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Creating the Perfect Pinterest Wedding Board

Pinterest is every wedding vendors dream tool. When brides and grooms come to us with a vision, trying to describe exactly what they want or the vibe they are going for can be challenging. Pinterest has made it easy for them to collage together what they are thinking and show their vendors exactly what they are picturing rather than trying to find the right words.

Whether you are a bride, groom, maid of honor, or wedding planner, Pinterest is definitely a site you will want to use to make your planning run smoothly. Follow along to learn how to create the most efficient wedding Pinterest board!

Step One: Designing your Board

First thing’s first, you need to make a board that is dedicated to solely wedding related content.  This board is going to contain only pictures, ideas, and blogs that you like and inspire you, so keeping all of your relevant content in one space will make it easy to find when you are looking for it.

This board is something that can be created regardless of if you are engaged or not! Many women start their wedding boards before they even find “the one”. The earlier you start it, the more you learn about your wedding tastes and preferences.

Step Two: Creating Sections

You have your wedding board that you will be adding all of your inspiration to, but you can’t leave them all jumbled together! Creating a section for each sector of your wedding makes it simple for you to store and find exactly what you are looking for.

Pinterest board dedicated to bridal flowers which are white roses and a few with pops of a wine color.
Pinterest board dedicated to bridal flowers

Say you are ready to come say “yes!” to your dress at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo and you want to show us pictures of what kinds of dresses you have been liking online. Since you created a “Dress” section underneath your wedding board, it is a breeze to hand the phone over to your consultant and then let her take it from there pulling dresses that are similar to the ones that you have saved! It allows you to have a very productive appointment without spending too much time trying to describe what it is that you have been looking at.

Step Three: Begin Pinning

Now that you have your places to store all of your inspiration, it is time to go find what you like! You can always start with a very broad topic like “wedding” to see what comes up that may help you find what you like or even what sections to create that you may not have thought about before. Once you start to narrow down what you are looking for, search for more specific topics.

Madi Lane dress Birdie, a pretty a-line with scattered unbeaded lace appliqué, lace vine-like straps leading to a crisscross back
Madi Lane Birdie, an A-line dress with a cross back

For example, you may start with a search like “wedding dress”. Once you start seeing all the different types of dresses and notice which ones catch your eye, you may want to try a search like “fit and flare lace wedding dress”. If you have found a designer that you like, you could even try “Madi Lane A-line wedding dress” and see other styles that the designer has that you have not seen yet!

Step Four: Follow your Vendors

Once you book a vendor, it is a good idea to follow them on all social media platforms to get the best inspiration and stay up to date with what is happening with them. Following your vendors on Pinterest is a great idea to see what is unique to their business and what they are showcasing from their actual weddings prior. This give you a good idea of the realistic possibilities for your own wedding!

Seven Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo bridal models in various silhouettes of wedding dresses, in fabrics of lace, satin, English net, and crepe, are lined up and ready to walk the runway in a fashion show.
Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo models walk in a bridal fashion show

As a bridal store that is active on Pinterest, we have brides from all over the world watching our consultants model our gorgeous gowns. We often send incoming brides to our Pinterest page to get an idea of what dresses we have in the store that they may want to try on! Make your feed more personal to your wedding by filling your feed with all of the people who are contributing to your wedding!

Step Five: Clean up Your Sections

If you have had your wedding board for a while, you may have experienced a shift in tastes or have found that your original ideas no longer fit the theme that you have created. It is always worthwhile to go through all of your sections and delete pins that are either outdated, repetitive, or no longer relevant to your wedding. Trends can change fast as can tastes! Keep your sections as fresh as possible by thoroughly scrolling through each one. While you are cleaning them up, you can also see if you have a number of pins that look similar or if your section starts to look repetitive. This can help clarify what you are really looking for in your flowers, dress, cake, and decor!

Congratulations – you have the perfect Pinterest board! You are ready to share it with your maid of honor, vendors, and wedding planner. Make sure you have the Pinterest app downloaded to your phone so you can take your board with you to give them the best idea of the feel you want every component of your wedding to have! And when you are ready to make your appointment to dress shop, send your dress section over to the consultants at Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo and prepare to say “yes” to the dress of your dreams!

About the author: Daria Capaldi is the manager of Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo and one-half of its namesake. On the cusp of the Millennial/Gen Z divide, she is uniquely suited for understanding the wedding industry both from a business perspective and a bride’s planning perspective. A graduate of James Madison University and a participant in the Disney Internship Program, Ms. Capaldi upholds the customer experience as key. A Warrington, Bucks County native, she resides in Huntingdon Valley with her boyfriend Jeff and her adorable pup Eva.

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