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Featured Wedding Dress: Abigail by Madi Lane

Meet Abigail!

Designer: Madi Lane

Gorgeous Abigail by Madi Lane is a bride favorite
Abigail by Madi Lane is a bride favorite

Why We Love Her: Abigail is the ideal combination of fun, glamorous, and sexy for all brides! Her natural a-line silhouette complements all body types by flawlessly cinching at the smallest part of the waist, making for a very flattering look on everyone. She has a single layer of glitter tulle that lays under the applique lace layer to make the whole dress subtly sparkle from all angles and perfectly complements the appliques on top! The florals are the unique mix of leaves, vines, and flowers throughout, and they even have clusters of iridescent sequins to add even more glitz!

Abigail by Madi Lane has a Low scooped back with illusion lace and buttons
Low scooped back with illusion lace and buttons

Her bodice consists of a gorgeous deep, yet not too revealing, plunge neckline that is ever so slightly covered with the petals of the appliques. She also has a slight ruching tulle layer that softly lays beneath the lace and creates an enhanced slimming illusion. She is finished with thin delicate mesh spaghetti straps that lead into the even more glorious back.

Deep plunge with illusion tulle and ruching
Deep plunge with illusion tulle and ruching

Abigail’s back is a statement by itself. She has a perfect low scoop shape that gives even more of a sexy appeal by allowing the bride to show some skin! The thin straps lead down to a gorgeous illusion lace back that is closed with buttons (yes, another bonus detail!). Going further down the back, Abigail has a long stunning train with a leaf-edged hem lace that allows the train to lay perfectly shaped!

Dramatic and romantic cathedral train perfectly edged in lace
Romantic and dramatic train perfectly edged in lace

Abigail is available in three stunning colors: ivory/mocha (shown in photos), all ivory, and all white. The ivory/mocha version of this dress shows off Madi Lane‘s signature color while also enhancing all the lace detailing, making sure the lace can be seen up close and far away! The all ivory and all white versions show off the sparkle of the dress, while also keeping the more traditional look on this bohemian lace dress.

Leaves, vines, and shimmery floral lace appliques really pop over the mocha charmeusse lining
Leaves, vines, and shimmery floral lace appliques really pop over the mocha charmeusse lining

She’s Great For: Abigail is great for spring and summer weddings! Her floral and leaf applique perfectly fits the warm weather while her sequins and glitter will shimmer in the bright sunlight. Despite all her glamorous detail, she can keep a light and airy composure that will be comfortable in all levels of heat!

What Makes Her Special: What makes Abigail special is her unique detachable bubble sleeves! Those sleeves can completely transform her look by adding the perfect touch of fun! They further add to the complete bohemian uniqueness of the dress , and they serve as the perfect “WOW” factor that will leave the guests stunned!

Darianna Bridal & Tuxeedo's "I Said Yes To the Dress" sign on Abigail's gorgeous lace train
Our “I Said Yes” sign on Abigail!

Featured Wedding Dress: Omarra from Blue By Enzoani

Meet Omarra!

Designer: Blue by Enzoani 

Omarra from Enzoani Bleu is a layered tulle ballgown with spaghetti straps, sparkle and applique
Omarra from Enzoani

Why we love her: One of the newest additions to the store, Omarra is a total work of art. Her floral appliques, delicate beadwork, and layer of sparkle tulle come together seamlessly to create a perfectly romantic, whimsical dress.

Omarra has a full a-line silhouette; the top layer of tulle is sewn with pleating, adding volume to the skirt without adding weight to the dress. This makes her a great choice for brides getting married in the summer or at a warmer destination. Omarra’s skirt has a layer of sparkle tulle underneath; it’s a shimmering mix of different sizes of glitter. It’s unique yet subtle.

Omarra's Beaded lace and sparkle bodice has a tightly cinched waist for a super flattering shape
Beaded lace and sparkle bodice

Omarra’s bodice is supported by boning and thin spaghetti straps. Floral embroidered applique covers the bodice and drips down the skirt. A mix of flowers and leaves, there are clear beads and silver sequins throughout the design. The mix of these two materials gives the dress a dazzling sparkle without being over-the-top. There are cutouts under the arms to avoid uncomfortable rubbing. The straps, neckline, and cutouts are lined with beads. The sheer bodice adds a little spice to this very sweet dress. 

Omarra’s back is just as special as her front. She has a deep V-shaped back with a beautiful illusion. The same beads that line her neckline and straps continue down the back of the V shape. There are a handful of buttons on the back of the bodice as well.

Omarra's Low back and gorgeous ethereal layered train adds drama without weight and makes for a easy and lovely bustle
Low back and gorgeous, ethereal layered train

She has a stunning train, with the embroidered applique and sparkle tulle creating an ethereal vision. When it’s time to party, bustling this lightweight train will be a breeze and still allow the appliqués to be visible!

Omarra is available in ivory/nude and all ivory. 

She’s Great For: brides who want the vibe of a ball gown without wanting the heaviness of ball gowns. Omarra’s voluminous skirt is the result of pleating in the tulle, not layer upon layer of crinoline. She’s light, she’s dreamy, and she’s sparkly; perfect for spring and summer weddings!

What Makes Her Special: the unique design in Omarra’s sparkle tulle layer!

Blue by Enzoani uses different sized glitter and sparkle to create a stunning yet subtle glow. Adding to that glow is the delicate bead work across the bodice. Without being gaudy or over the top, this dress perfectly combines appliqué, sparkle tulle, beading, and sequins. She has total fairy tale vibes in the best way possible! 

Enzoani has world-renowned designers and highly-experienced pattern-makers and beaders who work tirelessly to keep them at the cutting edge of bridal design. They produce gowns that fit perfectly, utilize the latest and most premium materials available – the highest grade fabrics and Swarovski crystals – to make each bride feel beautiful. There is no compromise when it comes to quality and construction. Each wedding dress produced by Enzoani is custom designed and custom made. The dresses are hand-beaded, and most dresses require several hundred hours to create!

Featured Wedding Dress: Evie Young Winter

Meet Winter!

Designer: Evie Young

Winter by Evie Young, full lace and long sleeve wedding dress with a plunge neck ans chapel train
Winter by Evie Young, full lace and long sleeve wedding dress

Why we love it: There is no dress more perfect for a winter wedding than Evie Young Winter! Her timeless design is perfect for elegant brides with a little boho side. She is covered in intricate lace from top to bottom. The detailed, geometric pattern of the lace adds a modern touch to a classic style – the perfect blend of edgy and sweet!

Intricate geometrical patterned lace over a charmeuse layer
Intricate geometrical patterned lace over a charmeuse layer

Winter has a gentle fit-and-flare silhouette; she hugs your curves while allowing you to walk and dance comfortably! The inside lining is so soft and comfortable, making her easy to wear all day long. And as with all picture-perfect winter wedding dresses, she has long sleeves that add a beautiful and soft touch. The lace continues unlined down the length of the sleeve, creating a striking illusion that shows the intricacy of the lace pattern. There are some adorable buttons on the ends of the sleeves as well. 

The V-neck neckline has a deep yet narrow plunge. It’s modern, it’s sexy, and it won’t offend any grandparents. The plunge runs almost the length of the bodice, and it gradually narrows down into a point. The plunge, and the neckline in its entirety, is lined with a finely cut crocheted lace. The neckline leads down to a waistband with diamond-patterned crocheted lace that hits at the natural waistline, giving brides a beautiful silhouette! Winter’s sweep-length train means no bulky bustles or heavy material following brides around all night.

Plunging neckline leads to the bandedbnatural waist with seed pearls
Plunging neckline leads to the defined waist

Her train and the hem around the rest of the dress is scalloped, creating a soft and romantic finish to this modern-style dress. 

Available in Ivory/Nude, Ivory/Sand, and Ivory/Ivory (shown).

What she’s great for: Winter is a perfect fit for modern brides with a boho side. Her silhouette works well with brides looking to show off their curves. With fuller coverage, this gown is appropriate for ceremonies in religious spaces. And is it too obvious to state that Winter is a great dress for winter weddings?

Keyhole back with illusion lace makes a sexy statement!
Keyhole back with illusion lace makes a statement!

What makes her special: The superb intricacy and detail in the lace, which makes up the entire dress, is truly a work of art. The lace pattern is eccentric yet tasteful; the geometry of it invokes a mandala-esque vibe. Winter brings a little heat with a keyhole back! In a unique triangle shape, the keyhole back is lined with the same crocheted lace as the neckline. It’s another stunning feature on this captivating gown. 

Evie Young is a label of modern contemporary wedding gowns that embody synergy and femininity. The collections are harmoniously representative of the women who wear them – beautifully diverse and supremely exceptional and the creations feature in-house designed exclusive laces, earthen textural layers and innovative silhouettes. With a focus on the multi-faceted diversity of beauty and all that is feminine, our label is akin to a montage of individual love stories. They are consistent in our dedication to making their footprint smaller in all creative and business processes in solidarity with ethical and mindful production principles.

Featured Wedding Dress: Sutton by L’Amour, Calla Blanche

Meet Sutton!

Designer: L’amour by Calla Blanche

Sutton wedding dress by Calla Blanche is ethereal and shimmery
Sutton is ethereal and shimmery

Why We Love Her:

Sutton is the definition of simple, romantic, and stunning! She truly demonstrates how less can be more when it comes to detailing. Sutton has a stunning natural a-line silhouette that perfectly flows and flatters from all angles! Her skirt consists of a very lightweight and flexible tulle that will move with the bride. She is perfect for a bride who wants the look of an a-line without all the weight and layers!

The beaded belt waist line is so flattering and a perfect design to a deep plunge neck
The beaded belt waist line is so flattering and a perfect design to a deep plunge neck

Sutton’s bodice is the highlight of this dress! She has a perfectly sculpted plunge neckline with a nude illusion piece that blends perfectly with multiple skin tones and thick illusion straps that give extra support. This plunging neckline gives the sexiness appeal, while also allowing the bride to feel comfortable dancing all night long! When it comes to sparkle in the bodice, Sutton has it! She has not only one, but two layers of a mix of iridescent, white, and silver beading lining the bodice. She will twinkle in every lighting! Her bodice is then completed with a dainty beaded bow belt that adds some subtle drama.

The V-back on Sutton is deep to the waist where it again meets with the beaded belt
The back is deep to the waist where it again meets with the beaded belt

The best part about her beaded detail is that it continues to her back and even cascades down her skirt, while also being broken up directly below the arms with another mesh insert so that the beading does not irritate a bride’s skin! Sutton has a deep V-backline that goes all the way down to her waistline, making for a very sexy look on any bride. Her long lightweight train consists of tulle that is pleated together in order to keep the perfect appearance for the cameras, and a hassle free bustle!

She can be sold in two different colors. For a bride that loves the two-toned trend or hates the look of a bright white, Sutton is available in an ivory/light nude edition that will show off all of the white beading (shown in the pictures). For a more traditional look, she can come in an all ivory color that will make the silver sparkle shine. Both variations have the option to have a lined or unlined bodice as well which is great for offering a more conservative look!

She’s Great For:

Because of her lightweight character, Sutton is great for weddings of all types! Her sparkle detailing can fit right into any season and venue without looking out of place! Based on the vibe of the wedding, Sutton can appear to be whimsical, flirty, romantic, or elegant!

The skirt is simply layers of tulle mimicking walking in the clouds, so dreamy
Like walking in the clouds, the skirt has layers of plain lightweight tulle

What Makes Her Special:

What makes Sutton special is her pleated-like tulle skirt! This type of skirt allows the bride to have the voluminous look of any other a-line dress without the heavyweight material that typically comes with it. Sutton will be comfortable to wear for the entirety of the wedding without needing any outfit change (unless the bride wants one, of course!)

L’amour by Calla Blanche showcases fun and contemporary designs that embody the new woman. This affordable and inclusive collection features sexy and edgy pieces that provide a modern twist for a fun and flirty bride. L’amour by Calla Blanche demonstrates a fashion-forward, unique approach to design while never compromising quality and attention to detail.

Eight Wedding Dress Fabrics

How much do you know about wedding dress fabrics?

The hunt for your wedding gown usually starts online with Pinterest, designer websites, and Google searches. Chances are good you are saving different styles. Chances are also good that you have different fabrics, too.

Do you know what is better for warm weather or what keeps that ball gown skirt fluffed to the max? Do you wonder about which wedding dress fabrics will show off what you love and hide what you don’t?

Let’s get into it and talk about eight common wedding dress fabrics: crepe, chiffon, satin, charmeuse, organza, silk, tulle, and English net.


Madi Lane Morrison dress in crepe, the first of our wedding dress fabrics
Madi Lane Morrison dress in crepe fabric

Crepe is a beautiful and form-fitting fabric. It is very clean, has a matte finish (not shiny) and is easy and comfortable to wear. There are few if any embellishments on most crepe dresses, aside from perhaps a detachable train, jacket, or a hint of lace here or there. It may have a lace bodice with a plain crepe skirt, or even a beautiful mixture of chiffon as seen here:

Eddy K Gretchen dress is crepe with a light chiffon bishop sleeve
Eddy K Gretchen dress is crepe with a light chiffon bishop sleeve

The most common embellishment on a full crepe dress would be buttons down the back. It will stretch with you as you move, dance, or sit, but it definitely clings.


Stella York 7410 dress in chiffon
Stella York 7410 dress in chiffon

Chiffon is a wonderful choice for a warm wedding setting. It is lightweight and very flowy, with a clean look that falls beautifully. It does not cling and is a popular choice for those who want to dance the night away.

Chiffon can have embellishments such as beading or lace, usually at the bottom back of the train, however, many chiffon dresses have a more embellished bodice and a plain chiffon skirt as shown in the photo above.

While chiffon can wrinkle if left in the dress bag, a quick steam out does the trick and you will be good all day! Chiffon can snag on sharp edges and will pull if caught. Those pulls can be lessened to look better, but you cannot repair a pull in chiffon.


Morilee Darcy dress with a plain satin skirt with pockets
Morilee Darcy dress with a plain satin skirt with pockets

Satin has a shine to it making it a more formal-looking fabric. It is heavier than other plain fabrics, and is often embellished with beading, embroidery, or both. Many ball gowns and A-lines are made in a satin fabric due to the formality of that shape.

Because it is a thicker fabric, it will hold a full skirt easily over crinoline layers underneath. Satin is a good choice if you are having a formal wedding and/or a winter wedding, but can also blend beautifully with a lighter lace bodice as in the photo above. It does have a tendency to wrinkle, but a press out will make it perfect.

Madi Lane Dante in satin chiffon blend
Madi Lane Dante in satin chiffon blend

Satin may also be blended with other fabrics like chiffon in the photo above to create a softer and flowier fabric (called luxe satin) that still has the weight and the gorgeous shine of a full satin.


Madi Lane Bridal charmeuse  wedding dress fabric is dreamy with floral patterns all over, even on the detachable sleeves.  Elora is the name of this bridal gown and very popular for outdoor weddings.
Elora by Madi Lane in charmeuse with sheer overlay

Charmeuse is a middle ground between chiffon and satin, think even lighter luxe satin. It is exceptionally soft and a must-try for those with sensitive skin! Usually there is a sheer tulle layer over the charmeuse adding a pretty, more voluminous bridal affect. This layer can include lace applique as shown in the photo above, organza tiers, or even horsehair layers!

The shine of the charmeuse fabric underneath creates a depth and sets off the lace in front beautifully. This is a very comfortable fabric, and works perfectly if you prefer a little shine but do not want the stiffness of satin.


Casablanca Chelsi ballgown with an organza skirt
Casablanca Chelsi ballgown with an organza skirt

Organza is a softer version of tulle, made from silk so still keeps a good shape, very light and airy. Many tiered skirts are made of organza because of the beautiful way it falls, often given volume and waves by adding a thick horsehair edge.

Because it is so light, it is very difficult to embellish without causing damage so great way around that is to add details in a different fabric between the tiers:

Casablanca dress Jillian with organza and lace tiered skirt
Casablanca dress Jillian with organza and lace tiered skirt

Organza is mostly wrinkle free, easy to carry (great for destination weddings!), and easy to steam.


Nanelle from Enzoani Blue is a rich silk
Nanelle from Enzoani Blue is a rich silk

Silk is a very tightly woven fabric and that gives it a beautiful, glimmering effect. Silk dresses rarely have embellishments aside from buttons and bows. There are different types of silks, such as dupioni, mikado, and shantung, and all are produced from natural fibers.

Silk has the same luster and is as thickness as satin, however satin is a man-made fabric and costs much less than silk. While most fabrics are able to be let out if a little more room is needed, many silks cannot because the original seams will be visible with stitch marks and pinholes from the needle.

Silks are very rich with a classic, beautiful fit, and some will have “imperfections” due to the way it is made. There is nothing wrong with it and is peace of mind for authenticity.


Carrie by Casablanca has layers of tulle with seed pearls
Carrie by Casablanca has layers of tulle with seed pearls

Tulle is a mesh fabric, made mainly from a silk-rayon combination that gives it a lightweight airiness with the strength to add lace or beaded embellishments. Tulle is typically layered over itself or over other fabrics due to its transparency and is one of the most widely used wedding dress fabrics. Most veils are made of tulle as well. Tulle sleeves are lovely and sheer using just one layer.

English Net

Colleen by Morilee has an English net skirt.
Colleen by Morilee has an English net skirt

English net is a mesh fabric that is similar to tulle however it is heavier and therefore has a beautiful bridal look. It gives volume without being too wide or puffy, it does a perfect twirl and goes right back to its shape. Softer than tulle and has a slight stretch as well. A beautiful choice for a warmer, outdoor affair. Like chiffon, English net is highly prone to snags so give thought to your choice of shoes, jewelry, and veil. A beaded English net dress can even snag on itself so be careful!

We hope this gives you some helpful tips on wedding dress fabrics that may be more appealing to you now that you read about them! Come in and see for yourself the differences, make your appointment here!

Bridal “Research” – How Do We Learn About Dresses?

With so many wedding dresses out in the market, what research do you need to do to learn what distinguishes one from another? Why would one dress be $250 and another dress be $10,000 or more? Here is some information that can help you!

A row of beautiful Ballgowns

As a leading bridal store in the Philadelphia region, we do extensive amounts of research on the designers and the lines that we bring in. A particular designer may design several lines, for instance: we carry the designer Kitty Chen. She designs a line called Couture, another called Ivoire, and she also designs a line called Jessica Morgan. We happen to carry all of the lines, because of the uniqueness and the price points.

It is the same with designer Madeline Gardner, also known as Morilee. She has seven lines for bridal, one dedicated to curvy brides, one is a higher end couture line, another one is a very simple less expensive line.

“The Other White Dress” collection by Madeline Gardner

How do you know what is best for you? How do you know what you need?

It’s not easy – especially when you are all over Pinterest. There are brides who show us their Pinterest board and it’s full of dresses that are way out of budget. They can be very disappointed and confused. Why would a dress that looks so “affordable” be so expensive? And what do we have that looks like that in her price range?

We have also had the opposite. We have had brides try on dresses and fall in love and when they see the price, they think something must be wrong with it. Why would she fall in love with a dress so under budget? As an experiment, we offered a dress to a bride that was exactly what she asked for but was well under budget. She loved it until she saw the price, then she didn’t. She said the fabric “looked like plastic”. We then gave her a dress by a different designer that was over budget – in the exact same fabric. She tried to convince us of how much better the fabric looked then the “cheaper dress”. The only difference was the label inside.

It is similar to purchasing a car. Certain cars, based on the make, will be more expensive than others. I think it is safe to say most people know a certain make of car will be more expensive than others. They both do the same thing and they have the same main parts, but one goes a little farther for the luxury. If you are not knowledgeable about cars, you could just go and pick out the one you like best based on the look. When you find out the price is usually when you would decide yes or no.

A great choice if you love the look of satin but have a wedding in a warmer location or in the summer months

Now picture shopping for your wedding dress in the same way. If you don’t have a budget, you will find the prettiest ones, try them on, and make your decision. What makes one dress cost more than another would be the same concept, that is mainly the name of the designer. Other things considered are: the fabrics used, the beading/beadwork, how it is constructed, perhaps additional accessories, etc. The bottom line, however, is the name on the label.

The research that we do allows us to find who we feel are the best designers, in affordable price ranges, who offer a wide range of styles and sizes. In addition, we want to make sure we carry unique designers, not ones that are found in every single store. There is nothing better than when a bride tells us she’s been everywhere and is shown the same dresses over and over. We get to wow the brides, which is really what she is looking for!

Satin and sleeves, perfect for a formal event in chillier months

Research for you should also include thinking about the season of your wedding and the fabric that would make sense. If you are getting married in the winter on the East Coast, a heavier satin, sleeves, or layered lace would be more appropriate than a strapless chiffon for example. If you are getting married on a beach, a heavy satin wouldn’t make any sense, but lightweight chiffon would be perfect!

A lovely fitted lace dress, perfect for an indoor
or outdoor affair

Also the venue makes a difference in what type of dress. A formal church wedding followed by a formal reception would dictate a more formal type dress, rather than if you are getting married outside in the garden in a casual type setting.

Having a budget for your dress will make a big difference in making your choice. You can research various lines and find those in budget that have styles you love. If you are a bargain hunter, you can always look for sample sales which is when the dress in the store is marked way down for a faster sale. It is that dress, as is, and has been tried on, but it’s never been worn and you can save a lot of money at a sample sale if that’s your thing! We hold sample sale events several times a year and they are very popular with many brides!

Our dresses new start at $1000 and our selection in various price ranges is outstanding. Make your appointment today to see all that we have to offer!

Three Things To Love About Crepe Wedding Dresses

Whether it’s a body-hugging mermaid or a romantic A-line, crepe dresses are sophisticated and timeless. No doubt you’ve heard about (and pinned) a few dresses in this amazing fabric, so in this blog we will go into more detail.

Crepe is a fabric that was traditionally made from silk or wool which is what gives some their “bumpy” appearance, but can now can be made from almost any fiber. Crepe georgette is very popular in dresses now because the georgette adds elasticity.

Crepe types vary from thin and lightweight to thick and heavyweight. Wedding dresses typically fall somewhere in between. They definitely aren’t thick and heavy because they would lose their beautiful drape and flow, however, they are not thin because then the dress could be somewhat see-through.

Wedding dresses in this fabric are not always lined underneath, but if they are it is usually with a satin or a charmeuse therefore need to have some thickness for proper structure and draping. A little thickness is also what gives crepe our first thing we love:

  1. Hug Those Curves! You work hard to keep that body of yours in shape and it shows at every angle in a dress like Fallon by Madi Lane below, a stunning crepe dress with buttons down the back accentuating the assets! The incredible fit with a little mix of a georgette fabric gives not only the perfect silhouette but also allows the stretch needed to sit, walk, and do those perfect dance moves. Not to mention it will knock your fiance out all night long. FALLON | Madi Lane Bridal
  2. Smooth and Comfortable. Are there any two better adjectives to describe a wedding dress? Besides the ones already used above? Smooth always looks classic and sophisticated, clean and timeless. Comfortable is not always easy to get in a dress. When a dress has lace and/or beading, multiple layers of crinoline, a fitted high structured satin, it can be a long day wearing it. Scratchy, heavy, tight – none of these describe crepe. This fabric is ideal for sensitive skin as well.
  3. The Color. Whether you choose white or ivory, the richness in this fabric is like no other. The whites are clean and bright with none of the “harshness” of other fabrics, the ivories are creamy and warm. Some crepe dresses are only made in one color so ask your consultant if there are swatches.

Here are some other crepe dresses in our store that brides love:

Madi Lane Finley

FINLEY | Madi Lane Bridal
FANTASY – Wedding Dresses | Bridal Gowns | KITTYCHEN COUTURE
Morilee Saskia
Saskia Wedding Dress | Morilee
Madi Lane Ferne
FERNE | Madi Lane Bridal
Beloved by Casablanca Honor
Style BL307 Honor | Beloved By Casablanca Bridal
Jessica Morgan MARCH, J1990 Wedding Dress | The Knot
Make your appointment here to see these and many more! We can’t wait to meet you!