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Featured Wedding Dress: Vera by Mia Solano

Meet Vera!

Designer: Mia Solano

Why we love her: Vera by Mia Solano is a work of art! All of her thoughtful details come together to create an impossibly gorgeous gown. From her sparkle, to her silhouette, to her exclusivity, Vera is a must-try for every bride!

Vera has beaded spaghetti straaps
Vera’s beaded straps

She starts off strong with delicately beaded spaghetti straps to help keep her supported all night long! Sequins and clear gems line the straps until they meet the bodice. The straps lead into a stunning V-neckline with a modest plunge. Brides can feel a little sexy with this neckline without worrying about any wardrobe malfunctions! The stunning lace applique that covers the dress goes right up to the neckline; small bits of lace extends off the neckline, which softens the look of the V shape and the plunge.      

Vera is covered from top to toe in striking floral appliques. These lacey, flowery appliques decorate the top of the bodice and drip down the rest of the dress. Much of the applique is sequined; this gives her a noticeable sparkle without going over-the-top.

She also has a swirly, glittery, floral design beneath the appliques. This gives her depth and dimension, making her mesmerizing to look at. The appliques and glittery design swirl down the gown and extend the length of the train. The appliques sit on top of an unlined bodice, giving the illusion the gorgeous lace is laying directly on the skin.

Train lace on Vera dress is detailed, layered, and sparkly
Vera’s lace is simply breathtaking

The back of Vera is unlined as well. The back neckline reaches the mid-back, making it a great option for all sizes of busts! The beaded straps flow into a gentle scoop shape for the back neckline, and a handful of buttons cover the zipper closure. She has a fit-and-flare silhouette, so she is fitted through the waist and hips, and she flares out gently around the knees. This dramatic silhouette will leave a lasting impression for every guest!

The flared skirt leads to a heavenly chapel-length train, where the same floral appliques and glittery flowers dance down the dress. The circular shape of the train will make brides look like they are floating in a cloud of splendor. 

She’s great for: elegant and opulent weddings! Vera is a perfect match for venues like designer hotels, ballrooms, and luxurious country clubs. She is regal, she is classic, and she is a must-try for every bride! With her modest plunge and higher back neckline, she will flatter and support brides of all body types! Her high-back neckline will keep everything secure and comfortable, and the flare of the skirt allows for effortless walking and dancing!

What makes her special: The glittery floral detailing that lies beneath the lace appliques gives her an undeniable iridescence. This thoughtful detail adds dazzling sparkle without adding weight. Vera has a slight warm golden sheen to her from a layer of soft gold tulle.

But perhaps the most special thing about Vera is her exclusivity! We are the only bridal salon on the East Coast to carry the designer Mia Solano! As a very exclusive brand, you won’t see many other people wearing her gowns, especially in this area. With Vera as your wedding gown, you are sure to be one-of-a-kind!   We now leave you with a short video of Mia Solano Vera. Enjoy!