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Seven Veil Lengths: Which Is Best For Your Dress?

Are you wearing a veil?”

Which veil length is right for your dress?

This question will absolutely be asked of every bride to be. Wedding veils are an essential accessory for most brides, as they add a touch of tradition, elegance, and beauty to the wedding dress. And there is no reaction quite as special and memorable as a bride who cries when she sees herself in one for the first time.

There are seven different veil lengths and yours can be determined a number of ways as each length has its unique style and significance. In this blog, we will discuss the different wedding veil lengths to help you choose the perfect veil for your special day!

Mini Veil


A shoulder-length veil – or now called the “mini veil”, falls just at the shoulders. This short veil length is perfect for less-formal brides who want to keep their look simple and more casual. It is also good for brides who want to show off their dress’s back details or jewelry.

Elbow length


An elbow-length veil falls at or just above the elbow. This adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your bridal look. It is perfect for brides who want to add some volume to their dress and show off their waistline, and works well with empire dresses. These can have a slight amount of edge detail or plain tulle.

Fingertip veil length


A fingertip-length veil is a popular choice among brides as it falls at the fingertips. This length of veil is versatile and works well with most dress styles, but most certainly the trumpet or mermaid as it ends just where the skirt flairs out. It adds romance and drama to your wedding day look, making it a perfect choice for a classic or modern bride. These can be plain or have detailing at the edge to match the formality of the dress.

Waltz veil lengths are approx 60"


A waltz-length veil falls between the knee and ankle and is perfect for brides who want a long veil without having it lay on top of a long and ornate dress train. This veil length is also great for outdoor weddings as it creates a stunning effect when the wind blows.

Chapel veil lengths are 85-95"


A chapel-length veil is a traditional length of about 90″ long. A little longer than a sweep train, this type of veil is perfect for brides who want a dramatic and elegant look without as much dragging in the back. It works best with wedding gowns with long trains or can really elevate a dress with no train.


A cathedral-length veil is approximately 120″ long and creates a breathtaking and awe-inspiring effect. On an ornate dress, it will add to the formality and drama of the entire bridal look; on a plain dress, it can be chosen with lace or beading detail to frame the dress. It is perfect for formal weddings held in a church or cathedral. Extra photos can be taken using the veil as a wrap or blowing in the wind. For our brides, this is the most preferred of the veil lengths!

The “Royal” veil


Royal-length veils are the longest veils available, creating a grand and majestic effect. These veils are named after the royal brides who wore them. They create a regal look, however, they require careful handling as they can be heavy and cumbersome. They are best paired with dresses that have a long train to balance the overall look. If you want to make a statement and create a dramatic effect on your wedding day, a royal length veil is an excellent choice.

Any of these veil lengths can come with a blusher, which is the single layer that is worn over the face as the bride walks down the aisle, about 30″ long. Usually lifted over the bride’s head by her father just before he “gives her away” and it lays in a layer on the top of the veil in the back. The blusher was worn in ancient times to protect against evil, but today it is a symbol of modesty and purity.

The veil length will depend on your dress style, personal preference, and wedding theme. There are many brides who do not want a veil as an accessory piece, but it can be confusing because of the tradition or “expectation”. Read here if this sounds like you!

Whether you choose a short or long veil, make sure it complements your dress and enhances your bridal look.