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Stealing the Show: The Ring Bearer

Ring Bearer

Whether you are renting or purchasing tuxedos for your wedding there is one member who will take some special planning:  the Ring Bearer.

He will require a different timeline than the rest of the men, but not to worry. We’re about to tell you everything you need to know when dressing up the little guy for your wedding!

A ring bearer is in that stage of life when clothing only fits for a very short period of time. We highly recommend you do not spend the money to buy a tuxedo for him since he’ll grow out of it. A tuxedo rental makes the process easy, and you’ll be free to make easy quick adjustments and spend less than buying something he’ll only use once.

When you/his parents rent his tux you’re going to do that closer to the wedding than the groomsmen. Groomsmen should have their measurements taken at the very least a month before the wedding whereas the ring bearer should not have his taken until about three weeks prior. This will allow enough time for the tuxedo rental to process without him growing too much.

Tip: the very moment you are notified that the ring bearer’s tuxedo is ready for pick-up is the best time to have him try on the tux. Don’t wait until the last day or two before the wedding in case he does need something adjusted. This will also help prevent any stress before the big day.

The best way to make sure his tuxedo will fit correctly is during the initial fitting to have him try on an actual shirt, jacket, and pair of pants. The tuxedo rental consultants will know to do this but it’s always good to know what to expect. You also need to be prepared to make a deposit at the time of fitting so it can be ordered right away.

The little guy will most likely match so he’s a miniature groom, and you won’t believe how cute those tuxedos look! There is nothing to worry about as long as he gets measured in time and tries everything on! He’ll get excited being all dressed up and you’ll have one fantastic looking ring bearer.