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Tux Talk: What to Expect When You’re Renting a Tuxedo

One of our most common questions when renting tuxedos has to do with the groomsmen and how the process works.

Here’s a guideline for what to expect when renting a tuxedo, whether it’s for you or for a wedding party.

  1. The introductory appointment

renting a tuxedo







We like to have the engaged couple come in for an introductory appointment to view styles for themselves the groomsmen. This should happen six to nine months before the wedding.

Ideally, you should have a picture or at least an idea of what you want. Do plan to wear a suit or a tuxedo? Will it be black, grey, tan, etc? From there you can choose the look.  If you come in without a plan, you will be overwhelmed with choices

You can choose to have the same suit or tuxedo for yourself and your groomsmen, and differentiate yourself using accessory details, such as long tie or bow tie, tie color, pocket squares, etc.

However, sometimes the groom wears a completely different tuxedo as shown here.  It’s your day, it’s your choice.

These tuxedos are in colors called Cement (on left, with a matching suspender and bow tie combination), and Steel Gray with a plum vest and long tie (on the right).

renting a tuxedo

2. Trying on the tux

The next step in renting a tuxedo is the full Groom Try-On. This gives you the chance to see your choice(s) in person, allowing you to take pictures, and gauge how you feel in the tuxedos and various accessories that you choose to try on.

This is an easy appointment to set up by calling us about a week in advance so we can have everything altered to your exact size.

3. Take your time

If you’re not sure after the try-on, take some time to view the pictures you took and talk it over.

4. Confirmation

Once you make your final selections, we will confirm your order.

renting a tuxedo

5. Round up your groomsmen

Now’s the time you tell the groomsmen, “Go get measured! Or else…”, and give your groomsmen a deadline to get measured.

Whether they are in or out of town, they can have their measurements easily taken anywhere, then gathered to one location. We use their zip codes to find stores who will measure in their area.  We take about 10 minutes to measure, they are in and out quickly and painlessly!

6. The arrival

Tuxedos generally arrive the week leading up to the wedding.  We notify everyone to come try on right away, so we have ample time should any adjustments be necessary.

7. The wedding

Next stop, your wedding! Have fun, take lots of pictures, and share them 🙂

renting a tuxedo












Darianna Bridal & Tuxedo has over 100 varieties of tuxedos and suits from designers including Michael Kors, Ike Behar, Allure, Tony Bowls, Calvin Klein and more.  With over one thousand color and pattern swatches, your guys are sure to look picture perfect!  Call or make an appointment online today for your tuxedo appointment.