that will look sharp, new, and fit properly, not one that has been sitting in your closet for years with no use!

Many people do not attend enough events on a regular basis to justify buying a suit.  And if anyone is like me, my weight fluctuates by season and purchasing a suit can become another frustrating experience when your holiday weight prevents your purchased suit from fitting properly.  Or worse yet, the loss of weight in the summer months can make it look like you are wearing the clothes of a much bigger person.

Tuxedo Accessories

Another benefit of renting this handsome suit is the ability to choose accessories – your preferred tie, pocket square and shoes.  We recommend our black matte finish shoes with this suit.  Patent leather shoes would be a bit over-the-top for the Emmitt suit, in our professional opinion.

Black matte shoe

This suit comes in sizes 3B all the way up to size 70, this giving almost any size the opportunity to dress formally.

When looking for a black suit, this Erik Lawrence notch lapel black suit would allow you to look esteemed without drawing attention to yourself.