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A Letter To Our Wedding Guests

Dear Wedding Guests,

We love you all so much and this day has been so special to spend it by your sides. Some of you came so far and for that, we are truly grateful. The whole day was everything we could’ve ever wanted – the weather, the venue, the attire, everything! However, it would’ve been really great if we got the moment to sit down and eat our dinner together undisturbed.

We spent our entire day surrounded by so many people and snuck away for only a few minutes to eat some tasty cocktail hour menu items after our pictures together. Those 10 minutes were all we got to just soak in the moment of finally being married completely alone.

A Sweetheart Table where wedding guests need to give the newlyweds a little privacy to eat and recharge together and undisturbed
A Sweetheart Table for the newlyweds

Our dinner was served to our sweetheart table, a table just for the two of us, and yet we had a handful of conversations with wedding guests who just came up to chat as we concluded our dances on the dance floor. Our dinner was sitting there waiting for us and everyone who was talking to us didn’t even see it, but we did.

Again, we love you all and we are so thankful you could be there, but when you see the bride and groom’s table with their meal on it – do not interrupt them. We’re exhausted at this point, the point of sitting down to eat our first meal as married. All we want to do is sit down and eat the amazing food we picked and paid for – we also want you all to eat the meals we spent months planning for.

In short, let us eat our dinner. Talk to us when we’re up dancing and running around. Give us a moment to just relax and recharge to go all night long with you all. We’re trying to do our best to give everyone the attention you need and deserve, but we also want to have the time and space to just be together and soak in the moment of celebrating our marriage.

Much appreciated,
The Hangry Newly-weds

PS One more thing. If you see us having a conversation with another guest please don’t interrupt or pull us away, wait to grab us for a picture until our conversation is over.