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What Is A Trunk Show?

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? A Trunk Show can call up many images! Clearly it is a “show” of some sort, but what exactly is in the “trunk”?

For purposes of this blog we are going to talk about wedding dress trunk shows, but the term “trunk show” was simply coined for the fashion industry to show their latest designs that were transported in trunks! The designer would be on hand with his or her newest creations to show prospective buyers and customers, take orders, and get feedback for future designs.

Now we don’t receive dresses in trunks however, they are carefully packed and shipped in boxes!

Let’s first talk about a regular dress shopping experience. You are engaged (woo hoo!!) and ready to shop for your wedding dress, which in our opinion is THE BEST part of the planning process! The normal experience is to make an appointment with us and allow your bridal stylist to guide you in selecting the perfect dresses to try on based on your season, venue, theme, body, and features/styles/fabrics you love. Our gallery is full of hand-picked, beautifully curated dresses from the designers we carry.

Our wedding dress gallery

Because the designers produce new collections twice a year, it is simply not possible for us – or any store – to carry every dress from every designer from every season. While most of us would love the opportunity, it is simply not possible. Buyers like us select dresses we feel best represent our brides, our market, and budgets! This is not an easy task when we want all of them.

Enter the trunk show!

Opening and displaying trunk show wedding dresses from designer Morilee with lace and tulle in ivory and blush colors
Opening and displaying trunk show dresses by Morilee

Designers offer trunk shows with their newest collection – unavailable to the public for months! You get first look and first dibs on dresses that may never even be seen on another bride! While this is amazing because you are seeing them before everyone else, there are other types of shows, too. We host trunk shows specific to plus-sized/curvy cut brides which we love to bring in, as well as best sellers, destination wedding dresses, and more!

Usually a trunk show will last one weekend and then the dresses are shipped to another location, but sometimes they can last as long as a week or two.

A trunk show can have anywhere from a dozen dresses to as many as 40! This means when you come during a trunk show there are that many more dresses to peek through and try on.

Planning and Researching!

You may find yourself looking online and pinning dresses that may be very similar in style and shape, and sometimes you will find the style of one or two designers to be very attractive to you. This is when you want to investigate which store carries those designers and when they will have their next show.

Our Events Page is full of trunk shows, for brides and Moms!

Gray and pewter mother of the bride dresses with lace and sparkle, sleeves in the long and short links, crêpe, chiffon, and satin fabrics
A few of our Mother of the Bride/Groom dresses

It is the perfect opportunity for you to see all of the options and it gets even better… If you say yes to a trunk show dress, usually there will be some type of incentive to purchase at the show whether it is a discount on the dress or an accessory piece or even a drawing to win a prize!!

Now what bride do you know that wouldn’t want that?! Check out our designers, our calendar of events, and make your appointment! Say Yes and become part of our ever-growing, awesome Darianna family!

About the author: Wendy Ianieri-Salerno is co-founder and co-owner of Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo, now in its eighth year in business. In that time the store has grown from a small bridal boutique to a full-service bridal store serving not only Bucks County, PA but the surrounding counties and even border states. With the customer experience in mind, Wendy steers the company by offering the best designers and wedding attire while creating a caring, family atmosphere. A life-long Bucks County native, she currently resides in Warrington with her husband and co-founder/co-owner Franco Salerno, and their two daughters for whom the store was named, Daria and Deanna.