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What’s in Your Wedding Box?

The Wedding Box. They are the tell tale sign of the beginning of wedding planning. Chances are that you have seen one or two bridesmaid proposal boxes on your Instagram feed at one point or another, but the wedding box has taken on a new role during weddings of the Covid era.

Let’s talk about all the different types of boxes that you may come across either while planning or attending a wedding.

The Bridal Party Proposal Box

The date has been set and the venue is chosen! Now it is time to formally ask your VIPs to stand next to you on your big day. This is when the boxes come into play!

Boxes will typically come either personalized with the recipient’s name or the question “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Many brides choose to fill their bridesmaid proposal boxes with items like wine or champagne, small candles, hair ties, personalized tumblers, jewelry, robes, and other small filler items.

For the guys, the boxes will feature items like beer or whiskey, customized shot glasses, koozies, a bottle opener, flask, a tie, cigars, and much more. Items can be chosen to fit each member of the party personally or be part of an overall theme (ex. beach, colors, necessities for your day, etc.).

Groomsman Box

No matter what goes into the boxes, the members of your wedding party will be ecstatic to stand next to you on your big day!

The Welcome Box

Some couples who have destination weddings or have guests who require overnight lodging will provide their guests with a Welcome Box. These boxes can be customized to fit the wedding theme, the couple, or even the destination where the wedding is being held.

Cardboard wedding box with a handle, and a label saying welcome to our wedding in calligraphy.
Welcome Box

One unique feature that couples can add into their welcome boxes is local snacks or treats! A tasty dessert or a traditional bite is a perfect way to welcome your guests not only to your wedding, but to the destination itself.

For those couples with beach weddings, a box with some snacks like plantain chips and fruits accompanied by some sunscreen, aloe vera, and perhaps sunglasses would be the perfect touch to prepare guests for a weekend in paradise. Personalized wedding favors like cups or some bubbly with a custom label are also a cute keepsake that will get your guests excited for the big day!

If your wedding festivities occur over the span of a few days, including a program to inform your guests of the timing of all the activities is a great idea to keep everyone on track and accounted for. Add a handwritten thank you note and you are all set to start the weekend of your dreams! The options for your Welcome Boxes are truly endless – have some fun choosing the items for yours.

The Covid Wedding Box

Given the current situation with the pandemic, many couples are opting to have smaller, socially distant weddings. Whether they decide to keep their in-person celebration or decide to go all virtual, more couples are opting to incorporate some form of a wedding box into their day!

For the couples who have chosen to continue their celebration with all of their guests present (and socially distant!), many couples choose to provide their boxes prior to the reception. These boxes can contain a branded mask and hand sanitizer, the guests table number, a program, champagne, bottled water, a slice of cake, favors, and a thank you note. This box eliminates the need for guests to move around the venue and helps contain the spread of germs.

Couples that chose to have a virtual ceremony might consider sending boxes to their guests with champagne, flutes, favors, candy, thank you notes, and perhaps details of their big reception should they choose to still have one. This allows guests to still celebrate with the couple from the safety and comfort of their own home.

Regardless of what option the couple chooses for their celebration, the use of these boxes during Covid has helped keep guests safe and happy!

The Favor Box

The final box you might come across comes at the finale of the wedding. These boxes are typically the smallest of the group. Favor boxes are given out as a “thank you” to your guests for coming and typically provide a little keepsake or treat. The outside of the boxes can be customized with a personal wedding label or designed to match the wedding theme or colors! These boxes can be filled with treats like macaroons, cake pops, cupcakes, M&Ms, taffy, chocolate truffles, mints, or chocolate covered pretzels.

If you are looking to provide a keepsake rather than sweets, consider custom koozies, cups, glasses, or shot glasses. Other non-edible favors can include candles, bottle openers, a bottle stopper, succulents, or personalized soaps. Choose something that will remind your guests of you newlyweds whenever they see it!

We hope this blog gave you some great inspiration to consider what boxes you would like to incorporate into your big day! Read about new trends for 2021 here!

About the author: Daria Capaldi is the manager of Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo and one-half of its namesake. On the cusp of the Millennial/Gen Z divide, she is uniquely suited for understanding the wedding industry both from a business perspective and a bride’s planning perspective. A graduate of James Madison University and a participant in the Disney Internship Program, Ms. Capaldi upholds the customer experience as key. A Warrington, Bucks County native, she currently resides in Huntingdon Valley.