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Wedding Attire: Tuxedo Rental Tips

We know wedding planning can be stressful, and when it comes to your wedding attire, being aware of a few things can make the difference between an emergency and smooth sailing. This blog aims to help make your planning easy breezy and we focus on the tuxedo rental!

There are a few tips here that may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at some of the situation we encounter. Brides you will definitely want to read this!

The first is measurements. We have this down to a science. When a customer comes in to get measured, we have real tuxedo rental fitting garments in actual tuxedo sizes.

Tuxedo fitting garments – jackets, pants, shirts, and vests!

We place everyone in a jacket, pants, shirt, vest, and shoes, measure sleeve and pant length, and size them accordingly. They look at themselves, they look great! Lastly, we ask them how the shoes feel? Everything’s good? Great!

The following scenario doesn’t happen all the time, but over the last 18 months, we have definitely noticed it more than pre-pandemic.

The customer comes back for his try on and the pants are too tight or the jacket is too big. When a customer was measured everything fit, but now it doesn’t. What happened?

I can tell you with 100% certainty, the garment didn’t change size.

If you gained or lost weight, you know that. If someone has made changes to their diet, they know that. Yet here are some responses we have had to our question, “Did you change sizes since you were last here?” :

  • No, I don’t do anything different. I mean, I cut sugar out of my diet but that didn’t do anything.
  • I started going to the gym more but I haven’t seen any changes.
  • I’m training for a half marathon, but that training started before I got measured so it wouldn’t make a difference.
  • I started eating healthier, but it’s not a diet.
  • I fractured my knee and have been on the couch for a while, but everything still fits the same (*wears sweats).

It is in your best interest to come back and get remeasured so it isn’t a last-minute emergency that stresses out the bride/groom. We make every accommodation when it comes to measuring and re-measuring so we can avoid having you needing replacements.

Now let’s talk about picking up. Here is how that works.

The tuxedo rental agreement is also the receipt and includes measurements, pricing, and the contract terms
Tuxedo rental contract/ticket

When a customer comes in to get measured, he or she fills out a tuxedo rental contract ticket with their name, address, and phone number. It is routine for us to say, “The phone number you give us is the one we will call when the tux comes in so please make sure it has voicemail.”

The tux is in and we make that call. On the front ticket we mark down the day that we called and whether we spoke to the customer or left a message.

You would be surprised to know the number of customers who either have no voicemail set up or the voicemail box is full.

We then must attempt to send a text message. Sometimes it’s a landline, sometimes we get a text back saying ‘wrong number’, sometimes no response at all. Often we wind up calling the groom to tell him to please let that person know the tuxedo is ready for pick up.

Sometimes we leave a message and then get a phone call that we never called. When we say the date we called and left a message, we verify the phone number and it’s great when they say, “I don’t have that number anymore, I got a new phone” or “Well I never got a message from you.”

If we can’t get a hold of a customer in a timely manner it is a huge deal. We have hundreds of tuxedo rentals every week in the store. This causes delays on your end and our end. When a bride or groom calls and says that a member of the wedding party still didn’t get a call, they are very stressed out that it won’t be in on time. And when we tell them the tuxedo has been in the store for over a week waiting for pick up, it actually causes them more stress.

Please set up your voicemail and routinely clear it out, not just for us but anyone trying to get a hold of you.

If you got a new phone number, we don’t know it.

ALSO: If you have a nickname or decide to give a different name when you come to pick up, please understand that we don’t know your nickname. If your name is Dominic and on your ticket you write down Dominic, but when you come to pick up you give us your name as Marty, we are not going to be able to find your tuxedo.

Okay so the call is made and we instruct them to come in immediately to try it on so that we can help them put the look together, make adjustments in the vest and tie, and show them how to use the cuff links!

If there are any replacements needed, we have time to make them when they come in as soon as they get the phone call. This is not something to put off until you are on your way to the rehearsal dinner (which is something we have had to work with over the years).

If a customer has had a tuxedo shipped to him/her we always ask for a phone call to let us know that it fits, or if they require a replacement piece. If a replacement piece is needed, it will be waiting in our store for the renter or anyone in the wedding party to pick up!

Lastly, the Return Policy:

Terms of the tuxedo rental agreement are clearly printed
Terms of rental agreement are on rental contract

This is a suit or tuxedo rental. Renting anything is for a specific term and there is a date the rental is due back. It is like renting a car, an apartment, a vacation home, etc. There is a start date and an end date.

This policy is clearly and boldly printed on the rental contract, discussed when the tuxedo is leaving the store after final try on, and printed on the garment bag.

Returning your tuxedo or suit rental late or missing certain items upon return can be very disruptive to the rental supply chain.

There are late fees assessed to those bringing back after the due date. There are full replacement charges assessed for pieces not returned.

This is a renter’s responsibility to bring them back on time. We have made arrangements for those customers who have called to tell us a reason it would be late and we appreciate that notice!

When someone returns a tuxedo rental package incomplete, or doesn’t return it at all, that means the next renter is in a bind. We are dependent on the inventory coming back on time so it can be dry cleaned, altered, and shipped to the next customer. That customer waiting could be you, or someone in your wedding party. Please be considerate and return your rental on time, ensuring all items that you were given are being returned.

Sometimes we will have customers tell us they “didn’t know” they had to bring it back at a certain time. We tell customers in person and even point to pre-printed return policy on the garment bag, sometimes even circle it for them on the contract that they signed.

Other tips to know:

  • It is best for groomsmen to get measured approximately 6 to 8 weeks prior to the wedding. They will be closest to their size and that is plenty of time to place orders
  • If you have changed sizes, please get remeasured
  • Make sure to set up and clear out your voicemail
  • If you have two names, give us the one you wrote on the ticket. If you do not remember, give us both
  • Come in as soon as the tuxedo arrives for try on
  • Return your tuxedo rental package complete on the day after it is worn

This has been an extraordinary year for suit and tuxedo rentals. Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo has experienced more than double the number of rentals because of 2020 weddings postponed to 2021 on top of the normally scheduled weddings for this year. We rent thousands of suits and tuxedos every year and have developed systems and procedures to make your life easier. Of course, with this kind of volume, we are always learning and implementing new procedures to help our customers. With a small amount of planning and organization, we are ready to help you have a smooth and seamless tuxedo and suit rental process.

We hope this gives you some ideas and information to assist in this part of your wedding planning. We want everything to run smoothly and everyone to look their absolute best!

About the author: Wendy Ianieri-Salerno is co-founder and co-owner of Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo, now in its eighth year in business. In that time the store has grown from a small bridal boutique to a full-service bridal store serving not only Bucks County, PA but the surrounding counties and even border states. With the customer experience in mind, Wendy steers the company by offering the best designers and wedding attire while creating a caring, family atmosphere. A life-long Bucks County native, she currently resides in Warrington with her husband and co-founder/co-owner Franco Salerno, and their two daughters for whom the store was named, Daria and Deanna.