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Something Blue: A Beautiful Blue Wedding Color Pallet

Blue is a top-trending color this year and a blue color palette is a stunning choice for a wedding in any season! Picture cornflower, azure, and teal in the warmer spring and summer months, cobalt and navy in autumn, or even ice blue in winter. This color scheme evokes feelings of tranquility, elegance, and romance that are ideal for your perfect wedding vibe.

Blue spectrum

Consider these for a little inspiration:

Dusty Blue

This soft, muted shade is perfect for creating a serene and romantic atmosphere. It can be used as the main color or as an accent color in various elements; such as bridesmaids’ dresses, table linens, and floral arrangements.

Dusty blue maid dress
Morilee bridesmaid dress

Sky/Ice Blue

Sky is a light and airy color that can add a touch of freshness and brightness to your wedding. It can also act as an icy metallic in the winter for a dramatic snow and ice effect. Similarly, it can be used in elements such as table runners, ribbons, or even in delicate floral arrangements and accessories such as jewelry and gloves.

Navy is a classic and sophisticated color that pairs well with a range of other colors. In the same fashion, it can be used as a base color in the wedding decor; such as in tablecloths, invitations, or groomsmen’s suits.


Teal is a rich and vibrant shade that can add a pop of color to any wedding. Not to mention, it can be used in smaller doses. Such as in bridesmaids’ sashes, bouquet ribbons, or in decorative accents like chair wraps.


Not only is azure perfect for a beach destination wedding, but it’s also a tropical shade that works perfectly with fun floral bridesmaid dresses and draping decor that’s casted against the ocean and sky.


Silver is a metallic that can complement tranquil tones beautifully for summer and winter themes. Equally important, it can be used in table setting details such as silverware, centerpieces, candle holders, napkin rings, and charger plates.

Remember to balance the different shades with other colors and neutrals to create a cohesive and visually appealing wedding color palette. You can also incorporate into other aspects of your wedding, such as signage and favors, to tie everything together and create the perfect “something blue” for your special day!