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Bride’s Guide: Wedding Gown Preservation

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You searched for the perfect dress to say yes to. Your big day was magic as you twirled around and your guests were in awe of your beautiful gown. Now the day is over and you can’t let that magical dress hang in a bag in the closet, wrinkled and dirty. Now it is time for wedding gown preservation.

Having your wedding gown cleaned and preserved is an essential step in maintaining the beauty and sentimental value of one of the most important garments you’ll ever wear! We know how many memories that dress holds, and it should remain in beautiful shape. We can help with that! First and foremost:

What Is Wedding Gown Preservation?

Wedding gown preservation uses special organic cleaning methods and preservation techniques, along with special packaging to ensure your gown retains it beauty for many years to come!

After a careful cleaning (with extra attention given to the bottom and removal of stains) and pressing to remove wrinkles, your gown will be carefully molded around a display form, wrapped with acid-free tissue paper, and stored in an acid-free box. The gown is then sealed inside a beautiful display box and placed inside a preservation box for proper care in long-term storage. It comes with a 100-year guarantee, basically a lifetime warranty! 

The preservation package includes up to 5 free accessories (veil, headpiece, gloves, sleeves, even an invitation) at no additional charge. It takes approximately 8-10 weeks to come back just like new!

Still not convinced? Learn more about the importance of preserving your gown below. 

wedding gown preservation

Preservation of Memories

Your beautiful wedding dress is a tangible piece of one of the most memorable days of your life. The special care of a proper full cleaning and preservation ensure that the gown remains in pristine condition, thereby allowing you to revisit and cherish the memories associated with your special day for years to come.

Prevention of Damage

Wedding gowns are often made from delicate fabrics and intricate designs that can be easily damaged by stains, dirt, and improper storage. Professional dry cleaning removes stains that can set and become permanent over time, such as sweat, makeup, food, and drink. Preservation involves protecting the gown from environmental factors. Humidity and light can cause yellowing and color fading, mildew growth, fabric creasing and deterioration, and other damage.

Financial Value 

A wedding gown is a significant financial investment and a lasting memory of your special day. Cleaning and preserving the gown can maintain or even increase its value over time. This is particularly important if you plan to sell or pass down the gown to future generations. 

Sentimental Reasons

We understand that the sentimental value is equally significant and preserving the gown allows it to become a family heirloom that can be shared with children and grandchildren.

Future Use

Many brides choose to repurpose their wedding gown for future occasions. Whether it’s for a vow renewal, transforming it into another garment, gifting to a family member, or incorporating pieces of it, preserving the gown ensures that it remains in perfect condition for these uses. You won’t have to worry about fabric discoloration or deterioration.

Professional Expertise

Professional wedding gown cleaners and preservers have the expertise to handle delicate fabrics and intricate embellishments properly. They use specialized techniques and equipment to ensure that the gown is cleaned and preserved without causing damage. This level of care cannot typically be achieved through at-home cleaning methods.

Peace of Mind

Using a high-quality wedding dress preservation company is the only way to have peace of mind that your dress is protected and will remain a beautiful keepsake of your wedding day, without the worry of potential damage from improper storage or cleaning. Entrust this task to professionals so you will ensure that your wedding gown remains a beautiful, lasting reminder of your special day.

Darianna® Bridal & Tuxedo preserves wedding dresses all the time using the Wedding Gown Preservation Company. They do such great work with all of our gowns. Stop in and drop your wedding dress off with us during regular business hours! Or, purchase a wedding gown preservation kit as a great gift for a bride-to-be! A thoughtful way to help your daughter, future daughter in law, niece, etc., keep her dress in perfect condition! It is a small investment for such a special, sentimental garment.