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Winter Wedding Wonderland

I had a winter wedding. Of course it was 50° but it was in December. While I hoped for a little bit of snow, it was absolutely delightful with a full moon over the Delaware river and just enough chill for the fire pits to start up. Magical.

Our winter wedding at the Black Bass Hotel in Bucks County PA
Our wedding 12/17/21 at the Black Bass Hotel

If you are considering this beautiful time of year to get married, this may push you right into booking a winter wedding!

  • Venues – Many venues have better pricing in the winter months because they are not as popular as spring and fall. While spring has the new warm temperatures and the budding foliage and autumn has the insanely beautiful colors and typically perfect temperatures, winter in my opinion is overlooked. The crisp air, possibly some snow, and the new year just beginning, to me it is the perfect time for a wedding and better pricing from the venue is the icing on the cake. You can save so much of your precious budget money by booking in a chilly month!
Winter Wedding in the Poconos, Stroudsmoor PA
From the Stroudsmoor Country Inn, Poconos
  • Flowers – This isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when the weather is cold and everything is dormant, but there are some perfect options that are readily available. For this section I reached out to my good friend and go-to florist Reeanne Siravo. When I asked what the best flowers are for winter wedding she said, “Roses, roses and more roses!” I thought that was such a great answer because who doesn’t love roses? They are the epitome of romance and come in so many colors! Reeanne said many flowers are available year-round, however supply lines and quality have definitely been a challenge over the last few years. She suggests having a color theme and choice of flowers, but being open to any adjustments your florist may need to make (so make sure you choose a florist you trust). Many types of greenery are also available and seasonally appropriate.
  • Colors – popular for the colder season are reds and wine colors, ice blues, and metallics (silver, gold, rose gold, copper). Jewel tones such as sapphire and emerald are popular for bridesmaids as well and add a beautiful pop of deep color standing against the wedding dress.
  • The Dress – Winter wedding dresses are some of my personal favorites because I am all about the sleeve. And sparkles. Depending on your style, a long-sleeve plain dress can be a shimmery satin or crepe, or a beautiful glittery ballgown. The venue can play into this choice as well, if it is a grand ballroom then a bigger dress twirling the night away is perfect. A more intimate venue may call for a slimmer dress option for a candle light wedding. There are many different, yet appropriate, options!
  • Accessories – do not overlook accessories such as a faux fur shawl or a sweet blanket for around your shoulders. You will need the appropriate shoes, too! If you will be walking in snow you may want a cute fur boot and then your dancing shoes for the reception. Don’t forget an umbrella if you do get to have photos in that darling snowfall! And lastly – the crystal or diamond headband and jewelry to sparkle like ice under the lights!